Ghostly Grimpoteuthis Octopus Glides By ROV Hercules | Nautilus Live

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littlefrank90 : There's two things I love about this channel. One is the creatures for sure, but my favourite thing is certainly your excitement.

RelaxWithReena : Absolutely beautiful!!!! Especially when you get to see underneath.... this channel just shocks me every time lol! Thanks for sharing!! 🦑🐙

Grungus Khan : “I love me a good cephalopod” Yeah same G.

Liz Raven : "bye buddy hope you find your dad"

DopplerDelta : That one scientist in the background squealing and saying "oh my god" is my exact same reaction to all of your clips. Keep it up!

iabrochium : "I love me a good cephalopod" I mean who doesn't amiright

Gabby : The dumbo octopus is officially the mascot of this channel.

evilferris : that sigh @ 1:24 sums up this channel nicely for me.

S. S. : Scientists: Wow look at that hood! I can see the ripple Woow That one scientist: Hi Deb. 😂😂

hiddenrio : The Dumbo is the 2nd best thing about this video. The best thing is hearing these serious and highly-qualified scientists reduced to "awes" and squees of excitement when it shows up.

Juliann Luu : A ghost for halloween!


BACA : Two elephants disliked this video

greekgodlamb : Deep sea creatures are so chill and peaceful.. I love.

Thepryomaniac : I too love me a good cephalopod

donkeytoucher : Cutest octopus ever 😍

timberLab. GodisGreat : Oh Oh oh I'm 👀on it, Love it! THANK YOU❣

J No : I'm normally afraid of deep water but the excitement that the scientists have makes these videos and dives not scary for me <3

Happy Hippo : AWWW so cute!

Maximus Thalos : I love me a good cephalopod Crysis flashed before my eyes.

Laurpud : That WAS exciting! Everyone saying goodbye, especially the joker at the end 😄

Jennifer Parsons : I don't know if you will see this comment but I was just wondering. Do you guys ever name any of the creatures you find😂

00744 SSS : You guys are amazing as well!

A. A. : Thanks again for the amazing quality. It really swims like a ghost. Cute. I wish all humans were like you guys.

okrajoe : What an amazing, beautiful creature.

1NotNormal : Im calling him steve. Because Im uncreative and have nothing better to do.

Zach Cox : Wow, can't help but imagine that celephod is 'checking-out' the ROV with the same intensity as the folks (humans) watching it are. If/When we (as a species) ever come to recognize and accept and cherish our fellow sentient beings we share our biosphere with then we will have 'arrived', and realize "WE ARE NOT ALONE" in the cosmos.

Ninsuna : Okay, I'm blown away! I feel so blessed to see this beautiful flower of a creature this way. What a gift. Thank you!

Beth Roesch : How nice of him to come put on a little show for us. Thanks for all the magic you capture for us💖💖

Dawud Abdul : Your voice guys, sounds like very kind people :) I love you 💕

Lawrence Parkes : Wow awesome thanks for sharing

Raymond Boop : Its a grumpy dumbo and im okay with that

UnseenGriffin : What a lovely find!

aLPha tONic : Unbelievable how cute that guy is.

J V : What do they eat? That question was not answered and I was interested to know :) I want mo'dumbo!

rhywnn : Awww I love him... her?

craig snider : As always, awesome!

Heywood Jablome : Nice of them to shoot it in the eye with the laser. Life's hard enough in the ocean with two eyes.

Deigo Quixotwry : So cute

Betty Smith : Dumbo octopus= day made👍🏻😊

Van Guess : It's like it knew you were watching.

Gloria Baquera : Beautiful!!!

Mrrp : Amazing as usual.

Igor Golov : flapping ears... 😀

vidgin : Как мокрая половая тряпка))

Чепкунов Наиль : Шикарно!!!!

Garry Beard : Beautiful absolutely beautiful love this Chanel give us more please👍🇬🇧🍺

Admiral Cat : Are they related to the vampire squid?

Skinny McGee : what's going on with the vehicles? lost power on ascent? I'm worried

Beach&BoardFan : What does this team do that they're always posting vids of critters?