Tyler Cassidy - Smoking These Meats

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Dekker Slade : Next track: Elon Musk be smokin' the weed?

I Don’t Have A Life : Meat smokers where u at?!?!?!

Frog Boi : I honestly prefer this over froggy fresh

Jasmine Daniels : I want to know what goes through his mind when he writes these😂😂

Christian Broderick : Gimme the Z U C C

Jennifer love : Lol new Arbys jingle? Hahahaha

Jason C. Rochon : You need to upload these songs to Smule Karaoke — so we can all sing these songs and get you more exposure.

Mr. J1S : PLOT TWIST the meat smokes YOU

John Young : Smoke my meat daddy...make a vlog.

Jester : Lmao you gonna get beef from zucc soon

Roe Jogan : Man I remember watching u with my dad on the tosh.0 show and watching all your froggy fresh songs, man a miss those days, you’re still killing it now tho, I’d love if you would reply to this 💪

Beavispdx : I hear some Elton John influence here. Do you like his music?

MosEisleyBlues : How about that sweet baby rays, though?

Danny Boy : Hey! Little late this time, but I'm definitely still here. <3

Gay : Smoken dese 🅱️eats

SFCREID13 : My response when vegans tell me meat is murder

canohcola u.u : Tenacious d vibes🖤

8cameltoes : SOUNDS LIKE A TRUE STORY TO ME!!!!!!!

Jenith : Where’s moneymaker mike???

billy burk : I like getting my meats smoked

CJ The Grea : Hi welcome to Arby's

Screw Off : Mark Zuckerberg is a sensitive boy! Love it!!

Ryan Cerda : Whoever dislikes your music and videos bro is truly not smoking REAL meats!

Davey Hurst : I listen to this on repeat when I'm with my friends and my wife and little girl when I'm smoking these meats.

AniyaNicole TV : U got meat in yo wife you got me in yo friends you got meat!!🤣☠️☠️☠️🤣🤣🤣☠️I'm dying

DubbJitsu109 : Im a chef and i was smokin some ribs and i was singin this song. My cook were dyin. Love this trak.

Kaeli Knoll : best thing since smoked meats

Karma Baby : You have become my daily routine and I’m not complaining;)

Jake Mahathy : I cant wait for your first album Tyler. You are fire.

Brandon Baker : About time you put another song out. Ha Ha

TheFineolase : Loving the fact I found this with constant quality everytime. Love all you do bro.

ROYALTY FAM : If Tyler replies I will cry from happieness and have a great new 2019 year and so will Tyler🤞😭❤😇

Tyty2k : Lmfao wtf hell yeah!!!!

Krystin Nicole : future husband i love you

Aj Cruz : This man been one of my favorites for years, Glad to see you’re doing what you love and having fun! Keep it up bro

Matthew Valadez : I want Tyler's meat 😍😍

Kyle Green : Please tell me these daily posts are leading into something like you posting a new song every day for 2019! Cause not only would that be fucking amazing for all your fans but also for your career. I know that’s most likely sounds insane and definitely not happening, but atleast It makes me happy to imagine it. Youve already proved how strong your story telling through lyrics and song writing is with Krispy/froggy. You e definitely got it in you... #peerpressure haha

The audi A4 : Family bbq gonna be lit this year😂💯

Ffg Ggdd : I wonder if he actually likes all these comments or just has a script to do it. I love your stuff! You pump out a crazy amount of content.

Kip Rux : Smoking meats in wasteland

Jesus Christ : I Almost cried. Very beautiful.

Adrian Richardson : Hey man! Where do you go (in your head) after every song? Just wondering. Love your music!

I like memes : This is it chief

josh shoup : And then some

Gaming_Blitz43 : 😂 another club banger. Haha. Loving the speed you put these out man great work.

Addison Mullin : what are the secrets

Cody Enneking : My life is complete. I can die happily now

E D D S W O R L D XD : 😂 this amazing

Sarah Hofstadler : Heyyyyyy 💗