Why your Netflix thumbnails don't look like mine

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Vardhanam Daga : Wow. Just wow. This is machine learning at the next level.

Vardhanam Daga : Don't judge a book by its cover doesn't apply anymore I guess.

empty sky : Why can’t they just use the movie posters? They have all the requirements (main actors, appealing composition) and actually look good???

Dylan Tallchief : 4:23 Jesus christ, it's Jason Bourne

Paul Banta : All this is lost on me, I've already decided what I want to watch on Netflix before I even open the window. Those full-motion thumbnails are more of a nuisance thatn anything and they haven't lured me to anything I haven't already planned to see.

M : I'm watching One Punch man, and Netflix suggested me Doctor Strange with a thumbnail only showing the bald lady lol

Farcyy : Sometimes when I go on Netflix I’m like “Oh they changed the thumbnail” of a series I’m watching. Could this be that I’m watching a lot of different shows of different genres?

J G : Dear Vox, Whoever is your lead animator or animation director or motion graphics supervisor (maybe its a team? maybe just one brilliant animator?) GIVE THEM A RAISE RIGHT NOW! They are on FIRE! Motion graphics just keep getting better and better.... Sincerely, A Lesser Animator

argell : I mostly watch political/ period films so no wonder my thumbnails are always of people up close and looking like they got their pet taken away from them

Casual Potato : "Why your Netflix thumbnails don't look like mine" Weird flex, but okay.

elizabeth nite : I feel like my “match score” is always higher for Netflix originals

issa osama : Corporations are marketing geniuses and it’s kind of terrifying because they know exactly who you are and what you like and hate.

Jarl Ballin' : The %Match is useless. Netflix needs to bring back user ratings...

The NuggetBacon : Does that mean Netflix is the master of clickbait? A Master-Baiter

Will Schoder : Everyone should watch Thomas Flight's video on this. Same topic, but he actually gathers examples across different Netflix accounts.

_Bob McCoy : *Netflix Recommends: **_The 40-Year-Old Virgin_*

Phaden Swan DeMil : This explains why my thumbnails are so queerbaity

MnMsandOreos : The weirdest thing my Netflix has ever done is what it did to the Shrek thumbnails. I was just searching for Shrek two, like you do, and I realized that all of my Shrek thumbnails were weirdly.... sexual......? The thumbnail for Shrek was from the scene when Farquaad is in bed looking at the princesses on the magic mirror. The specific frame is him, holding up his drink, his shirt off with the covers over him which makes him look naked, with his eyes half closed and smirking, which is a seduction face if I ever saw one. The thumbnail for Shrek Two was from the beginning of the movie when Shrek and Fiona are on their honeymoon and they’re on the beach. The frame is them in their swimsuits, staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. This one was the most romantic of the weirdly sexual Shrek covers. Finally, Shrek the Third was of a scene where Donkey wakes Shrek up at night. The frame shows Donkey at Shrek’s bedside, smiling at Shrek who is shirtless, again with the covers on him which makes him look naked. I don’t know what this says about me but it gave me a good laugh

Rhidian D : I think Netflix thumbnails are reducing the likelihood of finding what you actually want to watch. There have been so many times I've scrolled past a movie I've been wanting because I didn't recognise the cover image. Netflix needs to focus less on shoving content down our throats and make finding things for ourselves easier.

SideNote : I remember KaptainKristian once said that YouTubers need to learn making thumbnails from Netflix.

William Hale : *This was a good educational video in the world of AV testing, AB testing, Image processing/recognization, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. Tech people will love this video.*

B_Potassio : explains why I was queerbaited by a show with a thumb with two girls almost kissing and said show had a...... straight romance

Philip Molina : At the end of the day I'll still just watch the office.

chaz32 : I noticed one day that almost my entire Netflix cover art selection was moody middle aged blokes staring into the camera... thrilling stuff they all looked the bloody same.

Joseph Hanrahan-newton : I can remember when they just used the DVD box art.

Suleiman Mustafa : As a data scientist that works on image processing and machine learning this is fascinating

axel verano : “It’s like that when Netflix asks you “Are you still watching?”, you will be.” I feel so called out

HSalik : I noticed this myself because whenever I open Netflix, the thumbnail changes for every show every time

Our Founding Liars : I was wondering why all my thumbnails said “cease your investigation”

Quick Fix - Thought Provoking Videos : That's why they recommend me always the same shows and movies! They're just A/B testing all their thumbnails on me!

Aiyhav Nouneim : Video was too long. Halfway through it, I got hungry so I left it playing and went to the kitchen to fix my self a sandwich. But then I found out that I'm out of mayonnaise so I went to a store. There, I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my whole life. But I'm really a shy person so I took up a three-year personality development course so I can introduce my self. She was very friendly and all, but unfortunately, she has a boyfriend. So I said, all good, I'm a mature person. I want the best for her and I harbor no illusion that I am the best person for her and she seems happy with her boyfriend, so I did not bother her anymore. But we kept in touch and we became friends and I got over my crush on her. Then she broke up with her boyfriend, we drank some alcohol because of it, I told her she'll be fine and I wished her well. I still think she's the most beautiful woman in the world, but like I said, I am over my crush on her. It was like five years already when I first saw her. Besides, I am quiet happy with the friendship I developed with her. It was more important than a crush. So we kept hanging out, drinking, having coffee, and all. I had a girlfriend, she started dating other guys. My girlfriend wants to live some other life without me in it, so I said, okay, I want the best for you and I want you to pursue your happiness. My lady friend and I drank alcohol about it, and she gave me the same advice I gave her when she was in that position and I became okay with the breakup immediately. But we were really drunk, so she spent the night in my apartment. I only have one bed, so you know what that means: She took the bed and I slept on the couch. But on the couch, I really can't sleep. Something was bothering me. So I tossed and turned for about three hours, then I finally can't take it anymore, I stood up and went straight to my room where she's sleeping. I approached the bed, gently sat on it and I reached for her shoulder to pull her closer to me. She stirred and woke up. She asked what's up. I told her, you know, the first time I saw you, I was watching a video and left it playing to get my self a sandwich then went to the store to get some mayo then I got distracted by life that I forgot to finish the video. She said, you know what, I've been wondering about a weird noise in your night drawer. So we opened that drawer, and lo and behold, there's my phone and this video still has two minutes of play time on it.

IJSONSINO : I wish Netflix could get my attention less by manipulation and more by just producing good shows

Lakshay Punj : Wow. Can't imagine how much code that takes

Tiny Viking Productions : This was really interesting. I wonder if Netflix ever changes the thumbnails for a particular show they try to get you to watch but maybe you skipped over because it wasn’t as visually stimulating.

SUPER SAMMICH : I never knew this. Interesting...

Eni A. : I always watch like Korean, Chinese, and Japanese tv shows so like the thumbnails are always a couple like kissing or a hot guy lol

King o Time : I hate these custom Thumbnails, because I apperantly watch content fron different genres and almost every week the thumbnails change, becaue I watched TWO action movies or some other thing that's different from the rest.

Trademark Moxie : My neflex thumb nails are usually of minorities who are almost never the main charaters of the films. It is of course not a requirement that everything I watch has nonwhite main charaters but I dislike being decieved. So I never trust the thumb nails only go on trailers and synopsis. I wish Netflix had human curators rather than machines. Its extremely difficult to find new intresting things to watch becaus their recommendations are atrocious.

King and Peasant : Why would you be unwilling to watch *another* episode of The Office?

Rosie D : 2:11 look at the magnify glass 😏

calliph : Kinda bored of netflix. Once you watch most of the good stuff you're actually interested in, you get left with b- grade or below garbage pretty quickly. Netflix original movies are a huge crapshoot and I've regretted watching the last few they've put out.

mysteriousfox88 : black netflix has the most insane thumbnails

RAVIRAJ K : That's why I see beautiful women in thumbnails.

Se en : Not gonna lie, this was fascinating.

Abby : “Barely recognizable supporting actress”?? Wasn’t she the main villain?

MotherAce : This feels like sponsored ad-content from Netflix.

Rithwick Surya : Too bad. I don't have Netflix

Travis J Hayes : So, graphic designers who work on the movie posters and iTunes/BD/etc versions of the artwork just have their work crapped on by Netflix regularly then. I can understand being able to do it for originals like Stranger Things and Sabrina, among others, but altering or creating new artwork that doesn't even necessarily align with, say, 20th Century Fox's marketing of a movie seems like it blurs a line into some shady deals.

Crick1952 : Anyone else go to their Netflix account and try to see what thumbnails they have? Mine seem to all be groups of people in an activity. Am I interested in friends because I have none 😭

Rubin Wells : So many of these shows aren’t in Australia