How To Draw A Crowd From Nowhere
How To Draw A Crowd From Nowhere

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Dude sits down at a piano and after a few minutes the crowd materializes. Even Donald Trump looks impressed.... Hit SUBSCRIBE and BINGE-WATCH the videos. You will want to start playing the piano, GUARANTEED!


UltimateFlame 101 : Ok we'll need a distraction to rob the store *I got you*

Kenzie 0405 : How to draw a crowd from nowhere Be naturally AMAZING Me: well dang

Ginga Fox : *Literally plays a whole song on the piano* So how was it? "Eh, its alright."

TKM The Master: Theme Parks and Gaming : After playing the piano *I’m Late for My Flight!* (Thx for the 3.4k likes!)

MaxDragonSoul : he's the distraction, his friends have already stolen everything

100.000 Subs With Bad Videos Challenge : Best tutorial video really easy to understand I will try

CodySkull : Next Video: *How to lose a Crowd in just 5 seconds* How? Pull out a gun and point it at everyone

Foong Yukzhao : Skills? Insane. People? Everywhere. Seizure? Yes. Fingers? Dying. Hotel? Trivago. Flight?/Board? I think you missed it...

kaylee hutto : when his fingers said “🦑” i felt that

Q_Q : *Step one:* Put a hood on so they think you are a famous person. *Step two:* Play.

ItsLloydM8 : *Stands up* "Nah, this isn't the piano for me. I'm not feelin' it."

Momeena Khalaf : When ur local drug dealer starts playing Edit:thanks for that many likes never had that many x

Galaxy Mew : "Sing us a song, piano man!" "Where's the piano man?" "At the mall."

Why don't we lyrics : Yeah this ‘tutorial’ is for people who can actually play the piano :,) and I ain’t that person

여자 이름Isabel : How to Draw a crowd from Nowhere This video: *YOU SHOULD HAVE THE SKILLS*

The Emerald Snake : Whilst this is happening his group of friends are robbing the shop.

NoobMaster69 ' : I did that too and they came way more faster because I played the avengers theme. It was pretty fun tho

Sam Orifici : How to draw a crowd from nowhere: 1. Die.

Crystal Odame : Piano: * sits quietly * Hoodie boi: *im bouta end this mans whole career* Edit: thank you for the likes! 🙏

Extremely crazy army Coming through!!! : Friends: hey let's Rob a bank , but all we need is a distraction This dude: I got chu bro

Gamebreaker08 : Why is he dressed like he's about to rob a store next?

Fortnite - Astryy : Doctors: Unfortunetly, we have found your legs and hands to severly brok- Man: Yes

SSSakes : Me when I’m drunk and enters a piano: **wakes up** *why is everyone clapping?*

Cerf Volant : 2:13 I thought he was a mix of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton lol

Clarence Gramula : When you've got to rob a store but remember you mom paid for piano classes .

Victoria Rodriguez : How to draw a crowd from nowhere Step 1: Find a piano in the middle of nowhere Step 2: Be insanely good

William Aderera : Moral of this video: *If u have the talent crowd wouldn't leave u*

ølινιαα υωυ : *Talent* in its purest form. _Show me your ways._

GellyGuice : Ahhh... I see the key of the crowd you must be... *a mysterious man.*

WDW Fan edits aka *sky* : Jokes on us.... we’re the crowd 😂😂😂 the viewers😂😂😂

Nuriya Khegay : *wow* *what a wonderful seizure he is having*

patoguay43 : 2:08 that guy was probably thinking: -*its possible to do that with one arm?*

WibWobs : 0/10 Tutorial didn’t work. I got kicked out of the funeral

Saif Iqbal : **gets up after playing** ‘Meh, I’ve heard better pianos in my time’

Chan Fam : How to draw a crowd from nowhere: Be Talented Me: Well guess I'm out of luck

Patrick Star : Guy in the background with the red suitcase sprinting 😂😂

Aubry Aileen : I can do that... I can just smack keys down EaSy!! (Jk i KNOW how to play the piano and I have so much respect for the instrument I'd never smack the keys...btw the vid was amazing)

UniqueCon Struction : Great distraction for robbing the bank... but seriously, he’s pretty good at playing the piano 😃

RoySloth : Finally, my 70 years of practice paid off.

Jon Sivert Brænden : "meanwhile in a pub in the middle of nowhere..." Barkeeper: "Hey wheres the piano guy??"

Crystal Odame : Beethoven: * exists * Hoodie guy: *Im a bouta’ end this mans whole career*

Copyrighted Tree Yes : I'm half asleep right now so it just sounds like someone is banging on a piano but I'm sure it's beautiful.

Yazan Majdalawi : His clothes though 😂... I think he went there to rob a store, but something went wrong so he sat there and played some piano..

คภเ๓є Ŧคภوคɭร 平和 : Title: How To Draw a Crowd From Nowhere Me: sees video Me: well dang, it’ll be easier if I knew how to play the piano -_-

JasminliketheprincesswithouttheE : I need the stamina of his right leg

Joystick Junior : This will definitely help, thanks for the advice *robs store*

Terry 20 : Guy: *plays piano* People that want to post it on social media to get likes: *it's free real estate*

Luca B. : I clicked on the video expecting something on of to draw a crowd, as in a painting or something. I wasn't disappointed though

Aayush Parmar : Now I see why many people missed their flight that day.