How To Draw A Crowd From Nowhere

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Yumi : I loved the foot tapping from the dude in the back, probably brought back some great memories for him 😂

Yall need namjisoos : His fingers are moving faster than my internet connection.

W H : When I saw the "How to" title, i thought there would be eggs involved.

Emma Dodson : That older dude in the suit with the red tie was smiling in a way that you could tell that the song brought back some good memories.

Mrwizfoz : How to draw a crowd from nowhere: practice piano and blues theory every day for 10 years and display the culmination of your decade of hard work in a public forum filled with hundreds of people. Simple.

Neky Nekenetics : For once YouTube didn't put Fortnite in my recommended. *I'VE NEVER WATCHED ANYTHING RELATED TO FORTNITE*

vX Derp : *Back in the 1900s you’d have the whole monument dancing*

S0N0ff : 0:00 - 0:05 that my skill in piano playing xD

Erwin925 : Would not have been surprised if he got a pat on the shoulder “sir, we’re gonna have to ask you to leave, you’re causing a disturbance”

2910visuals : What a great inspiration!

Kin Patsu : Faith in humanity restored

Anthony Sefo : All the old people stopped and said "this was back in my time"

WingGamer 123 : Plot Twist: He’s actually the god of music in a disguise

kelb : *Yoooo I wonder how they'd react if he acts blind and walks away wit a blind stick* 💀💀

Antonio Martinez : Who else was bobbing their heads and tappin their toes❔

Don’t comment about my profile picture : He has mad skills

Michael Smyrnakis : 3:10 Asian guy be like "pff easy.."

OzZwald CopperPOT : Notice how the older generation stops and soaks it in,, while the younger generation carries on with there mundane existence and will probably listen to crap all the way home. Lol.

Jerene : I was dead, and this brought my deceased ass back to life. #cremated

Hans Grueber : Good to see the Unabomber keeping busy these days...

LordWhiteWolf06 : it makes me happy seeing those people happy

Swaggy Jay : Thanks YouTube for recommending me this video 😂

DK Broman : Or you could just yell "FREE FRUIT PUNCH"

jpmeredith1 : Still amazes me that some people pass by and don’t give him a second look 🤨

Anya-Vlogs and Games : Who else thought Donald Trump was in the thumbnail?

PurpleVibes : I would pay to watch this mysterious man.

MultiNacho8 : "How to draw a crowd from nowhere" Brendan *Kavanagh* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Play games ipad : Play this at my funneral

Thuận An Tý Thiều : Instruction unclear, FBI storm in my house.

Ethan Hudson : Oh ok so if I want to draw a crowd I’ll just pack up my personal piano and play it with masterful skill for 4 minutes at my local mall. Thanks for the advice

JTsuits : whoops i thought this was fortnite my bad

lizza swirl : The only crowd that i can get is when i fall down everybody comes up too you

Pink Diamond : Good tutorial but I got lost on step 1

Neil Sashti : I still can’t figure out if this is an airport or a mall..

Tristan Feinauer : I usually like slow songs on the piano but this is mad😎😎

DrPepper776 : Wtf are you wearing, are you trying to hack into the piano?

mas1990oud : How to draw 6 million views on Youtube

123 456 : Brotha! You got soul.

OfficialJRSmith : At 2:34 is that trump on the left?

Mikk Teder : *but can you play guitar with ur ding dong?*

Rafel Jaggai : Damn, got the skillz... and yes I do indeed like jazz

pastuh : my grandfather was good too.. rip

Arad Mofidi : I was here before 1 mil and now when im back a almost a month later it has over 7 mil. Insane...

exactly 9999 subs challenge : That's the crowd I get in school when someone fights

Gutslinger : Looks like a weirdo with that damn hood on his head.

Emily M : Not to make him feel untalented but I can play jingle bells on the piano soooo

sweet killer : Wooooou super genial ojala yo toque algun dia asi

Nicolas Galmiche : WTF this is a legend

Pick PockeT : 0:00-0:05 how I play the piano :)

Putu Petrus : Waw.. so fast.. like it.. 😁😁👍❤