How To Draw A Crowd From Nowhere

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Kim Jong-un : I wish I could play as good as Putin :/

Neky Nekenetics : For once YouTube didn't put Fortnite in my recommended. *I'VE NEVER WATCHED ANYTHING RELATED TO FORTNITE*

Derreck Hoogendoorn : Just the random comment asking 2019 anyone?

ShinyRedHead : It's 1873, you just tied your horse up, you are walking into the saloon to grab a beer while this is playing inside, life is good.

M T : When you got to rob a store at 5 and play at the Western Saloon at 8...

Deep lil Girl : *how to draw a crowd out of nowhere* Actually be talented

Khetsui : I would pay to watch this mysterious man.

big bad Jones : I think he would have gotten a bigger crowd faster if he had continued to bang his elbows on the keys..

ryan cook : Better performance than Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl

Arsalan Amin : I like how at the end he just stands up looking at the piano like *yes*

Groot Groot : Step 1: be a pro on piano Step 2: carry said piano wherever you go

Versaucey : When you also work in a Western Saloon

Farcry 007 : Crazy Pianist: *Freaks out* Crowd: _cheers on him_ In the corner you can hear two security guards talking among themselves: *„I used to be a pianist like him, then I took A Bullet In The Knee.* lol


Ovaldo o OVO rachado : *2:30** look at that jealous face of the man with the broken arm*

nate k : How the piano man be in rdr2 when I'm starting a bar fight

Karsen Hippolyte : Don't be fooled the Piano is a paid actor

1000 subs No content challenge : why is there just a professional piano just lying around?

[ Libracket ] : I feel like this man is the great great great grandchild to a saloon pianist

Lenny Face : Those piano have a cheat code inside them

Lauren Games : Don't care if he's a paid actor or not, I appreciate that he has a REAL talent!

Yumi : I loved the foot tapping from the dude in the back, probably brought back some great memories for him 😂

Walid tide podes fan WALID BT : Rule number 1: When a crowd is watching you, at the ending ALWAYS say sub2pewds

PandaBae 202 : This is a masterpiece how could people even dislike this?

Flacko joyde : Notice how many of the spectators were old people, because young people couldn't care less about someone being at piano for example...

ランダムイワン : I thought he was actually gonna draw a crowd like legit draw on paper

Subkeys : Clickbait! I tried the same thing but got rocks thrown at me for sucking.

welcome to America : Donald trump in Back Ground lol.

Leonardo : 3:28 the only thing I can play in a piano

Phanic! at the jaspar parade ft. tøp : 00:00 me: same- 00:06 me: *nevermind*

Daniel Hellenes : Don't be so blind guys, the guy recording this had a fully erect dong, 8 octaves long

Rebelle : When you play Red Dead 2 for 2 months straight

Victor Nguyen : It’s the late 1800s, Mr. Darcy just rolled into the club with Mr. Bingley and shits poppin

A C : Does anyone know the name of the song?

derp daderp : Ok just hit random keys till people wonder why your making to much sound to shut you up and then you got a mob not a crowd

Ej Gorum : He's so good that he drew in Donald Trump 😂

Don’t comment about my profile picture : He has mad skills

Kalil Esse : And all it took was 4 minutes 👏👏 What a legend.

dubiousProclivity : This guy had this whole song memorized

Luke Pollock : Thanks, now I can draw a crowd from no where

SypherSeven : Awesome skills! The only thing I didn't like was the length of time hung on certain parts. But when you're feeling it, you're feeling it. The musician is the one having the "true" experience.

LordWhiteWolf06 : it makes me happy seeing those people happy

United States Of America : i hope that piano was 18yrs or older...

Oh yeah yeah : Yeah sure, i just have to learn how tf a piano works

Tom Richards : What is the name of piece that he is playing?

Shan Delacruz : I thought he would play Bohemian Rhapsody. .

Nekozono : This piano ain't big enough for the two of us🤠🎹

Flaming_Arrow : I just watched a piano ad where the person is leveling up and earning titles like the mafia ads...

Ryan Cowan : Be good at something and have someone film you do it

Aetrux : I watch this to motivate myself