How To Draw A Crowd From Nowhere

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Kin Patsu : Faith in humanity restored

No Name : How to draw a crowd from nowhere Step 1: Buy a piano Step 2: Learn to become a pro at it Step 3: haul it to a mall Step 4: post a video to YouTube

Stones On Stones : Wtf is that Trump at 2:30 ??

Meech Flear : Before 10 mil views?


PurpleVibes : I would pay to watch this mysterious man.

christian carreon : What genre is this

ItsAmazingFTW_Boi : Put x1.25 its sick

Bork cream : well. i would play hot cross buns and walk away.

Wyvern Slayer : That guy doesn’t look anything like trump

Neky Nekenetics : For once YouTube didn't put Fortnite in my recommended. *I'VE NEVER WATCHED ANYTHING RELATED TO FORTNITE*

Gamebreaker08 : Why is he dressed like he's about to rob a store next?


Romy : Wowh he is good🤩

moiboy22 : I thought that was Trump.

Versaucey : When you also work in a Western Saloon

Matthew Middleton : I feel for his fingers

kirsty white : Ya just gotta learn how to do that bs... Easy right?

Yee Yee : 2:21 Donald Trump

vipin saini : Is that Donald trump😀

LordWhiteWolf06 : it makes me happy seeing those people happy

GBmaster34 presents : OpenTTD?

Luke Grey : The guy in the red tie looks like Donald Trump

David B : Stevie Ray Vaughan on piank

Eve : Woooooow,that is amazing,this guy got so much talent wtf

Don’t comment about my profile picture : He has mad skills

Hugh Jass : Damn I wish I had a piano to practice on. It'd be so awesome to go into a random mall and blow minds. Guitar has always been my instrument but they're usually frowned upon in public.

Prius [GD] : When you got no money but a random piano and the talent is the solution to gain loads of money

Sasa Liao : The guy In the suit was loving it lol

Derick Wands : Man you can grove

Yumi : I loved the foot tapping from the dude in the back, probably brought back some great memories for him 😂

Kristof Weber : What is the Name of the Song?

William Whatmore : Its funny how as you can see this is more appealing for an older generation crowd

Drake R : Right but what if I hadn't played piano almost my whole life what do I do then

RoboMex TV : YouTube: lets draw crowd from nowhere. (starts recommending video to everyone)

angpug1 : There ain't enuff room in this town fer the tew of us... 🤠🔫

Sandra k : *I thought this was going to be Bitch Lasagna..*

Andrew Levy : It draws a crowd cause the mainstream music ia crap. Ao when good music is actually being played it draws peoples attention. Sad truth. Also this guy's pretty damn good lol

Alexander Alexandrakis : What piece did he play?

Herjuno Bagus Wicaksonoputro : 2:13 Joe Biden is that you?

JTsuits : whoops i thought this was fortnite my bad

Sergio Halaby : Everyone's day got just a little bit happier... Just a little bit.

Mallory Cooper : Step 1: become a piano master

Ry Sawada : this makes me feel weird because i have that exact piano and I cant even play star wars to save my life

Freddie Mercury : I can’t tell wether this is wild Wild West music or skat jazz from the 60s

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : Im a EPIC gamer *He's a EPIC piano player*

Isaiah Williams : What song is this?

Isaiah Williams : It's easy, just be amazing!

Alena Mayo : Teach me every time you know

SealMusic : Mostly just old people lmao