Hot Dad - I'm a Believer (Synthpop Cover)

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jacksfilms : tHe kInG hAs rEtUrNeD

gr18vidz14kidz : 💚 Shrek 💚 Dad 💚

simonHDfifa : Why haven't you won a Grammy already ?

Matt : You are a damn genius, dude. I love your imagination. Criminally underexposed.

Funky Fettucine : Shrek led me here also shrek led me here too

Bobble Head : This is an amazing cover tbh

Spencer Kraynik : The Shrek Retold brought me here and I love it you get a sub

Herpiderp Vlogs! : *And So Shrek Retold Began.*


Nate Jonson : Shrek retold

Do Not Reply : The music video that was used in Shrek Retold with the VHS aesthetic was so much better than this.

The Chodeman : You should make this into a cassingle. That would be cool. I’d buy 50

Fair Fairbrooks : You, sir, are a large inspiration to me.

Mors Latke : I’ve listened to this like ten times in the last two days, god bless humanity

Lau Umamii : how much 2 get you to germany so you can play at my wedding? i wanna have my opening dance 2 this haha

Sir Fortesque76 : I'm not sure if this song was meant to be more of a meme than an actual song to jam to, but my god it's fucking good. I legit have been listening to this song religiously since I heard it in Shrek Retold. If I ever get married, I want this played at my wedding.

Dennis Carnaev : ЭТО. ОХУЕННО. AMAZING.

0 0 : I sad

0 0 : You could make a religion out of thi.. Wait.. Shrek is my religion!

Stitchmeup : Putting aside all the memes and what not this cover was an experience and I'm so fortunate to have heard such a masterpiece from an amazingly talented and creative individual, keep up the great work man!! ❤❤❤

Am kat : Bring this song to Spotify asap

Jake CS : Wait this is different than what I saw in shriek retold?


Ringo Roadagain : Honestly this is the best cover I’ve ever heard. This just turns the actual song from a dumb 2000s song to something timeless. Hot dad this is your best one yet. Let’s hope you can top it.

Dank : This existed since February and I never knew? What a crime

theGAMEgeek Cosplay and more : I was happy to hear this in Shrek Retold

sixstringpsycho : What was your process of writing this cover? How did you decide the key and how you were gonna rework it

Shadowmist909 : Hey all you shrek retold folks

Kekarot : So freaking amazing in Shrek Retold

Zack C. : Going to try and convince the girlfriend to play this at our wedding.

Drake BK : It just feels like this is the intended version

Reagan Berry : put the one from shrek retold on. very sick man

Gatokal : I wondered who made this lmao

shijaschka : But where are the visuals from shrek retold???

Fancy Snake : I was totally floored by the end of the movie and actually just watched the credits bc this song was just such a bop??

[No Username] : Good to see this masterpiece in Shrek Retold

Shadowmist909 : nice

fL : This made me cry watching shrek retold

SpastikChuwawa : So good.

Frisky Bits : This was the most beautiful ending to Shrek Retold. Totally gave me 80s-90s music video vibes.

John Klein : Hey you, yes you, I have something to tell you come in close... I will fight you if you don’t think this isn’t better then Smash Mouth’s.

Squabahol1c : Can I buy this on android please

Emily Ellis : Just wanted you to know this made me cry. Thank you.

Frantic Screaming : This is super catchy and awesome. Great job!

Yuzu : the shrek retold portion with this song was amazing thanks dad

Waluigi Wanka, slayer of furries : This sounds like an 80s song

Tiemp Hight : How’s you doin?

The Blue BlobFish : They play this song in heaven

Cherry Bomb : 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚