WELL HUNG HEART - "OBEY" MUSIC VIDEO feat. Noodles of The Offspring

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VV.A.R : Leave a like for noodles

Jim Brant : Gorgeous, makes me want to overthrow some fascists. Now, where's the album?

Eric Burson : Go Chip!

Hampton Productions : OC Represent!!! Doing Orange County Proud!

Eddie J : It's a hit!


NotMarkKnopfler : It's got a proper hook. It's a hit!

Charlie Meehan : I love this so much!! Another great song and video from you guys ❤️

Nick Giles : This is bang on and I agree fully with Jim Brant, sadly fascists are easy to find but where is that confounded album?

sluggosloan : Great tune!! I'm still blown away from the last time I saw your show. Luv the blue hair = )

Jib Lit : love this band

Rob Blau : Another wonderful song!

Jeff Smith : Bad ass!

Jakub Mieżejewski : Nice song

Brad Rounds : Killer video!

Seberiano Rodriguez : Chip!!!! ❤❤

OmnableCreative : Hell yeah!

Drue Mitchell : LOVE it!!!!

Mont-Dawg : the offspring should release there upcoming album under this label since they are free agents.

Hampton Productions : Awesome!

Michelle Smith : Missed you!