The World Is Just Awesome (Boom De Yada) | Discovery

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Koopa368 : I remember this commercial makes me want to just go and explore the world

planesrift : and then discovery went totally downhill

Dugamar : I'm happy that I was a young impressionable child back when Discovery Channel had quality programming. I feel like it opened my horizons.

Mikeztarp : I'd like to know what these astronauts are doing in the middle of nowhere without a tether.

Jacktagon {TA} : This make anyone else feel nostalgic?

Time for crab : If you want to be genuinely happy for an exact minute, just watch this video.

Keith Kogane : this brings back memories tbh. being super excited for the next mythbusters or dirty jobs i miss it

Patrick Barry : remember when discovery channel was good?

Too lazy for A name : RIP discovery and history channel :'(

Hunter12396 : I remember when I learned about history on the History Channel I remember when there were animals on the Animal Channel I remember when I discovered things on the Discovery Channel And sadly the Military Channel doesn't fill my need for crazy Nazi weapons and the science channel requires to much thought to watch before bed

rrr598 : Who the hell dislikes a Discovery channel music video?

Ethotron : Faith in humanity..... Restored

Sam King : I wish the cool shows were still on. I'm tired of pawn shops and people making motorcycles. How bout some real shows about alien planets, volcano, and dinosaurs.

Mooreo : And now all they play are 12 dozen gold digging shows, people blowing shit up, going to auctions and other reality tv shows.

KettiexD : Happy Earth day! I can't believe this is ten years old! I remember when it was on TV, wow

Sylveon Cupcake : I, too, want to throw myself into an abyss screaming BOOM DE YADA

Count Swagula : Buckle up. We're taking a Feel Trip.

Konrad Sosnowski : Every time I watch this video/hear this song my fate in humanity rises a little bit. Then I watch the new Discovery and lose it again.

Brendan Feay : *Watches atomic test.* I love man-made stars.

xXxJokerManxXx : 0:38 nothing defines America more than a G.I. blowing up a middle-eastern house while singing this song

Super Kami Kitty : *SIGH* I remember when discovery channel programs *DIDN'T* make me want to gouge my eyes out.

BrunixTp : Then the reality shows nation attacked

Julian Prig : Man this commercial hits my feels... I remember it like it was yesterday

ConmanWolf : In honor of the passing of Stephen Hawking, I would like to be the first to say he went out with a Boom De Yada.

AndreasL22 : Poor astronauts. They are never getting home again. They aren't connected to anything and are just floating in space.

Socomnick : why was future weapons cancelled?

Spartan : I miss the old Discovery channel from 90s and the beginning of 2000s with great all stupid realities, auctions and pawnshops...

Monokuma AJ : "I like real dirty things" That just sounds..Dirty

Finnegan Doherty : Happy Earth Day, my fellow earthians!

SMHOEL : Who's still watching this in 2016?!?!?!

B. S. : it might sot seem like much, but this song got me through a very hard time in my life.

Jordan Link : this video makes me happy

Caleb Hamstra : If you are a historian looking for peak discovery channel: this is it.

Austin Hu : This song never gets old

Larry WanCanary : They should bring this back! 2016!

fizziks824 : I do look at the world sometimes as a bad place, but this song reminds me that it's not so bad. For some reason I also cry too when I hear this.

Anza Hanif Athallah : I love momentum; I love to engineer I love this bakery; I love the blogosphere I love the whole world and all its messed-up folks Boom de yada, boom de yada (2x) I love your suffering; I love cryptography I love entangled sheets and kite photography I love the whole world and all its mysteries Boom de yada, boom de yada (2x) I love elections; I love transistors I love weird pillow talks; I love your sister I love the whole world; the future's pretty cool Boom de yada, boom de yada (2x) ... .. .

ghbutler : It's sad how drastically this channel altered it's programming in 7 years time. Discovery used to be so fucking amazing and now it's all pawn shows and rednecks. It's no wonder why a lot of people don't watch as much T.V. as they used to; all the channels that were once good have filled themselves with redneck mainstream garbage; examples include this, TLC, and then kids networks like Nick and Cartoon Network showing shitty cartoons.

Eric The Epic : To basically add to the amount of people saying thatthe History channel and Discovery channel should go back to cool education rather than reality TV shows, I realy hate all the new shows. And I'm a kid. (Sorta. I'm 12, so eh.) I grew up on all the educational shows on there in the 2000s, but now it's terrible. Now whenever I look it's playing Duck Dynasty, Pawn Shop shows, whatever they want, just aslong as it isn't educational. Actually, it kinda is. It teaches us what not to watch. AKA, itself. Atleast there's Science channel, which is sorta broken too, but less so. Atleast there's Through the Wormhole with Moragan Freeman, and Mythbuster, and I can come up with a few more if I think on it. Oh yeah, and How It's Made. It's interesting to see how everyday objects are manufactored.

ThisGuysName : This guy is legit “I love hot magma”

Mandy Sailland : I haven't seen this in years and tonight I was in bed and suddenly I started singing Boom De Yada!! Lol.

G Neusch : Happy earth day lads :)

ayeniszwan : Ahhhh , the sound of nostalgia . I miss these days.

Ooga Booga : I could infinitely fall and feel perfectly fine while listening to this song

roflstickfigures : Best thing they ever made. Too bad they became what they did now. 

King DinaMan : time to start a comment chain, I love the mountains

Bread Croost : Happy Earth day 2019

TheHelpfulNeonraptor1 : Happy earth day

Gage Grossman : Lmao watching 10 years and 360 days later