Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

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The 1flym : Procrastinating by watching this

Suhas Gondi : People in the comments are all about how they are procrastinating by watching this video. At least they are better than me; I just watched this video I planned to watch two months ago.

Jess 4You : Rational Decision Maker: Hey lets study for a test coming up this afternoon Instant Gratification Monkey: Hey lets watch a video of procrastination and how procrastination can affect badly your life Me: Hey thats a great idea monke...wait a minute..

Cody Jones : Who else is in the Dark Playground watching this right now?

WhisperingFantasies : I've lived my entire academic career in the dark playground (I'm in my fourth year of university) and it is NOT a fun place to be. I'm actually here instead of studying for my finals. I know the panic monster very well, and I know he's going to pop up tomorrow when I realize I've wasted so much time that I can't possibly study everything I'd planned to. This is how it's gone for years, and it makes me feel so horrible, but I don't know how to break out of this cycle. I was hoping this talk would help with this "short-term procrastination", but even if it didn't, I'm glad to have found someone who understands and explains it perfectly.

Raspberry Rock - Off Grid Cabin : There's a third type. When you have a deadline, but the panic monster doesn't show up. Just the guilt monster. He shows up late, doesn't say much, but makes your life a lot darker while you miss your deadline and beyond. Here's a trick I've discovered to help you through things. Whatever it is you're working on, say an essay, just tell yourself you're going to write one paragraph. That's it. Just one paragraph then you can procrastinate all you like. And it's still really difficult to open your word processor and look at your document, but try to force yourself to just do that one paragraph. That's it. So you do it. And before you know it, you've written 3 pages. This really works. Trust me.

Alex From Target : anyone else procrastinating by watching this video

Devon K : My final paper is due tomorrow and somehow youtube brought me here...

Murphy Luis : okay... I was procrastinating ..... BUT NOW I'M GONNA GO BECAUSE I JUST REALIZED THERE IS A FREAKING MONKEY IN MY BRAIN LOOKING FOR INSTANT GRATIFICATION. Goodbye... I'm gonna do something with my crap life and make it better.

Jo3_ : Eh. I’ll watch this later

Daidus : nothing in the fridge, guess i gotta clean my whole house now

Beastly Beadin : Literally have a ten page essay....assigned a month ago....haven't started....due tomorrow....3 am.....due at 8 am.....oof

tragic : me: I should start studying for my exam this morning monkey: nah lets watch a youtube video about procrastination

Emily Moyer : I have finals tomorrow.. and I'm not studying..

stuti jhunjhunwala : The monkey in my brain isn't scared of the panic monster 😂

Coding in Flow : "I procrastinate by watching this video" - Every comment section of every procrastination video on Youtube

Meara Valla : 40% of my procrastination is my ADHD, 50% Is just that I have no willpower in general 10% Stress build-up that drains my energy and makes me drowsy, hence my lack of willpower to do things.

Brecken Craig : is it ironic that i am watching this video while procrastinating

Mia Varghese : He procrastinated on the presentation itself lolol

Mushr00m : I never got tested but I think I have ADHD or ADD. In class I am really quiet, but when I’m home or with people I know I’m the opposite. I also have this procrastination problem. I find it really hard to start studying. And when I finally begun. My head is not able to focus for even 5 minutes. I get distracted by the most silly things. As a result I end up studying for a long time without sleeping. There are many other characteristics that I recognize. For example: interrupting other people, being perfectionist, when interested I can lose myself in certain things, begin impulsive with certain things but quit shortly after, etc.

Rob Level : I was already a master but now I feel more like a master.

L M : I was going to watch this 2 years ago. 😭😭😭

Sofia Sarzosa : I'm procrastinating doing my homework right now to watch this video

Si Man 斯曼 : I was in the playground all semester, tomorrow is my final exam. 😭

Marian Puppy : How bout I just yeet that monkey overboard Idk I think I’ll do it later, I just ate

Wahid Kamruddin : I procrastinate while procrastinating... don't ask...

Heath Gourmet Hound {Sir Mister} : "Instant Gratification Monkey". That's an understatement.

Starfish 25 : I'm procrastinating my sleep by watching this. It doesn't feel healthy.

F.B.I : I have a two-page philosophy paper due tomorrow and I'm procrastinating by watching a video on procrastination. Nice

Nonna-_-That : My monkey made me watch this :(

Leone : Instead of doing homework i'm here..... meh i'll do them tomorrow when i wake up and while i walk to school easy

lexi key : my monkey is winning

ZeitgeistDinahMoeBwana Fefe : Who's on a) a YouTube binge b) Watching a person critiquing himself doing such c) Is motivating you to not waste your time d) Doing absolutely nothing BUT that!

Sterbooo58 : It took me over a month to actually watch this.

Eina Hpets : my panic monster is broke

Yur Nathan : i relate to this so much its dumb

Brachy : My rational-decision-maker is also terrified of the panic monster

Hannah woehr : I should be studying for an exam but why do that when I can procrastinate by watching a video about procrastinating

mr.kitloin : im such a procrastinator, I do my math homework IN CLASS. THE DAY ITS DUE. I can't do it during lunch because math is first period...

Juliana : Me watching this video is me procrastinating right now

Someone You Don't Know : This guy nailed this 100%

XHAD : Funny how a TED talk that took 3 days to make has more views than ones that took over a year and over a thousand hours of critique has

Spinnis : I've already watched this 3 times spread over a time of 2 years but I keep procrastinating so here I am again...

kalindi devi : I still don't get how to stop PROCASTINATING for things without deadlines

Master Kelpie : I'm procrastinating right now

Eyema Duhmass : I bet there are some people who procrastinated in watching this video because another video intrigued them more.

Warrior_Princess : Me watching this when I'm supposed to be writing a paper on Multiple Personality Disorder lmao I think my monkey murdered my decision maker. He's dead. Now what?!! XD

Wania Farooqi : I should be working on the physics project that I haven't started yet. Which is due tomorrow. Procrastination at it's finest by procrastinating and watching a TED talk about procrastination.

Ethan O'Brien : I'm such a procrastinator this video literally has popped up in my suggested at least 5 times before and I'm only watching it now.... *I am the monkey*

riyaan : I am procrastinating on finals right now. Here I am procrastinating and guess what I did? I searched 'Ted Talks' on YouTube and this was one of the top videos. welp!