Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

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The 1flym : Procrastinating by watching this

William Wei : Hahaha Finals is coming up and I'm on my expedition throughout Youtube

Allura Grace Duffy : Every single person watching this video is supposed to be doing something else

Sad Comment : Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow.

Nabeel S : When your teacher extends the due date and you still do the assignment the day before

Raspberry Rock - Off Grid Cabin : There's a third type. When you have a deadline, but the panic monster doesn't show up. Just the guilt monster. He shows up late, doesn't say much, but makes your life a lot darker while you miss your deadline and beyond. Here's a trick I've discovered to help you through things. Whatever it is you're working on, say an essay, just tell yourself you're going to write one paragraph. That's it. Just one paragraph then you can procrastinate all you like. And it's still really difficult to open your word processor and look at your document, but try to force yourself to just do that one paragraph. That's it. So you do it. And before you know it, you've written 3 pages. This really works. Trust me.

Shahidh Ilhan : *puts it on watch later*

Conor Houston : I have this problem but my monkey turned into King Kong and my panic monster DIED Send help PLEASE

Annie Blogger : I play a little mind "Game" that I learned from "Procrastination Elimination Method by John Isaac" whenever i feel that im gona procrastinate on a task, i start playing this "game" in my mind that reframes the whole task and makes it a whole lot easier for me to work on the task, instead of letting my mind say "i'll do it later". It's not the same as visualizations, which is less powerful IMO.

Yutaka Nohdomi : If I had a penny for how many times I procrastinated, I would be able to pay off the US national debt.

Daidus : nothing in the fridge, guess i gotta clean my whole house now

Jeffrey Wang : I want to write a clever comment about procrastination in this comments section, but I’ll do it later.

suzanna uli : I stayed home "sick" from school today because I didn't do my homework last night and my thought was "I have all day today to get that homework done." well its 11pm and all I've done is watch the office and more Shane Dawson videos than I can count. my plan is to watch this one movie on netflix that I've been dying to see, maybe have a few cups of coffee and do my homework.. but first I have to finish watching this video so we'll see how this goes -your fellow Procrastinator

Finex 1278 : 5.5k gratification monkeys disliked this video

IcyFlarez : where did he find a picture of my brain?!

Coding in Flow : "I procrastinate by watching this video" - Every comment section of every procrastination video on Youtube

Nikka A. : This motivated me to realize i should have done my paper that was due yesterday.

TheBhaveshJain : No panic monster inside me

tinypaws' gaming : The thing is sometimes my panic monster doesn’t scare the monkey anymore

Hello It_me : This video is the dark playground

Creative Username : Any work outside of elementary school is a death sentence to procrastinators. Being a procrastinator myself, I totally know how stressful writing papers or doing projects is. I didn't even know I was a procrastinator until my trash grades actually hit me. I'm trying to fix that, but currently, I'm procrastinating with writing a script for a play due in 16 hours. If I fail this class, I have to go to summer school for 2 years. As I'm informing everyone of this, I am still procrastinating.

parisdylan : Wait, so what do I do? I watched the whole thing, what's the answer to stop procrastination? Kill the Monkey somehow?

Seaweed Brain : I am procrastinating right now and i have 5 papers due TOMORROW.

Cat Benson : One of my biggest problems is going to sleep. I procrastinate on THINGS I LIKE TO DO! I LOVE TO SLEEP BUT I PROCRASTINATE ON IT! WTH

Chelsea Crockett : Watching this while I have a writing deadline today 💀💀

macy_the_ potato : This video inspired me to study for my exam My exam is due in five days

John Snimth : My gratification monkey made me watch this...

xeatmon : had this procrastination video on my watch later for more than a year haha

Omar Explains : I have a ted talk to do in 3 days and I just started preparing! I'm gonna nail it..

Yur Nathan : i relate to this so much its dumb

Bee Boo : GCSE mocks start next week. I'm watching this to procrastinate learning six different unnecessary languages to procrastinate revision. I'm literally procrastinating procrastinating. Wish me luck.

Mia Powell : english paper is due tomorrow. haven’t done it. watching this instead.

Super Flute : *youtube recommending this to me... are they trying to tell me something?*

Zachary Garlick : At least he can say he HAS a rational decision maker in his brain. I've just got a dozen monkeys and three or four panic monsters! XD

Eyema Duhmass : I bet there are some people who procrastinated in watching this video because another video intrigued them more.

XxShadowvalkyriexX : I am so attacked..... My procrastination ruined my high school life, what time I've spent in college, and currently struggling with breaking the cycle. It's horrid...but, not impossible. I can't wait to be free.

Paul von Düsseldorf : The fact that I accomplishe everything is the reason I still procrastinate...

Stephen Lich : This is the most relatable thing I have seen in the time I've been supposed to be doing homework

Gary Sihota : My monkey brought me here

Rob Level : I was already a master but now I feel more like a master.

Kaleb Coleman : If tomorrow isn’t the due date, today isn’t the do date.

killersmurf : Speaking of procrastination I probably shouldn't be watching this

AmaraEmme : SOOOoooo do we all have ADHD/ADD?

Pouk 3D : I don't think it offered any solution, but it was funny.

Wahid Kamruddin : I procrastinate while procrastinating... don't ask...

Sev1nElev1n : Ok cool but Ted really needs to stop procrastinating when will Ted ever talk?

TheSimsCovers : Non-deadline tasks are the hardest ones. :(

Reenagi 〜 : Unfortunately, my panic monster is dead.

Abby Kober : What if you have no panic monster? 😟 mine seemed to have died ever since starting university. Now a deadline comes up and I still do nothing 😕

Someone You Don't Know : This guy nailed this 100%