E3 2018 Exclusive Gameplay Demos, Interviews and Special Guests - GameSpot Stage Show Day 1

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ThePlagueDoctor : Getting hyped asf for CyberPunk. I’ve waited 4 years!

Epic Penquin : So there's romance options in an assasin's creed game... but not in a bioware game?!

Kreizi : *GOOOD* Cyberpunk 2077 Polska najlepsza!

Doruk Evcim : voice sync is totally messed up after a point... Hope they fix it and re upload this is inexcusable

Jash92 : Anyone have the timelinks? Be nice to be able to jump between reviews

Astragoth00 : Solo merece la pena Cyberpunk 2077

DarthRaver86 86 : Im a little disappointed that cyberpunk 2077 is first person only. I was hoping for a 3rd person mode. Hopefully theyll add that later on.

Laros82 : That Chat is so toxic lol FPS = First Person Shooter.. FPP = First Person View ... please people learn the difference lol I was also bit dissapointed at first, but mentioning the cybernetics and tall buildings FPP, makes sense... in CDPR we trust let's see gameplay and judge then

Addison Barrow : Totally First

B_side 86 : I was very surprised that there was no Superman game Announcement

Mischa van den Berg : What is the name of the song played before the Cyberpunk interview?

The Doctor : Yes Jake, we will be known as the Pizza Boys! Let’s make it happen!

Joseline Rodas : I can feel PewDiePie cringing on this

DOKTOR MADHATTEN : karma.......hmp collektiv

Michael Granger : Yes WHATS GOOD! Great show GameSpot, and I am super jealous of Mike Mahardys new tattoo sleeve!

Brickyard : Second

Quinn Cunningham : bchsjdtzbf gucnvryyk,

Jonathan Perez : It was a pleasure chatting with you all. See you again

trigie : What is this game named?

Addison Barrow : I <3 Todd