Look at what was under her bed!
Large bees nest under girls bed

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www.studiobeeproductions.comThis was a VERY unusual bee removal/relocation. To start with, I was revisiting a job site that I had removed bees from back in the beginning of March of this year, https://youtu.be/WQUjr6vBFaA I went to scout the job back in late August, and I was expecting to find the bees in the same spot that I pulled them from in March. However, they were located in the wall space directly below from where I removed them previously. When I got to the site last Saturday, I was expecting to pull bees from a wall, but much to my surprise, they had migrated to the same spot I had removed the last hive from. Well, I got all my gear, brought it up the stairs and set up. Now this is where it gets really unusual, the job went exactly as planned. That includes getting the queen, framing all the comb, vacuuming all the bees, relocating the bees, and then releasing them. Not once during the entire wrangling episode was I stung until I mentioned the Dirt Rooster's name. As soon as his name passed over my lips,BAM!!! right on the tip of my nose. I suppose the moral of the story is this, if things are going really well for you in your wrangling adventure, simply mention the words " Dirt Rooster," and the whole operation will head South real quick. Thanks for watching. God's peace to all. Mr. Ed


SUPRIzE! : Lol I thought the thumbnail had ants on tacos Edit Notes: I didn't know other people commented similar things. I also made this comment before Snipz.

LeahDoesGachax : A fly landed on me when I was watching this *JuMpS fUrIoUsLy AnD sCrEaMs*

Rigby : People just explain these things like it’s normal lmao

Snipz : I thought it was some tacos and a bunch of ants from the thumbnail

We Want Love Sic part 96 : Mommy there's a monster under my bed. No sunny that's just the bees.

Sahelof Mapper : Me:Mum i hear weird sounds Mum:is probably your immagination Me:Mum i hear like there's some bee's under the bed *mum burns the house* EDIT: what the heck!? 612 likes thx all of you guys that is my record guys

WuzNab : Would have just let them have my house, tbh.

-Shia de akaward animator- : *when this was in your recommended and you are about to go sleep*

TheOddBanna : Jeff: *Removes Bee from house* Bees: *Finds another way into house* Jeff: Wait, Thats Illegal.

Der Pille : You Sir know what you're doing and handle bees with the respect and kindness they deserve.

Mariah McMinn : Bruh this is *DEFINITELY* one of my biggest nightmares.

emily : I dunno why the youtube algorithm decided I needed to see this, but I'm glad it did. I hope the bees are happy in their new home

Tuck : BEE careful if this ever happens to you

Lil Shenron : I felt something on my leg which is 99% nothing *Send help I’m not taking a chance*

MillixWasn'tHere : Barry bee just wanted some jazz..

Pastel Potato : Rose's are red, Violets are blue, This was on my recommended, I assume it was on yours too.

Skyjohn : I really can't understand why youtube wanted me to see this........

Jay Abdelwahab : best video on youtube, period.

One Big Toe : those bees are not under your bed, i'm under your bed

stormykeep : Most people would first think to call the exterminator. No pesticides, no bug bombs, all about preservation, not destruction. God Bless you for the work you do sir.

why am i in your recommended : =Looks at mans face when he smiles= My mind: *I love refrigerators*

Krabumb Gaming : where are u Justin Y ? We're waiting for u !

Tan Le : What a genuinely kind person. Respect.

inhaler : He looks so happy

Shun Okamoto : I never know what youtube wants me to watch.... but i like it

ola kede : *Yet people are more concerned about the bee's lives and not the life of a young girl sleeping on a bed of death every night*

Mr. Smuggypuss : Unpopular opinion: I actually love bees and how the way they look. I'm glad mother nature exists!

Ashley : Jeff, to let you know, I am terrified of bees 😂 Edit: 20 likes is the most I’ve had XD whoever liked my comment I will like yours! But reply to me first!

sixstringedthing : Really cool to see this removal done so carefully and with such respect for the important role that bees play in the local ecosystem, rather than just jamming a fumigation wand into the hole and killing everything. If I was a religious fella, I'd say you were doing the Lord's work. :) Cheers from Sydney, Australia

Brian Lin : Try out the roblox game called bee swarm simulator. There are many types of bees in that game there’s common rare epic and legendary and also event bees that are amazing

The Red Sterling Mc'Bae : Little Billy: Daddy, there's bees under my bed! They're buzzing and buzzing and I can't sleep! Dad: **Sits up in bed.** Billy, if I told you once if I've told you a thousand TIMES, there's NO such thing as bees under the bed! Now go to sleep! Little Billy: But, Da---- Dad: BILLY, IT'S 2 IN THE MORNING! IF YOU KEEP THIS UP, YOU'RE GOING TO BE A LOT MORE SCARED OF ""ME"" VS. SOME DAMN BEES, NOW MOVE IT!!!!! **Little Billy scoots down the hall.** *Next room over* Billy didn’t understand what was so hard to believe about the bees. He had been standing in the doorway for some time, not wanting to get into the bed and have his bare feet and ankles exposed to the truth that was under his bed. He figured that there was no way that their stingers could penetrate the bed boards that lied beneath him, but then again, these cursed insects had long ago proven that they weren't just any ordinary bees.They were dead quiet now, luring him into a false sense of safety… but he knew better. He was not sleeping in the bed that night, not on the floor, there was no way his father would let him sleep with him, and there was no way in Hell he was going downstairs past family bedtime, so he was just going to grab a few blankets from the linen closet and sleep in the bathtub again with a can of Raid like he always did when the bees were getting particularly saucy. He listened more intently for any sign of sound of movement. Nothing. The bees hated when Billy snitched on them and they had their ways of punishing him. The literal hive-mind buzzed things to the boy in unison...terrible, horrible things. How his parents could never hear, he had no idea. Sometimes, their buzzing could rival the sound of the ocean waves, so his parents had to have been World Champions for the heaviest sleepers ever to have existed. They did the usual things, looking under the bed for themselves, tearing up the floorboards, calling the exterminators, and that all led to nowhere. For "lying" and wasting the exterminator's and everyone's time, he was punished by having his birthday party cancelled. The night of his party-less birthday, he could have sworn the bees were buzzing the tune of "Happy Birthday" in the most slow and sinister way it could be sounded out. He had a panic attack that night and it was the first night he slept in the bathtub with the blankets. He KNEW they were real. He saw how they all poured out from under the bed and coated every square inch of his room, from the walls, the floor, the windows... even the ceiling. He witnessed them with his very own eyes surround Mr. Chuckles, his pet guinea pig and eat him alive as the poor thing screamed and screamed, clawed the air, the floor and glass of his pen, and ran hopelessly around his enclosure as the bees just kept on piling on, eating his flesh away. Billy did try to save his friend, but the only thing that accomplished for him was being stung, having to the brought to the ER for treatment. Mr. Chuckle's death and his injuries were the real assurance of this whole thing's legitimacy. He was not crazy. What frightened him the most was that he had learned a long time ago in school that bees were not meat-eaters. Every cartoon, book and teacher told him that bees were these cute, happy, helpful little creatures that helped the Earth and hung around pretty flowers all day. Not these bees. He knew they were bees, not wasps, hornets or any other bee-lookalike. The doctors determined his injuries to be from bees.... that is after the doctor laughed in Billy's face when Billy told the doctor that the bees ate his guinea pig. He had to refrain himself from punching the old fool right in his sagging turkey vulture neck as he flashed his obvious picket fence teeth implants. So Billy had meat-eating, sentient psycho bees under his bed. Maybe they were a brand new species of demonic bees straight from Satan's bee farm that evolved under his bed and nowhere else? That was just his luck. Billy sullenly looked over at his hamster's previous glass home. He was well aware that the death of Mr. Chuckles was the bees getting back at him for telling on them to his parents because his hamster's death happened the following day. He dared not tell anyone else. Just the other day, he heard his mother say in passing that the expterminator that they invited over to inspect under the bed had been stung to death in his own home. BIlly concluded that the reason why his parent's didn't get the axe yet was because he was certain that the bees were intelligent enough to know that it was the present and continued presence of humans living in the house assured that the house wasn't demolished. It was an older house and it had been threatened many times by the city to be torn down because the locals didn't want to go anywhere near it. However, someone from out of town that didn't know the house's history always snatched it up and it's sale it always saved it. Billy and his family were the only family to live there beyond 5 years out of 89 families from the years 1890 to the present day. He "wondered" why, as in he knew exactly what the real ugly secret was in this pretty house. Billy was 9 years old and already had the deep-set purple eye bags of a 50 year old workaholic. He had not had a decent night's rest in over 7 months since he saw the first bee crawling across his bed sheets and looking dead at his face. Even slumber parties, he had no peace. One of the bees would always follow him wherever he went, staring at him, daring him to tell anyone else their secret. He was tired of hearing his parents talking about him and laughing when they though he wasn't around about how odd their little boy was. He hated his falling grades due to his growing paranoia and lack of sleep and he hated how the kids taunted him for outside lunch with the bees hovering around their soda pop cans at school. He was far too young to be experiencing something this absurd, and if he didn't do something drastic to save his sanity soon, he would find himself in a sanitarium muttering endlessly down the halls about "the bees". Something had to give sooner or later.

Cassy Anne : I'm getting the creepy crawlies Good job though :)

WIIFIGHT! : when you were showing the queen bee a gnat or something flew on me and I jumped so hard.

I Main SWOLO : Welcome back to the hit series WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED?!?!

Hitler Blood Monett : Idk why but i feel like i want to burn that bees.

Sftdcbhffvgf : i dunno why this popped on my recommended

Heather Sawyer : *_Animal Crossing intensifies_* Me: guys gimme a net

Emu Riddle : I got nervous seeing all that. You're very talented

Rigby : You gotta bee kidding me

Sbamabelle : Thank you so much for saving the bees!!! We cannot survive without them, although, that doesn't mean we want to share a home with them hahahaa

Gabriel Leung : You saved a whole entire nest of bees. People like you need to be given an award.

LiwenDiamond : Before Youtube first suggested me one of these Jeff Horchoff Bees video, I had nothing but fearful contempt for flying insects equipped with venomous stingers. I had a few experiences back in my childhood with yellow jackets wasps that weren't too pleasant, and although I understood the rational behind beekeeping and how essential bees are to the renewal cycles in nature, I wanted nothing to do with any of it. Then I discovered multiple channels of beekeepers doing what they do best, and after watching roughly 50 videos, I think I've got a decently solid grasp of the whole process of bee wrangling. Might have to pick up the hobby at some point in between now and retirement. Or maybe I'll make bee wrangling one of my retirement hobbies. It looks like a lot of fun :D.

Skully : *how does this guy get so much views?* Wow I need to reconsider my life choices

Alex : I had to watch one video before I went to sleep.. Big mistake..

Don't Eat Animals : This was a nice video. I was expecting you to just kill them all and throw out the hive. Got pleasantly surprised. Very wholesome

Jeramie James : I don't understand why this video has so many thumbs down. The work he did here is not only incredible, but incredibly important. I don't think people realize how vital bees are to us and the entire ecosystem we thrive.

Utku Ürhan : If i see this I blow up my house

Nayru : This was so wholesome. I'm glad there are bee protectors out there, so they aren't just exterminated. Keep it up, this is valuable work!

Lee Dennis : I love the "THANK YOU JESUS!" I say that too.. 8:49 is Beyonce (the Queen Bee)