Look at what was under her bed!

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emily : I dunno why the youtube algorithm decided I needed to see this, but I'm glad it did. I hope the bees are happy in their new home

Cewyah : Bizarre random recommendation but, happy that the bees didn't get killed. :D Hope that those 10,000 bees can make you some honey! :)

GamingReviews : A great tip for you, might be to change the category of this video to animals. Not only would this reflect a bit more what's it about (even thought they are insects YES I KNOW, everyone shush please), but it would deliver you much better ads. The animal admarket is insane right now, you could be making much more money. Saying this because I think channels like these deserve so much more attention and support!

Libidough's Uncle : I'm feeling stings from just watching the video

48Dodger : Sooo......I'm guilty of pre judging this video. I skipped ahead, since I was here, and discovered a nice guy doing some honest work. Sir, my apologies, and thank you for sharing your awesome work. Hope you can forgive me.

The Last Black Saiyan : Just burn down the whole neighbourhood at this point

Stephan Berrill : Wow, someone who doesn't broadcast killing nature. thumbs up to you.

Robert Shamblen : 9:25 "all our bees are now vacuumed up" *bee flies in front of camera*

Doktor Kranium : better than killing them you get honey , your house back ..and the ecosystem keeps chugging along good deal ..it's a win win

Crow : Honeybees extinction wouldn't necessarily end in our extinction, but would drastically drop our food choices. I cant live without watermelons and strawberry's.

PONYBOYonline : Could you imagine the sound? You're laying there in bed, and you hear what sounds like an army of bees under your floor!

Panda Power : I'm so happy you save bees!! Everyone talking about killing the bees, shame on them! There are people that happily relocate bees.

mynellemail Nell : How is he not getting stung when he took the protection off?

Ed Denoy : I would not feel safe without a flamethrower.

Giovanni Funaro : How could people give him a Thumbs Down? I thought he was amazing. And so happy and positive.

awman thisgirl : Hell yeah Save the BEES!!! Not all heroes wear capes!

John Forrest : It's always bees this bees that with YouTube recommendations... Maybe because I keep clicking on them ... not dissapointed.

Réno Dolman : If only this man put some ads on this. he coulda make some bank

Sensei : My Trypophobia is triggered

Dave Howe : Man, you do great work and thank you for someone like you, I heard if bees disappear we as humans would too.

EndlessVacuum : It's good to see a competent bee-keeper. You really wouldn't want a bee-keeper to be... Bumbling.

Jaunine Crawford Nelson : I really enjoyed this. Thank you!

Seto Kaiba : didnt know ron perlman is a bee hive extractor

SyntheticKill : Its nice you didn't kill them

Di's Dolls : Why doesn't the home owner chaulk with vinyl tube sealant under the shingle edge to prevent the bees from accessing the inside again.

elviscoso01 : Ron Perlman you're a great beekeeper.

Frank Wang : Wait so these bees don't bite? The guy took off his mask in the half-way, that's so scary.

mgrn63 : This man is a true "HERO" and a devoted steward to the environment.. Bee's are industrious and play a critical role in the world's ecosystem that evil corporations like Monsanto with their chemicals are killing-off and making way for their smart drone bees.. The seeds of the world are and have been to some extent manipulated with GMO's and chemicals that are killing bees--- i have a small colony behind my walls of a 20-year old house. They're tenants that aren't bothering me at the moment and they can live rent free for now. When and if they ever become a problem, I will have them removed by only a professional like this man, and only if he can guarantee their safety and a new home Thank god for this man and his precious work... And thank you sir!

Anne B. : Thank you for doing this vital work. Honey Bees are so important to the environment and a vital link in the chain of life. God bless you.

Kaz Blackwood : the most wholesome beekeeper on the planet, also that last scene LOL

Megan Tabor : You are so great and also look so happy doing this!! Excellent. Loved this!! Question: (for anyone)..I was on a mountain outside of San Diego with a past boyfriend and we came across a box of bees (someone was keeping them - but nobody was around.) My boyfriend kicked the box & all the bees flew out and I ran away down a large path in the woods and the bees were following me like I've seen in a cartoon! Like "they really DO THAT!" Some were starting to land on me so I threw off my jacket...kept running...took off my shirt...kept running fast and anything else I could ditch (...but not underclothing). I then ran into this sweet family with 2 kids walking toward me as I was half dressed at the end of this trail and the bees were not after me anymore...but I was SO embarrassed and explained it to them. "I'm sorry!! I was chased by a swarm of bees!!!" Later put clothes tossed back on. Should I have just stood still as they came running out of the wooden hive or should I have run? My boyfriend stayed and was not stung and I was not stung. He did it as "a stupid joke" which terrified me. God Bless you.

Donna puckett : the bees should be left with their hive and placed somewhere else. The world needs bees because they are key pollinators that we need to survive.

Louise K : I love honey bees! Great job! This is so cool

Mojo : sweet baby jesus

Mr. Nice guy : This is unbeelievable. This stings that it has so many dislikes. Beelieve in yourself.

SnowBell300 : I dont understand why many people disliked this video. The bees did not die. Anyone else may have just killed them as a faster way to get rid of them. My father is a bee keeper and has been for 35 years now. He tells me and my familiy every now and then how many of his bee colonies keep dying every year and how it got worse in recent years. He keeps about 30 colonies after having sold 30 to 40 every spring. but recently he cannot sell too many because they keep on dying. I think we should all appreciate bees more considering how they keep us all alive or else may end up like some countries like china where pollination is done tediously by human hands.

Creator Cast : super nice thing... but the whole time after he took off his mask i was freaking out!

DisciplesOfYeshua : I wish you lived near me to come get the huge bee hive outta our house!

Clave Fuller : at first I was like wuuut he vacuumed the bees and he's gonna destroy their home?! and then at the end I'm like "awwwwww" he even built them another home. that is the sweetest thing i've seen today thanks! i loved watching this video! liked and subscribed!

Nichola Conway : Thanks for sharing, I wasn't looking for this but I'm glad I saw it, this is the second video of you removing bees, I have now subscribed.

Nova Alyousef : you're an amazing man ! respect to you <3 and keep up the good work I wish you a healthy and a happy long life

Brian Littlefield : Probably a stupid question, but why is there 2 bees in your queen catcher ? Did I miss that explanation?

Kerry Mccarthy : So glad to see the Bees were saved !!

Jeramie James : I don't understand why this video has so many thumbs down. The work he did here is not only incredible, but incredibly important. I don't think people realize how vital bees are to us and the entire ecosystem we thrive.

Eva Draconis : Now why isn't this on television? This man is adorable. Great video.

desert storm : Wow you are really brave ! I would be so scared !

Nigerian Spy : You are such a cool person. Thumbs up and keep saving those bees!

Wunder Flurries : Very random recommendation but fascinating to watch. When he mentioned a vacuum, I assumed their safety was not taken into account but it looks like that was priority number one, especially with Jeff not even wearing a full-body suit to protect himself! Very professional, and most importantly, very noble work keeping them safe while finding them a new home!

Becky Rode : This is amazing. I wonder how long it's taken him to become this much of an expert at what he does. Fantastic.

Lucynda Riley : What wonderful thing you do.