Look at what was under her bed!

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The Last Black Saiyan : Just burn down the whole neighbourhood at this point

emily : I dunno why the youtube algorithm decided I needed to see this, but I'm glad it did. I hope the bees are happy in their new home

Anne B. : Thank you for doing this vital work. Honey Bees are so important to the environment and a vital link in the chain of life. God bless you.

Becky Rode : This is amazing. I wonder how long it's taken him to become this much of an expert at what he does. Fantastic.

Gabriel Leung : You saved a whole entire nest of bees. People like you need to be given an award.

Giovanni Funaro : How could people give him a Thumbs Down? I thought he was amazing. And so happy and positive.

Hope Basden : Am I the only one who is glad that it was bees? I thought it was going to be some kind of creepy bed bugs that would get be super paranoid.

Fabian : Wow! Luckily I don't have a bed.

Deric Kettel : Am I the only one that feels like there are now bees in my office thousands of miles away and 10 months later? LOL

1zDiegoz1 : YouTube back at it again with that great random recommendation.

EaB ReVoLuTiOn : But how didnt you fall through the floor under the weight of your gigantic balls?

SyntheticKill : Its nice you didn't kill them

Count Spooky : LMFAO @ 14:10 !!!!!!!!!!!

frauleinmona : What a sweet, loveable, endearing man you are! I thoroughly enjoyed this video! I liked the video and I'm subscribing! God bless you too!🙏😁👼👍💝

Mikey Slice : What?!?!? He's chillin at the end with no bee suit on as he releases the queen bee?

Jooshwa : no mask. you're a boss. id be slapping my ears the whole time if i was in there

Sharrieff Vincent : This guy is so positive and laid back you can tell he's got a good heart and loves what he does !

Dreamcee : You remind me of Bob Ross the art guy..very chilled and calm sounding and your enthusiasm is infectious....if youve not read the book BUZZ By Thor Hanson yet i recommend you do so

Sotirios : 8:36 Dude was so happy he found the queen lmao

KaCo Karla : I love this! Thank you for saving the bees!

La Pomme de Pin : I though the thumbnail was some rotten tacos xd

djoniebie : ignorant as I am, I first thought you killed the bees by "hoovering" them. afterwards I understood. this might explain why people gave a thumbs down, they (like me at the start) may not have understood what happened. may I suggest adding something like "saving all bees and their home" in the title? it might avoid some confusion on what happened. I bow down to your generous behavior. peace unto you.

JefErickson : I had no idea something like this existed :) This is a great, conservative method you're using - maybe it's been around for a while but I had never heard of bee-removal this way :) This is great! Bees are in trouble enough as it is, no need to kill them, just relocate them :) Keep up the good work!!

Waaruum Daaruum : Guys with a haircut like this have a 125% chance of saying "Thank you, Jesus"

Clave Fuller : at first I was like wuuut he vacuumed the bees and he's gonna destroy their home?! and then at the end I'm like "awwwwww" he even built them another home. that is the sweetest thing i've seen today thanks! i loved watching this video! liked and subscribed!

Crogg88 : Phew! Good thing I sleep on the floor in your attic! _wait what I said nothing. MOVE ALONG!_

ZX14R BUSA KILLER : My question is: "If they start to get really aggressive, how are you able to get out dragging your massive steel balls behind you?!"

Disco Kane : Dear diary: today I saw the real life version of Rafiki. It was awsome :)

D O : Now I’ve seen everything. I can’t explain it, but i loved watching this video. The music was well choreographed too.

Todd's Tropicals : On the upside at least someone got free honey.

Mason McMillan : Does that vacuum hurt the bees 🐝 (just wondering)

Latest Sports - Viral Sports Clips : Wow that's amazing. And you're kind of a superhero for this. If it were my house, I'd probably just move into my mom's basement at this point.

RBXV3 : At first glance at the thumbnail I thought they were tacos

Matt Muns : I'm going to throw up

atomic936 : At least it wasnt bedbugs :o

Frog Princess : “Thank you Jesus, that’s sweet”😂

mike b : Maybe that area under the floor needs insulation. If a space is left bees or worse will be back because that looks like a hollow tree to them.

rachel carroll : i have a wasp nest in my room

Box0rz : You're the most black sounding white guy I've ever seen.

Krm mayfield : Awesome video!!!! Loved how you Thanked Jesus so many times!!! Hope he continues to bless you brother. Keep up the awesome vids !!!

Lepakko Mies : Who dislikes this?

j.okroi AG : I had no idea Ron Perlman was so into bees.

Ariana Hale : Wow ... if that was me, I'd be terrified! We had an active wasp nest in our roof & we kept finding wasps inside the house, even during winter & we never knew how they were getting in. I once woke during the night to find one on my pillow, so I'm guessing it came into our attic somehow & used one of the tiny holes I have in my bedroom ceiling. I've never been stung by wasps or bees before, but my dad was allergic as far as I know & I've never been tested for allergies; so it always makes me more jumpy around them! LOL. 😅

Mojo : sweet baby jesus

Docwho10th : Take it from me..they come back EVERY year! You have to kill the queen or queens.They remember the scent of your particular house. It took my uncle 3 years to kill the queen as they dig in deep into your home to protect her.

rick m : Who installed the air conditioner, why wasn't it caulked, and why didn't this "expert" notice it before?

LiLgay Gamer : Im glad you dont kill them ! Makes me happy x

Snow Gaming : She had the whole bee population under bed

PurpleDragon 305 : o_o *burn it*

Poptre67 : 4:00 thank me later