Anatomy of a Beta Male
Anatomy of a Beta Male

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Bro Science #126: How to identify a beta. GEAR: GNAR PUMP: ORDER THE SWOLY BIBLE: Facebook: IG: @DomMazzetti Twitter:


moe stewart : Testosterone has joined a chat

Ghost1170 : You know what's hilarious and sad at the same time? People don't actually think this is satire lmao

Diicto : Wow, unsubscribed from Bradley. This guy is much bigger and more Alpha.

Magyar Brothers : I went to Marine Corps boot camp which is 3 months long, came back, and he STILL hasn't posted a new video

jacob jackson : This is funny af bc it makes fun of both betas and alphas

Matthew Goodwin : Is it me or is this guy making fun of guys who think they’re alpha

Skrillah : " Glasses because of poor genetics " had me dying

Lil’ Air Conditioning : 0:58 Only true alpha males spell brain wrong

Freddy Jones : 'A Beta is basically an undercooked man' lmaao

Elijah Miles : Don’t make fun of Bradley Martyn, he’s too small to defend himself.

Tyler M : God damn man it's been almost 3 months :/ come back dom

Wumbo2828 : Newwwww videos. Every 3 months and counting

Dr. Diesel : Be the biggest Be the loudest Be the alphaest Be the strongest Become . . . The Theta Male. Beyond alpha.

BEST TOP10 GR : This is a veeeery long week

vballmusicGod : "a beta is basically an undercooked man"

Hannu Drew : He ain't right, but he ain't wrong.

Simple Chigga : Are you more Alpha than TYLER MOTHERFUCKING 1?

hussain taqi : Like talking to a guilty dog...... I’m dead 😂😂😂

polkmine23 : It's been four months. I think it might be time to form a search party to find Dom.

Prince Fancybum : That’s a cute drawing of Bradley Martin, looks a little big though

Grappler senpai : Lmao I can't believe people don't know this is satire XD

THE psycho : "I go to the gym to hide my insecurities" story of my life

Daniel Joe Whitfield : "If youre so big why you so small.......... Checkmate" lol this guy is brilliant.

The teenage Casual : i legit went to basic training only july first and hoped to have a new video by the time i go to AIT. i get a chance to check youtube and still no new videos lol.

Beau : I think being big is the solution to all problems. Cause it is

Will M : Bro where’d you go?

Cody Volpe : I am genetically inferior so i have to wear glasses but the red eyes arent from crying ;) they're from not sleeping please god just let me sleep

Noren Bjaiji : Its funny because it makes fun of people who still call themselves alphas and call other people betas

Chris Mulivanu : Flamingo legs 🤣🤣🤣

Into Fitness : When rent is due

Josh Leoner : Ah I get it so you are Alpha/Beta

dificulttocure : This is genius. It's not only funny as hell, many of the underlying points he's saying are actually true. Things like lack of eye contact, apologising too much, bad posture, not confronting are beta-like attitudes.

Philson : Hilarious. Loved it!

Eamonn Parsons : Wearing sunscreen like a nerd... damn. Imagine being so alpha you reckon you're bigger than the fricken' sun.

Varunan : Only Dom makes a 7 minute video just to roast brad

Formal Emperor : Look at NICKMERCS brother ova here.

D. A. : "Getting famous on the Internet" lol did he just break the 4th wall

hostilityy : So in other words, Liberals. especially the millennial ones.

Michael Stoddard : A Fedora used to be an Alpha trait😎

Diego Millán : This is some "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" level shit.

Brian Dawkins : this video but unironically

Joseph Echegaray : needed the laugh. Thanks for this!

「Sin」 : What in the name of God did I just witness

TLR Sexuality : This was absolutely amazing

Anita Zecevic : *Cherdleys wants to know your location*

Gilgamesh Of Sumer : "a beta is basically an under-cooked man"

Jabbernaut : "A Beta is basically an undercooked man" lmaooo

João Viegas : If you are so smart why are you so small? Amazing viewpoint

De Vious : 😂😂😂 couldn't stop laughing!