Anatomy of a Beta Male

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Pinnacle Of Man TM : Dom posts as often as I train legs

Into Fitness : When rent is due

Elijah Miles : Don’t make fun of Bradley Martyn, he’s too small to defend himself.

Tom Drieskens : Why are there no 15 outro's to get to 10 minutes?

Suck My Cog : Saw the Brad joke coming at the end from a mile away. Still laughed.

GrungeRockGod : anatomy of a beta male = brad

The Bromosexual : Beta males skip leg day

Sample Text : why do I have the feeling that I'm a beta before even watching this viedo.. #nohomo bro

codycast : Can someone please explain with the end “song” plays 3 times?

Tyler Overton : Rule 1: if you have "alpha" in your channel name you're probably a beta

1Lifeonearth : whoaaa, betas have iphones, that's fact.

Joseph D : "A beta is basically an undercooked man" Lmaooo

Jared Spaulding : I'm expecting an X-Ray of Brad.

Gary Buckley : I suggest a genocide for beta males. Let’s be honest people, they are the scum of the earth and they must be destroyed. *JOKE*

Dat boi Kwesar : the sarcasm is so good here

Rick Niu : I gotta disagree with you on a point here dom: small, frail, or bradley martin. That implies bradley isnt small and frail, which he is.

Junior RM : You forgot the fact that only beta males play fortnite.😂

Michel Houellebecq : It took me 2 minutes before I realized the Beta is crying.

Jesper Thyborn : the samsung comment was a hit below the belt

Christian Biceps : All crossfitters are betas 🙃

Dale Climate Controlled Cookie Cutter Chance : I have BM's bigger than Bradley Martyn 👌

123 456 : “Small, frail or being Bradley Martyn” hahaha I mean I’m just surprised the picture wasn’t just Brad Well I just finished the video 😂😂😂😂

უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ : comedy genius wasted on youtube underground

Vancha March : BRIAN???

Aloo Ouet : Beards are for numales. If you're a true alpha male, you best rock that macho-jaw all day every day.

Christopher Palmer : Anatomy of a beta male= Anyone that talks about beta and alpha males. Most people that watch these type of videos have an inferiority complex that they just can’t seem to get over. They’re aren’t even real terms considering they are relative. Meaning in relation to someone like Jon Jones we are all betas regardless of how big and strong we are therefore making this an absolutely pointless and retarded subject.

ttiization : "Scramble imaginary eggs" -CHECKMATE. Dat was funny

CGEustice : I clicked so hard on the notification I feel I need to supaset it with something. Are curls okay?

Malcolm Chisholm : cant wait for next years video.

Devon Enterline : Savage, but a necessary truth.

Zarte proz : How to trigger 99% of people on the internet

Hayden Foster : oh look he made a joke about bradly martin again....gee... never seen that in a video before....

steve : I love how in fact he is making fun of those self called alphas who run around the internet, beating on their chest and trying to prove something

Duck McDuckigton : That was a quick week

13SIX : Compreensive and in-depth guide!

Arizona Animal : #AllFACTS !

Crypt : I don't know if anyone else noticed but the drawing seems to over exaggerate Bradley's biceps? I don't think they're quite that big.

Papa John : Can't wait until "next" week!

SneakerEND TV : What’s up with every YouTuber talking about betas like damn leave them alone 😂

Top Hat Cat 2002 : I’ve been waiting for ever for this

Dick Dastardly : Has it been a week already?

stupidcakeboy : I am from a small african village (tunisia). we were all skinny and had to hunt or gather for our foods. After i got my scholarship to study in america i realised that white males or western males think like this alpha or beta. We africans men just want to help each other survive and make it in the harsh world... we dont try to put each other down over superficial and materialistic things. Funny white man has shallow desires hence why they always interested in dominated and conquering other races. I think the heart of such men are pathetic.

01001000 01101001 : 5:53 >green texts


GustavoPlays : This video was literally 7 minutes of mocking Bradley lol

SneezyAnus : Nice drawing of Bradley Martin you got there

caleb kight : Shred Zeppelin

Gabriel Monroe : The fact that he spelled the word brain "brian" was for some reason one of the funniest things I've ever seen on this channel

Sacrificial Lamb : Took me a few minutes to realize this wasn't a serous video

Spoderman233 : "That week sure did fly by" Lmao