Anatomy of a Beta Male

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Pinnacle Of Man TM : Dom posts as often as I train legs

Nerd City : That intro is straight cash

Julian REC : Lmfaoooo!! Bro I’m dead 😂😂

Sacrificial Lamb : Took me a few minutes to realize this wasn't a serous video

João Viegas : If you are so smart why are you so small? Amazing viewpoint

Elijah Miles : Don’t make fun of Bradley Martyn, he’s too small to defend himself.

Tyrone Shakila : You forgot the beta's main mating call: "I'm a feminist."

Sean Porcelli : Not what I expected. But Definitely what i wanted.

Chris Kenny : An undercooked man. Oh my God.

Muscle Everything : I think being big is the solution to all problems. Cause it is

Into Fitness : When rent is due

Sahil Kale : im alpha u faggot

Varunan Alberto : Only Dom makes a 7 minute video just to roast brad

Andrew Smith : A co-worker asked me if I considered myself an Alpha-Male... I said: "Alphas kinda sound like pussies... What's above that?" (FLEXXXXXX) Nice work, Bro!

Kay Sabb : Note to self, dump my glasses, and start secretly using lenses.

Jared Spaulding : I'm expecting an X-Ray of Brad.

noah stump : Rip dom mazzetti

vballmusicGod : "a beta is basically an undercooked man"

wolfsmith : If you don't have a child you are not an alpha

Serahdactyl : I'D MARRY THIS MAN XD

Michel Houellebecq : It took me 2 minutes before I realized the Beta is crying.

Christopher Cooper : Hilarious

Epic Anime : 330 Betas disliked this video 😂😂😂

Faisal Al-Yahya : "Brian" is spelled wrong, Idiot! 😂

Fishfan 2 : The whole six pack thing is my friend he thinks he swole but he's just skinny, while im fatter but lift way more

Fishfan 2 : Come on post dom we know you need money lol

Andre Pastor : Hilarious!

Leeor Hayut : Dom Mazetti is the world’s leading bro scientist

MangoKingGaming : Dom can you make a video of all the people trying to lose "THE GUT" with the dad bod.

უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ : comedy genius wasted on youtube underground

Gonzalo Muñoz C : Dude, this video is 2 month old. What happened to "new videos every week" jajajajajaj

Stockz_1- -Vainglory : You forgot about the part where they play fortnite for 8 - 12 hours a day instead of training arms.

ユアンTRINH-Taeyk : tyler

domjal : This should be under comedy since all Alpha means is natural leader - doesn’t matter WTF you look like or even if you don’t hit the gym. For example Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are true Alphas that would have this simp shinning their shoes.

Suck My Cog : Saw the Brad joke coming at the end from a mile away. Still laughed.

01001000 01101001 : 5:53 >green texts

Carlo V : I absolutely lost it when he said "Samsung phone"

waffleboomerang : having a gene to be taller or stronger is an easy trait to gain from evolution. but the reason there are smaller more intelligent men is because there is an obvious genetic advantage... the only time I would call a gene inferior is if it is a mistake in the genetics or if it isnt useful in the time period. and hate to break it to you, but "alphas" are actually just sociopaths. farfromaverage covers this topic in one of his videos but being alpha really isnt a genetic advantage. if I met this guy in real life I would probably just ignore him if he tried to act all alpha in front of everyone. you guys arent alphas just annoyances

J.C_GOD #IAM : Facts. Lovely mate. !!!!!

Sample Text : why do I have the feeling that I'm a beta before even watching this viedo.. #nohomo bro


Alex Dashkoff : This is one of the most idiotic things I've ever heard. No where in your constant rambling and incoherent response did you address anything that could've been considered a rational thought. Everyone here is now dumber having listened to you. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul

Ryan Oceana : Brain* 🤣

Matt J : Very imformational. Thank you.

BlazingsNL : Reported to the cyber police for e-bullying

Junior : subscribed as soon as i heard the voice

chuck thomas : Remember the last video dom made? Yo uou do. It's the one you're watching. .. lol

Yung Sight : i´m S A D now

MEDStudios : Thanks for decribing my brother

CGEustice : I clicked so hard on the notification I feel I need to supaset it with something. Are curls okay?