Anatomy of a Beta Male

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Pinnacle Of Man TM : Dom posts as often as I train legs

Anime pfp gang : This is funny af bc it makes fun of both betas and alphas

Ghost1170 : You know what's hilarious and sad at the same time? People don't actually think this is satire lmao

Gixxer0732 : Should be renamed 'anatomy of a liberal'

Magyar Brothers : I went to Marine Corps boot camp which is 3 months long, came back, and he STILL hasn't posted a new video

Elijah Miles : Don’t make fun of Bradley Martyn, he’s too small to defend himself.

Diicto : Wow, unsubscribed from Bradley. This guy is much bigger and more Alpha.

Will Hoffman : I have a challenge for myself this year. I will do legs Everytime Dom posts this year. It might be hard but I can do it.

Matthew Goodwin : Is it me or is this guy making fun of guys who think they’re alpha

Tyler M : God damn man it's been almost 3 months :/ come back dom

Into Fitness : When rent is due

dificulttocure : This is genius. It's not only funny as hell, many of the underlying points he's saying are actually true. Things like lack of eye contact, apologising too much, bad posture, not confronting are beta-like attitudes.

linux750 : If a beta male is like an undercooked chicken, then an incel is like meat that's spoiled and turned rotten.

ChillyCloth : Pay close attention homosexuals, nowhere does it indicate here that the male is designed to have intercourse with other males. It is exclusively females that the male is made for. You can't argue with science.

BEST TOP10 GR : This is a veeeery long week

უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ : comedy genius wasted on youtube underground

Wumbo2828 : Newwwww videos. Every 3 months and counting

Gonzalo Muñoz C : Dude, this video is 2 month old. What happened to "new videos every week" jajajajajaj

andrew heller : RIP BroScience: when ever he started -- June 12th 2018

polkmine23 : It's been four months. I think it might be time to form a search party to find Dom.

Nomicro4u : But how do I identify a Soyboy?

Josh Leoner : Feral = God

Nate Jonson : Alpha/Beta male don't actually exist

moe stewart : Testosterone has joined a chat

Fishfan 2 : The whole six pack thing is my friend he thinks he swole but he's just skinny, while im fatter but lift way more

Michel Houellebecq : It took me 2 minutes before I realized the Beta is crying.

Josh Leoner : Ah I get it so you are Alpha/Beta

The teenage Casual : i legit went to basic training only july first and hoped to have a new video by the time i go to AIT. i get a chance to check youtube and still no new videos lol.

CamCANTRUN : You spellt Brain wrong you jerk

Will Mathis : Bro where’d you go?

Jared Spaulding : I'm expecting an X-Ray of Brad.

Jonathan Mwinda : Basically justin troudo

Domo Naf : Dom the type of dude to call standing Bicep curls leg day

Dat Guy : You’re loosing gains Mike I’m disappointed 🤔

Gonzalo Muñoz C : Now is 3 months old. Come on Dom

Booker The Wolf : This has gotta be a joke right

Brian Dawkins : this video but unironically

Matt J : Very imformational. Thank you.

Ryan Ames : What happened to all the shirts on the website? there used to be hundreds now there's only 2 pages worth?

Nerd City : That intro is straight cash

Zach Poteet : I never hug people and I have narrow shoulders!!! Just kidding!!!

Chad Muskaa : This guy is Andrew Dice Clays son

Bboy Cosmo : He talks like that one Sam o’ Nella video about how to gain weight.

Grappler senpai : Lmao I can't believe people don't know this is satire XD

Beau : I think being big is the solution to all problems. Cause it is

Hannu Drew : He ain't right, but he ain't wrong.

Roman Divinity : *If someone has to tan because they don't like the way they look, that would make them a beta.*

Lucijan K : “Alphas” used to rock a beard maybe 5-6 years ago. Today, when bunch of betas have a beard it’s better to be clean shaven.

Formal Emperor : Look at NICKMERCS brother ova here.

BlazingsNL : Reported to the cyber police for e-bullying