An 'Office Space' Retrospective With Mike Judge

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Jason Flay : One of those rate films that is truly an ensamble masterpiece. I think if a couple of those characters were done differently it would not have had the impact. Everyone was on their A game. A true cult classic

Bryon Lape : So, Butt-Head is basically Mike Judge's real voice.

Donald Blankenship : That's who I was. I walked out. I was handsome. I had a beautiful wife and the prettiest home in Ohio. I threw it all down in the garbage. I am almost 61. I hate my self.

Alex : This is the best film ever made.

Jeremiah Fernandez : mike judge's lack of facial expression is amazing and unnerving at the same time

sajmeister : Swingline should have paid Mike Judge product placement revenue, he made the red stapler an icon.

rob rick : Domestic Hotness needs to become a thing.

Chris P. Bacon : This movie is every office in America, that's what makes it so good.

Michael Richardson : "Fight Club would be the movie Peter thinks he's in." That is absolutely perfect.

TheRealMrMcCoy : I just hear a toned down Hank Hill when Judge talks lmao

OCD Stig : Ironically, Jennifer Aniston plays a horrible boss years later...

Rufus Slothkowski : I used to work in the building in Austin that was used for the exterior shots of Initech. At the time (of my employment) it was the offices of MCI communications. The job was very much like Initech.

Rick Sanchez : Mike judge gets it. This movie and idiocracy defines current humanity.

sajmeister : One of the best films ever and definitely one of my favourites

l : I was an admin clerk in the Marines from 1996 to 2000. This movie was a hit in my office. This is my Full Metal Jacket!

MotoMarios : I can't believe the transformation of Milton's actor into Milton. So much talent went into this movie in general it's amazing.

Robert Slydell : Mike Judge is an absolute genius. If he didn't have the balls to abandon his engineering career for comedy we would have been deprived of a helluva lot of laughs.


Craig Brown : Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking. Just a moment.

WalterLiddy : The cast was perfect, even the bit parts.

Robert Luben : I actually had to face off with 'consultants' once working at a company that was in the process of being sold to a bigger company. The consulting firm was payed (get this) $60,000 to come in and improve morale so they could retain more people during the sale. When they asked me what I thought could be done to improve morale I told them that they should all get fired and the 60,000 dollars should be divided up among the 120 or so employees we had. They didn't ask me any more questions.

Richard Anderson : Top 5 for me. I can't Imagine not laughing at almost every aspect of this movie, Just perfect.

K _E : Movie? More like reality show. I liked this movie the first time I saw it but I appreciated it a ton more when after I worked at a corporate job. This movie always reminded me to never drink the corporate kool-aid and be my own person at work.

valar : It's messed up that 20 years later people are still being sold and *believing in* the same cubicle hell lie.

N. S. : What would you say... . . . ... You do here?

prolinea4 : You know what's scary? That this movie, as well as "Idiocracy", and Carpenter's "They Live" all exist and have not been banned, but sheeple are still asleep.

Goalie Dave : They got Jennifer Aniston at exactly the right time - she had just enough heat to give the movie a lift but 5 years later it would have been too much and probably swamped the movie (if they could have afforded her).

Gwasgray : This film was The Office before even the British version was made.

Robert M : I had no idea Mike Judge was in the movie

ErizotDread : A fuckin' classic! Also, I never worked a white collar job, but I still totally related to this movie! Just the workforce in general was the only experience you needed to relate. It really basically showed any workplace experience, regardless of type of job.

TheLewisHayes : I wonder if all the extra material of Mike Judges' they talk about is stuff that turned into Silicon Valley

leathery420 : Man there is this dude at my workplace who looks like Milton without any hair on his head glasses, and all. He somewhat has the character down of the invisible nuisance, but isn't quite as strange. Though with that said still pretty weird guy, not a bad guy, but I can't think of any good quality about him. Though again with that said I try not to spend to much time in his vicinity so he's probably got them, but I wont be finding out what they are.

Joy of Lego : I used "AssClown" as my Password for years !!!

spacecadet28 : This movie spoke to me.

Michael Kovalchuk : Also, am I the only one who thinks that it would be awesome to have the whole basement to myself - and when Lumberg shut off the lights, it was like - you can sleep at work. I would just sleep at work all the time and even make a fort with the stored boxes and have an air mattress, blankets, pillows, wifi connection with my laptop... it would be epic.

Ram Stones : I always thought Milton said "They were merry"

diddly Flanders : this guy is genius!

69adrummer : Jennifer is one of those *rare* women that get more and more beautiful the older they get.

Mark Klose : My favorite documentary.

Tim McDowell : My wife has never spent 1 minute in an office/cube work environment, and she found the movie hysterical. It just seemed to communicate that world so well.

Eric Taylor : "Does anyone ever say "It looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays?"" No.... No way.... In fact, I think you'd get your ass kicked saying something like that."

Mugshot Marley : Great film

Garbage Person : "You're just this penny stealing wanna-be criminal... man." "Yeah well that may be. But at least I never slept with Lumbergh."

Jordan R : Holy shit. I never noticed Jen anniston's boss was Mike judge.

Bane BlackGuard : every single character in the movie was an actual person in the office I worked for. When i saw the movie I was convinced it had to have been written by someone in the office. It was uncanny.

Daniel Rodden : God damn this movie is genius.

proden20 : i told those fudgepackers I liked Michael Bolton's music

belgianwaffles99 : Ha Michael Bolton looks like he's auditioning for a Big Lebowski remake.

Carlos M : I always thought Milton said the “squirrels were merry” and it’s actually they were “married” learned something today

yoe91 : That printer scene. Eat your hearts out, Sopranos.