Mini Materials | TINY BUNKER + Real Little Bricks, Blocks, and Lumber Review
This guy is the Bob Ross of crafting Here he makes some realistic miniatures

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A look at making miniature stop-motion sets, and a review of Mini Materials. Miniature cinder blocks, bricks, mortar, mini lumber, OSB plywood, brick molds and more are available through Mini Materials. MINI MATERIALS ON AMAZON * MINI MATERIALS' MAIN WEBSITE PATREON FACEBOOK SHOP INSTAGRAM @steadycraftin * AMAZON AFFILIATE LINK NOTICE As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


indeed : how can anyone be negative about you your show is like the next bob ross or Mr Rodgers like its so innocent and inoffensive

Hoss Aneece : Crafs Man I hardly ever comment on youtube, but I'm gonna throw this out there because I feel it's important. Your channel and the work that you do is a golden beacon on this platform; the love you share with your audience and your art is so genuine and earnest that I find myself not only wanting to be more creative as an illustrator, but also a better person and to be more appreciative of the world around me. I think this is one of the reasons why a lot people draw parallels between you and Bob Ross, not just because you are soft spoken and make art but because you have that power of impactful positivity which resonates with people. It is a sad truth that the internet is a wonderful and terrible place at the same time, and that there will always be a vocal minority of misguided individuals who will go out of their way to mess with you. I hope we will see those old videos reuploaded again, but only when you are ready. Much love, CrafsFam.

Fred Sexton : “Sometimes we are doing things the wrong way, and you need somebody to correct us. Sometimes we just doing our way, and just need time.” Either way, keeping doing things. Do what brings you happiness and joy. Be you. Do More. 🙏

Midnight Glow : crafsman your videos are so calming and soothing, and i love your jokes very much! don't let the negative nancy's getcha down, big hugs and love <3

Joshua Jones : Crafsman, I’m goin through a lot, but you help me out a ton. Thank you so much.

Johan H : That pocket knife advice is top notch, and Mrs Cotten is phenomenal!!! Thanks for the great video Mr Crafsman.

Steve C. : Negative comments? Let me at em! Lol! Some people just like to be miserable and hear themselves talk. Just keep steady craftin crafsman! My wife and I love watchin your videos! Thank you

TheGtadrian : I will remember this day, the day I found this channel :D

Valentin Schaffer : Watching your Videos feels like listening to an old friend telling stories, amazing. YouTube was made for things like this. You do you, crafsman, we love your channel for it.

Terminally Chill : Crafsman.... love you, my dude. I dont even craft. I just love watching you craft.

Bianca Knight : I love your videos so much man!! don't listen to those mean comments, your videos are amazing, I love coming home after work to watch your videos ❤️

Patrick Reeves : Crafsman, you brighten my day every single time you pop up. I am a grown man, 6 foot tall-lookin', with long hair and and big beard. Yet, your antics get me gigglin' and laughin' like a young'un. Keep it up. I could watch your videos for decades to come, and I'd consider that a happy element of my life.

nessisasquid : i thought it was really poignant the way you spoke about elizabeth cotten. this video is very delightful all around. thank you crafsman

Fists Up! : "Why do your hands shake?" Because my hand is shaking Makes sense to me!

HouseHobo : That pocket knife trick had me straight up laughin' hard! Thank you Mr. Crafsman for yet another top notch video.


Jeremy Mathis : “And secondly my hands be shaking” lol. Thank you so much for what you do. No matter how I’m feeling, I always feel better after I watch one of your videos.

Mini Materials : Amazing video, thanks for sharing our love of realistic miniatures, Crafsman!

Nathan Miles : That's such a creative and realistic bunker man. If you didn't tell me i would never have guessed that that wasn't real, great work

Aidan Tramontana : I enjoyed the bit about doing things the "wrong" way very much. You sure did that right.

Heather Berg : With possibly the exception of the one with milk and cornbread, this is the best yet. It's beautiful and you're perfect and we love you!

Nerd_World : Who is insulting crafsman??...I’ll break their kneecap

Butcher Seven Actual : The first 2 minutes and 37 seconds of this video are full of more wisdom than you'll find anywhere else in the same time frame. Well done, Crafsman.

ynnej001 : "💨 😨 It was the glove, I promise" LOL 😂 yea, I use that excuse too! BTW I also spot the pattern!

antlerflax : Crafsman this looks great! Who knew that watching a DIY model-making channel would also teach me some lessons in self confidence and not letting the negative folks get me down. Never stop spreadin' your wisdom!

Laura Parker : I love that...someone is going to show up in the woods to tell you you are sharpening your knife the wrong way....aint that the truth!

Adrien Knight : Crafsman quoting the Smokey And The Bandit theme song... How can such a simple thing make me so happy ?

Halcyon Days : Mmmm those guitar tones are gorgeous. I don't know if she was doing it wrong or perfectly. I'm betting perfectly.

J.T. : Don't let negative comments bother you. Your videos are entertaining and informative!

thepatshowonwp : "Freight Train" is the first song I ever learned on guitar. I love it so.🔥 Thank you for speaking on Ms. Elizabeth Cotton, love to you Crafsman.💟

DmcHartsoe : Your positivity and kindness is a bright spot in my day. Thank you for it

Wally Weener : Hello Craftsman, I never knew that miniature materials were even made and it looks fantastic! You have given me some great ideas on this episode. I am so looking forward to building a doll house in the near future so I can use some of these ideas to make things more realistic. Thank you for the insperation you give me! By the way....Ms. Cottons music is very beautiful, that lady sure can play some guitar!!!

lani5287 : Just one thing: I love you and all your anecdotal bliss. Keep steady craftin'.

natr0n : That GI Joe is named Barbecue. I had him too.

Carlie Flowers : So glad to see you supporting products that make sense for your channel you're awesome

Larsen FPV : There are no wrong ways of doing the things you enjoy. If you enjoy it, you are doing it.

Fishing Michigan : That quote is really something. It made me think that I should be more considerate to others. Love you crafsman❤️

Uncle Ledbetter : Looking forward to the stop motion stuff. Outstanding as always 👍

PaulaJo PaulaJo : Crafsman was temporarily possessed by Billy Joel! Sing with me... 🎼🎵Y’all may be right I may be crazy But this just may be the crafting tips you’re looking for🎶

Curtis Newton : cant wait to watch you're first animation with these sceneries

thewuf : Nothing but love for you CrafsMan. Awesome stuff! There is no, one RIGHT way!

Just Tex : I like your story about negetive people and getting lost in the woods. hahaha

moohooman : This was so satisfying to watch. The amount of creativity in all the props for the bunker was insane too. It felt like everything had its own story

Wes Narwhal : My cat was bored so I showed her your video. Pretty soon she'll be steady craftin'!

Aaron Morris : What a wonderful way to start the day with my coffee. Thank you for sharing your interests again, Crafsman. All right

thehazemeister : Hey Crafsman, I saw you have an old foxfire book. What would you think about doing a traditional craft from foxfire one day?

Scrubs Shit Show : Your voice reminds me of Bob Ross I listen to your vids while falling asleep

oem42 : Lol.. I watched Smokey and The Bandit just the other day

Burger Day : Craftman theirs something wrong you have less than a million subs