Homophobia In 2018 | Time For Love

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The Shorty One : No words needed. He said it all.

Gina Goodfellow : *”i don’t have anything against gays”* “she’d say” *”but do you have to do it in front of my kids”* this is so well put together i can’t

Jamie Red : My girlfriend and I had to babysit her niece once (for like a week). We took the kid to the park to play with some other kids. She decided she wanted to play “princesses” but she wanted to be a dragon guarding the princess(my girlfriend) and I was the “brave knight” When I got passed her niece and reached my girlfriend I gave her a kiss to signify the game was over and I had rescued her from the “dragon” But a mom came up to us after a few moments of us talking about the game. She threw insults and slurs at us right in front of not only my gfs five year old niece, but about ten other children at the park. She then started trying to drag my gfs niece away from us. I had to physically knock a woman in her mid thirties to the ground for her to let go. We all had to run to the car as fast as we could. We drove to get ice cream after that, we sat in the car in the parking lot eating. The same mom from earlier came up to us and knocked on the window all angrily. I rolled the window down a little bit. “I have a gun you fucking homos. If you don’t hand over the child I will shoot you both.” She said to us. I was terrified. I’ve never been threatened like this before. I slammed on the gas and didn’t look back at her. We had to drive around for about five hours before we felt safe to go back to our apartment. And still to this day I’m afraid to show any affection to my girlfriend near anyone I don’t know. It’s been six months since that. But it still scares me.

shade : *cries in lesbian*

Galaxy_cat_anime ! : I was walking by a gay couple when I was 10 with my mum and said “aww they are such a cute couple! Someday I want to be like that with my girlfriend” and that’s how I came out

Jill Stephensøn : I was on the subway today and there was a gay couple sitting right beside me and I kept sneaking glances. I hope they didn't think I was judging them, since I'm lbgt+ myself. I just thought that they were really cute ❤

Nike reck : I'm a girl and I walk around my town of 160000 inhabitants in germany holding my girlfriend's hand. And yes, we do get the looks, people whisper in the mall when we hug and I kiss her forehead. We've been asked things like "hey, are you lesbians?" and we answered "yes" and stood strong through all the follow up qustions, if they were positive or negative. But I keep holding her hands because just maybe that little girl in the bus will see us and realise that it's okay for two girls to like each other and that will make her feel better about the fact that she gets butterflies in her stomach when she looks at that one girl in her class. And maybe that middleaged man behind us on the esculator will realise that his daughter won't get as hurt as she thinks she does when she tells her class she's gay, because he sees us and sees that we are happy. And maybe we can inspire those two girls in the bookshop standing next to eah other awkwardly to grab each others hands and hold them for the rest of the day. I want to inspire and that's why I don't feel ashamed but proud when I hold her hand in public.

No spelling suggestions : And here kids, is why there is no such thing as “straight pride”. Straights don’t go through this for their sexuality. Disclaimer: this comment is only towards the people who say that there should be a “straight month” and a “Straight pride parade”.

Francesca Lacey : I'm a thirteen year old girl in a disgusting city in England full of homophobes. There was a homosexual couple making out in front of a crowd of anti-gay protesters. They had things thrown at them, things shouted at them, eyes glared at them. Nothing separated them. Nothing separates love. Not even hate in most cases. Why? Because love is strong. I watched for a while with my friend. When they finished I stepped out and they looked at me. With a half scared half neutral emotion on their faces. I walked (half ran) up to them. What did I do? No. I didn't throw anything at them. I didn't shout at them. I didn't glare at them. I hugged them. Why? Because love is strong. ❤️

Nerds And Greeks : At 2:25 if my mom did that I'd walk up to them and apologize.

prince floof : it’s not a gay relationship, it’s just a relationship love is love.

softballmns.11 _ : Whats "gay marriage?" Well i dont think its any different from "straight marrige". If i see two guys or girls kissing, I dont see a "gay" couple kissing. I see a "couple" kissing. I cant wait for the day where eveyone else doesnt see yhem any diffrent. Like me <3

Succulent yeemo trash : True story: I saw a gay couple kissing and I got really happy cause they didn't care about what anyone thought around them and they probably say me cause they were happily waving at me but still they were so cute together alright that's all I had to say bye humans

broxenvibes : If a gay couple walked by me I would litterally say "YASSS QUEENS SLAYY" and randomly wave a rainbow flag then run away 🏳️‍🌈

Bunny : Although I’m personally not gay, I proudly support them and their rights as equals. My husband and I have made it a point to teach our children love is, love is 💕 My oldest daughter and I always spend a weekend in FI visiting our Auntie B and his hot husband. This is truly beautiful!

Nyko X : I love this video. It’s so beautiful and so real

eccedentesiast : Is anyone else reading the comments with an accent

Hello There : I don’t understand why someone would say ‘can you not do that in front of my kids?’ You wouldn’t say that to a straight couple would you? Why do that to a gay couple? Love is love. Why should gender matter? Why DOES gender matter? It’s just two people who fall in love. I’m bisexual and I’m proud. 🏳️‍🌈 preach to this bloke and all other straight or gay couples out there. Love is beautiful. Don’t make a fuss over it 💘


Overglowed _ : I will often smile because I respect the people who aren't afraid to be themselves.

H0lly P00le : Love is love <3 thats all there is

Elizabeth Figueroa : 😂😂😂I’m glad I live in Spain, specially in the south there’s like no homophobia at all 💁🏽‍♀️, it’s the total opposite, we celebrate gayness and drag and all lgbtq related stuff

Riti Adrija NALUKURTI : *haters go away RIGHT NOW*

milo space : this is y I'm closeted lol

táecci : I’m Bi, my mother decided to be religious, after being raised around Drugs. She wasn’t raised in this generation, back then she didn’t know what gay was. So she relies on what society says and thinks it’s not a choice for me, but says if I feel as I need to be this way, I can. When I told my father he said, doesn’t matter if your my daughter, brother, aunt, grandpa, step-sister or dog, I am who I am. I love both of my parents for being accepting, I’m just waiting for the world to be.

Arina : Am I the only one who stare because I think it’s cute? 😂

Richard Napper : If you don't like to see things, turn biggot, racist eyes somewhere else. People have the right to live as they want to not like what everyone esle wants them to.

ThePufferFish Fish : This is like Sherlock Holmes. Some people see the world as normal but he sees it as the battleground.

LEB07 : *cries in gay*

Kibakaru Otosuki : I'm bisexaul and proud of it and nobody can tell me different because I believe that you can love whoever you want to no matter what gender. LGBTQ is number one and always will be number one

The Gem Show : If I ever have a child i will teach them to accept anyone and be whoever they want to be

Harvey Levene : Love has no gender x.

AquaticGoat : Actually people dont give a shit, at least I dont, why do you care so much about what other people think, just go about your business and I'll go about mine

srev43 : I’m gay and I feel like this everything in this vid

catherine s : *cries in pansexual* One, this video is amazing. Two, they are such a cute couple 💕

Kitten Dragneel : Well, damn! This was very inspiring, deep, and wonderful! Thank you~! Love. Is. Love. Let people be themselves

Connie Hamaru : There's nothing wrong with being gay, people have to learn to accept that. I'm not gay, and I'm a Roman Catholic, I might be faithful to my religion but I also have my own belief and I want my church's belief to be out of my very own honest belief. For me, falling in love with the same gender is no sin, because you cannot simply stop your heart from beating for someone with the same sex, you'll go crazy if you do that, and being one is not a sin, you're just being yourself, is it wrong to be free and be yourself? No. It's just the close minded people around that's making your life miserable, and all you have to do is to find your worth and prove them wrong. There's nothing wrong with being gay and most importantly it's not a sin being a gay, it just means you've accepted who you are, and you have learned to love yourself. Sorry about my grammar, English is not my first language. I just wanted to express my not so important thoughts. Hahahaha.

Nautybilal : This video is so powerful. It's exactly how I think and believe. We are all humans and we need to accept each other, everyone has the right to love whoever they want..some people who think otherwise are still living in the Stone Age..

meme hunter : Me and almost every single member of my class of 74 want to move to the US or Canada, because of the freedom they have there to be themselves compared to the Uk. Sure, we have diversity, but we can't talk about it or express it because if we do we are breaking the norm and exposing ourself to aggression and isolation. We don't have as much religion to justify hate over here, it's as simple as British people need somebody to hate, at all times, as a crutch for whatever negativity you have towards yourself. In my class there are 5 gay students, about half have admitted they could be queer, students from 17 countries and 6 disabled students, and we love each other within class but outside we don't talk about it and we realise how wrong that is. We also see the government and our parents are doing nothing to try and change this, instead they're just waiting it out and insisting the hate will stop with the next generation, all the while contributing to it because you think you have the excuse of being from the generation where diversity was being introduced. Sure, do that, but you'll find the diversity you complain you have a lack of and the promising open minded youth who should be fixing all the problems you're all leaving us with will be long gone by the time you realise how toxic your behaviour is. I'm 13 by the way.

Klara Stopar : *love* is *love* *nothing else* 🏳️‍🌈

Little Miss Anti-social : This is cute and true as hell

marti l : beautifully spoken, beautifully put together, everything about this is absolutely beautiful I'm a Christian and will never understand why such a big part of my 'religion' is all about hating homosexuality, when what we're called to do is love, and support all kinds of love ❤ if anyone uses religion as an excuse to hate, don't listen to them please. Hate is self-contradictory to what they believe. this hits home as a reminder for inclusivity and acceptance of ALL people :) love y'all gay babes and lesbian babes and ace babes and bi babes and all lgbt+ babes, keep living your beautiful lives 🌻

Socceranimal Potato : When I see gay couples I smile bc they have come a long way

Ben Wilde : I remember walking in West Lulworth in Dorset, to visit Durdle Door, a famous beauty spot, in 1985. It was summer and full of tourists. I remember seeing two men holding hands. It was a shock for me to see this and indeed everyone around me who were equally shocked. I was, 13 years old and I never forgot this Now, as a proud Gay Man, I know there is nothing I’d want more from the man I loved, than to walk hand in hand like a straight couple do, or kiss when I want. But the reality is still similar to that time when I went on that walk 33 years ago and you realise homosexuality is only still tolerated in Britain today and it’s still not accepted by a significant proportion of the population. We’ve come a very long way since 1985 for Gay rights. But we still have a long way to go.

LVrays For Days : This now one of my all time favorite YouTube video<3 <3

Minty Universe : I'm a lesbian. I pray for the day I can hold hands and kiss my girlfriend in public without any glares.

Aditya Pal : I am a walking meal for the mouths of normality!!! So deep

dottybing : preach?? preach.


Lin Anya : Let’s have a toast to all our fellow queers 🍻🍻