Homophobia In 2018 | Time For Love

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The Shorty One : No words needed. He said it all.

Brian Keith Null : Excellent point, excellent poetry. Very cute boys! And a very cute accent! I've been with my now Husband, still a strange word for me for some reason. I used to say partner. We've been together now 22 years and I still kiss him and touch him in public. And really don't care about anyone else's thoughts or opinion! This was good work!

Midnight Thoughts : It's sad to think that sexuality is still considered "not normal" when thousands of people are attracted to both genders, the same gender, or feel the need to dress up as the opposite gender. I don't care how many genders there are, as long as people dress how they want to dress and be who they think is happy. Why is it "gross" for people when they see two guys or two girls kissing each other? Why don't they want their kids to accept everyone for who they are? It's uncomfortable for me to be with the same gender as well. I don't care who I'm with, as long as I love them and they love me. As long as they're happy and smiling, and they're a good person at heart. I dated a girl at my boarding school. There's no homophobia there, but it's still uncomfortable because there's rarely any same-sex couples there. I'll be different... Put in the spotlight for doing something that isn't normal. For wearing clothes that are different than everybody's normal basketball shorts and nike shoes, or leggings and converse. For a school with students from different states, cities, reservations, or towns, they all look the same to me. And to be seen hugging and holding hands with a girl as I walk down the halls or towards the cafeteria, what will they think of me? Of my girlfriend? But I learned over time, that it shouldn't matter. I'm dating somebody who I can be happy with, who's perfectly comfortable with her sexuality and doesn't care about looks or glances in our direction. We broke up three months ago, and it's still heartbreaking to lose somebody I loved, but she taught me so many things. That love is exactly the same for everybody in the world. It's just the appearance that's different. I loved her like how a girl might love a guy, or how a guy might crush on a girl and is too awkward to ask for her number. This video taught me something as well. That being normal isn't normal when everybody in the world are going through entirely different things. Right now you are reading this, but the moment you are I might be off watching a video or getting into an argument with a friend. You might be going through some hardships, and another person reading this must be rich with beautiful two mothers who love each other dearly. Somebody might be going through a divorce. Somebody might be dead right now. You never know what's happening around you unless you see their stories. If you're a women doesn't agree with two guys or two girls loving themselves the way you love your husband, then what happens if your child, who you love so dearly, comes out to you as trans? Will the love for the child you raised to be a good person deflate, or will it be broken into pieces? Will it change your opinion on sexuality or will the hate harden for "cursing you and your child of it's toxic chemicals of transsexuality?" People's opinions are strange. Their beliefs can be different to the person next to them, and that's what makes society great. We're all perfectly different individuals, but the negative and toxicity is still ever so present. I shouldn't hate homophic people because what if they saved so many lives, but just don't agree with same sex marriage? What if their reason for this is a reason that will surprise you? You might see into their eyes and understand why they don't like that. People should at least understand why someone hates something, and why someone loves it. (Thanks for taking your time to read this really long and boring speech. I'm pretty sure at least two people read this and the rest are like: "what the fuck are you taking? Calm down dumbass, it's only a video.")

Olivia Olivia : Do you have to do that in front of my kid? Yes, to teach them equality because your clearly doing a bad job at it.

Natalia Suarez : I’m srry I just love his accent

Yoongi the 1000 year old turtle : i find it strange how lgbtq people have to “come out” and straight people dont have to say anything... like why dont straight people come out as being straight? what made people think that its not normal to like the same gender?

Veko 2005 : *What do you think a kid will see as a good thing?* Boys sharing love with a kiss Or Your mommy shouting for no reason those persons

Enigma- : I am bisexual. I am a boy. I like guys and girls. I also like people that don’t identify as either. I did not choose to be bisexual. You don’t choose who you love. When did *you choose to be straight?* If it’s a choice to be gay, *then why not you go be gay for an hour?* I am proud to be bisexual.💜💖💙 Love is love, people. 🏳️‍🌈

Ozen Awz : That's kinda gay

Dragon Gnarl : I was thinking long and hard if I should make this comment or not but then I decided I should. In school I have a friend that's a girl, when it's time for p.e we go to the bathroom to get changed, we go to the same stall and it's quite big so it can fit both of us in it with more space for another two, we always get changed together. We didn't think there was anything wrong with this but apparently other people did... Other girls in the bathroom were making fun of us because we get changed together, my bff even thought it was weird and that we should stop, she told our other friends which are guys and they thought it was disgusting on how we do that, we both got pretty upset about it because they were judging us and we both have a past of bullying and I am still getting bullied. Soon enough people started to make rumours about us, one rumour was that the two of us were dating because we got changed in the same stall and we held hands around school grounds because I was having a bad day. We both didn't mind the rumours at the start because we knew they weren't true and whenever someone asked us if we were dating we would deny it, we weren't offended by it because to some people it may seem we are. I hug my friends a lot because I love hugs and many people took it a different way, they thought that anyone I hugged a lot meant that I either had a crush on them or I was dating which is not true. One day in school a group of students from our year came up to my friend when I was buying lunch for her, they were talking about something that I couldn't hear because I was out of earshot, when I came over to her I went up and hugged her like any other time, the group of student burst out laughing because of this and one of them said "Oh the irony!", I was confused to what was happening, the students that came up to us were laughing and shouting at us calling us gay, they said that because I hug girls that means I'm gay, I told them if they hugged a guy it's a bro hug, they all said that it would be gay to do that. There was many teachers around and none of them interfered, it got to the point that I couldn't take it anymore and I ran out of the hall crying, I could hear them all laughing at me as I ran off outside. From that day I was scared to talk to anyone I knew because rumours may be spread again, I still am scared and every day in school I eat lunch alone and I don't talk to anyone. I've never actually talked to anyone about this before..sorry for wasting your time reading this...I hope you have a great day or night though! Oh and if anyone was curious to what my sexuality is I'm asexual... aromantic to be specific..

Nyko X : I love this video. It’s so beautiful and so real

Emmy Rose : i went into the comments expecting hate but found a lot of love instead. humans are alright after all.

Quaza Cake : Why is there so much stigma around being gay? Good lord it's so stupid. Shut up and let other people love who they love. It's *not* a sin and it's not hurting anyone so I don't know what the problem is

Loves 방탄소년단에린/Erin : When I see a gay couple out in public and I’m walking past them I just smile and keep on going with my day.

ꕥ StrawberryMilk ꕥ : Mom: **sees 2 men holding hands** look they're gay Me: ...mom.. they're father and son..

antisocial butterfly : it’s not a gay relationship, it’s just a relationship love is love.

Gustavo Zárate Topete : The reality is that kids don’t give a shit about us, they just accept it without even thinking that much.

Maria Taylor : I miss pre-k and kindergarten when we held hands with out friends not caring about their gender just about if we like it

Hiden Zink : I hate how people use gay as a insult it's just wrong

Ruby Hunt : Who else was about to share this on facebook and then remembered they're still in the closet and they have their homophobic grandparents on there 😭

JustThe Usual : Homophobia makes no sense. It’s likes saying an opinion is wrong and then being afraid of that opinion Love is love

axel : My ex-boyfriend and I (I'm a bi male) would hold hands wherever we went together. We would occasionally share a small kiss when saying goodbye or when we both were overwhelmed with joy. There was an instance where we had been walking around Wal-Mart and i needed to go to the restroom, so he walked me across the store there, hand in hand with no worry. I went in and he stayed out, waiting for me. An old man followed behind. As i was pissing, this old man kept telling me I was a faggot and how my boyfriend and I would burn in Hell if we didn't fix ourselves. Unfortunately when i was done, he began to get more violent and little bit physical. I was only pushed around a few times before running out and finding an employee to help me. This was just one of many hateful instances. For the rest of the time my ex and I were together, we'd still hold hands in public and do the normal couple things. Fuck hate. #LoveisLove

Kiera : couple months ago I was at an iceskating rink and one couple stood out to me. Two girls were skating around, one had a raibow flag tied around her shoulders. The friend i was there with had a slightly homophoibic mother who turnedf away disgusted. I skated up to to the couple and told themI loved their flag. They were the first people I came out too.

Animation Squad : Nah me and my friends be like; *Burst through door striking fabulous poses with rainbow sunglasses on*

Jill Stephenson : I was on the subway today and there was a gay couple sitting right beside me and I kept sneaking glances. I hope they didn't think I was judging them, since I'm lbgt+ myself. I just thought that they were really cute ❤

Blobfish And potato’s : I kissed my gf at school and I got a drink pored on me because we are both girls the school did nothing

catchitt : This reminds me of that one time when I saw a cute gay couple holding hands and stealing kisses in a park in London. I just smiled to myself and walked on with a lighter heart. under no circumstances should we judge people for their love when it's literally harmless. I often stare because it's a rare sight, but I'm secretly very supportive of them. I already know how I want to raise my kids if I ever have any. homophobes can go live their sad bigoted lives somewhere else.

Tired Taurus : “Do you think, it’s about time for love,” A single tear rush down my cheek, I flutter my eyes shut, “Yes, yes it is,”

tess v : I came out to my gay brother and my parents today and they still love me as much as they did before! Yaaay! Now I can't sleep because I'm still in shock, lol..... Sorry, just wanted to share this. Happy hollidays! :) As bi-sexual bi the way ;)

Hollison is a nerdy emo loser : Love is love <3 thats all there is

marti l : beautifully spoken, beautifully put together, everything about this is absolutely beautiful I'm a Christian and will never understand why such a big part of my 'religion' is all about hating homosexuality, when what we're called to do is love, and support all kinds of love ❤ if anyone uses religion as an excuse to hate, don't listen to them please. Hate is self-contradictory to what they believe. this hits home as a reminder for inclusivity and acceptance of ALL people :) love y'all gay babes and lesbian babes and ace babes and bi babes and pan babes and trans babes and all lgbt+ babes, keep living your beautiful lives 🌻

Serge 1504 : Im Gay. I would love to have a Boyfriend😔

Lianne Marie : I love cheese savouries Edit: I love how people are telling their story’s and I’m just talking about food

Reese S : Recently l had a final project for my media design and communication class and we were meant to incorporate at least two types of media into our project and it had to be under the theme of “Telling your story”. So l made a soundtrack of my life and in a video l explained each song and it’s meaning relative to me. One of my songs was Dodie Clark’s song She. I explained it related to me because l’m a gay girl it’s about the artist’s experiences of falling in love with a girl(yes l’m aware Dodie is bi not gay but the song just related to me). We had to present our projects to the class. Long story short l came out to my entire class. It was a bit scary but l just wanted to do it. At the end of class my teacher asked to see me. She said “I just wanted to give you a hug!” we hugged “That was really brave if you to do that.” Then the next day we got back feedback people had written down and all the feedback l got was positive. In fact multiple people said they were lgbt and l had inspired them. Which is kinda crazy to think about because all l did was be proud and open about who l am. I hope you all can find how you can be proud of who you are because you deserve to, so much. 🏳️‍🌈

NPCarlsson : 3:08 wow, that one moment really hit me. It made me realise that I hadn't been paying any attention to the other guy, either for the whole first three minutes. It was surprised by what he looked like. That was really clever stuff, there.

Russian senpai esther : I'm lesbian and proud

XParekilz : As a gay man, I end up not actually showing my affection like a "real" or _"n o r m a l"_ couple I've kinda always been used to treating my boyfriend was my best friend. Like throwing punches and laugh at stupid things in public. I never noticed until now no one would assume I'm gay.

Chloe White : How can 4400 people have thumbs downed this. The message is so powerful and tells us all love is love 🏳️‍🌈❤️

Thunder Turducken : To anyone who disliked, it's 2018, times have changed and lgbt isn't weird or wrong in any way so you need to accept that

Arina : Am I the only one who stare because I think it’s cute? 😂

veggiemonster 54 : If I see a gay couple in public I will smile and give them a thumbs up.... gay couples are amazing

sofie or something : my first girlfriend broke up with me because i was too afraid to kiss her goodbye in public. this brought a tear to my eye. i hope the world becomes better.

Zetonion Zetonion : I m not against gay people I actually support I think nothing is actually normal in this earth some people may like the opposite gender but that doesn't mean that there aren't people like the same gender and I'm not against that I am supporting it ...💞

Luke Knowitall : I think I am going to come out of the closet and tell my parents that I am Bisexual

Kitten Dragneel : Well, damn! This was very inspiring, deep, and wonderful! Thank you~! Love. Is. Love. Let people be themselves

LouAnders82 : love how they took the label off the irn bru thinking people wouldn’t recognise it lmao

Mr Mamut : crying in *heterosexual non sjw*

Alaniskɪwɪ - : Love whoever you want. Love is love🏳️‍🌈

ColdCats : I've only been to a couple of places in my life... like Amsterdam, San Francisco, Gran Canaria... where people dont really care about men holding or kissing... everywhere else it is still a thing, a thing to glance at, to judge... so when people tell me homophobia is a thing of the past, I cant help but laugh... its like saying there are no racists anymore... and Im a woman... and I am lucky to be straight because I couldnt endure what lgtb members go thru... so if I can see it, why can't everybody else?

The Gem Show : If I ever have a child i will teach them to accept anyone and be whoever they want to be