Homophobia In 2018 | Time For Love

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Math :v : Touche with that last sentence xD


Jill Stephenson : I was on the subway today and there was a gay couple sitting right beside me and I kept sneaking glances. I hope they didn't think I was judging them, since I'm lbgt+ myself. I just thought that they were really cute ❤

The One Who Is She : Mindblowingly powerful! Let's spread love like a wildfire and destroy hatred! <3

Lukis Triskis : I'm actually a gay boy and I usually stare unconsciously at lgtb couples and smile at them, sorry guys if I make you unconfortable, it's just that I think is so beautiful and I want y'all to be fucking loved

Lauren Elloise : Ahh I love this 💗

Mary Muah : So, i come from a strict asian family who thinks any kind of homosexuality is bad. Just recently i came out to them. Of course they got mad at me for being gay, so to maintain the relationship with my family, i lied to them and said”Guys calm down, it was a joke”. This video gave me strength and made me proud for being gay, thank you. Edit: Thank you for the likes and the comments!! i really love reading the comments...(other than the hates) <3 and you all telling me you’re stories...FIGHTING!!!

green alien : I live in a homophobic South Asian country. And it's so hard. Thanks for the video though

Melike Akyuz : Wtf bro, that was insanly good.

Abi Tefft : Why can't women hold hands with other women without the stares? Why can't men hold hands with other men without being judged? Why can't the LBGT+ community just be damn accepted? Why is it that we say that everyone is equal, but treat those that are different than us like aliens from space? Hopefully, someday, we really will all be treated as equals.

Little Miss Anti-social : This is cute and true as hell

arianna mcConnaha : People say gay is sin but god loves everyone

Random Human-Being : As a gay person, I don't wanna be acknowledged in a good or a bad way. I wanna be treated as a normal heterosexual person. I don't want pity, and I don't want hate, I just want you to treat me as you would treat any other person. My sexuality is a SINGLE trait, how could you base your judgement of me off of who I love?

shistar : I'm LGBTQIA+ but all of my friends are straight. We all have this really great bond where we will just randomly go up to one another and hug or hold their hand. It's simple but we all do it. We refer to each other as 'girlfriends' just because we can. We get looks and glares all the time. One of my best friends and I we like to go on this app together, houseparty, and we will talk to friends. Eventually, it starts to become friends of friends that we don't really know. Then they start to ask us if we are lesbians and if we are dating. This happens all the time whenever we are on the app. My other best friend, whenever we are out doing whatever together we hold hands. We latch onto each other and we get glares. Every single time. One of my friends who I used to have PE with and I would put our arms on each other's shoulders all the time. At the beginning of PE class, we just have to walk around the entire gym for the length of around three songs. Being good friends we would walk together. We would talk, mess around, laugh, hug, we would latch onto each other. Apparently, these actions are too much for our white, Christian, private school, straight classmates. I live in a state filled with extremely southern, Christian people. I have to go to a Catholic high school, even though I am an atheist only because it is the only good schooling option where I live. I have to go to a Christian summer camp. Both are filled with people that think 'gay marriage is a sin'. I can not believe that this still happens in 2018. I can not believe that while I am still out to my friends, I am still cautious of every word I say around them. I hate that I can't talk loudly about the LGBTQIA+community without getting glares. I hate that I am an admin for an LGBTQIA+ account and I cant talk to my friends about it because I'm still scared of what they might say. I hate that my best friend's mother is a Christian that thinks that 'Gay people ruin the sanctity of marriage' and that they are 'just looking for attention'. I hate that I can barely talk when I am around her out of fear. Fear that I will accidentally say something and get bashed. Fear that I might say something and never get invited back to her house. I am a middle schooler. I'm going to high school next year. I have enough to worry about. But in today's society, I am afraid to be who I am.

Arina : Am I the only one who stare because I think it’s cute? 😂

lillia vannnia : i'm a catholic female who is pansexual, and will switch to Atheist because people will bash me with hate. If i told my grandma and grandpa, they would hate me. My parents would love and support me. But my friends...... not all of them would be friends anymore. My sisters (Bisexual and demisexual) would support me. My friends would shun me (other than my one friend who is bi. and my other friend. So here i am trapped in a closet. It is likely that this will never be read, but thanks for your time Edit: you guys are amazing, thank you so much for your support!

Green Goblin : What got to me the most was when he said Love is no sin. Why can't people realize and accept that


Grace : This video is amazing, and sadly so true. My straight friends don't understand just how different it is to be in a relationship with someone of the same sex

Lulu Brendlinson : This. Was. Amazing.

Gerard Way : 1:17 Who still uses matches to light a cigarette?

Allison Niemi : I was once at a park and I saw a couple who were extremely ashamed of the fact they were a couple. I ran up to them and smiled and told them to not care about the stares, glares, and dirty looks. Then hugged them, they kissed afterwards and I saw them a month later. Both with engagement rings on their fingers. Did I forget to mention they were both girls? It seems I did. Oops? Common mistake, they should just be called a couple, not named ’lesbian couple’ or ’gay couple’. I hope one day it will just be known as a couple.

Zineb 's journal : As a Bi muslim girl i'm proud of people that are not afraid to show their sexuality. But there are moment or people who i'm afraid to show this part of me because of their ignorance

The Realist : This made me cry.. I'm straight but yes, it's always time for love. Everyone deserves love.

Kitten Dragneel : Well, damn! This was very inspiring, deep, and wonderful! Thank you~! Love. Is. Love. Let people be themselves

Alex Frost : I came out to my father. His side of the family didn't take it well. So I cut all ties with them. When they asked my mother why I did so, I told my mother to tell them I said "It's my life and I decide what to do with it, and I have decided that I don't want to spend it living up to some norms and religious traditions. I don't like their narrow-minded opinions and thoughts upon me, therefore I won't even waste a breath on them". From there my dad has constantly tried to get back in contact with me, because I showed up to be the only one of his kids to even get an education and who were "on the right track". He went as far as to give me 1000 in cash. I ignored him even then. One day after I have finished university and gotten myself a job, I will come back to him and return those 1000, and then leave once more. It wasn't about revenge, but about being able to be me. I know that the cultural strictness and taboo is much larger in many countries. But if they treat you like an object they can control or make personal decisions for (such as love, gender etc) then the only advice I can give, out from personal experience, is to put yourself first and don't follow others' opinions. It's time we break the norms

Diana Mejia de Quaintance : I’m a straight catholic woman. And I believe love has nothing to do with gender. It is not a sin. Love is love ❤️ Walk on, hold hands, kiss. Be proud of your love.

kittypurry msp : When ever I see gay's I smile and cheer for them through my eyes and I am a Goth I never smile but I only do when someone needs it

Ayo sis : The narrator is sexy

Julianne Hobson : For the people that disliked this video: Even if you disliked it because it wasn’t well made you’re wrong If you disliked it because you are a homophobic just stop spreading hate because if you receive hate or receiving bad looks makes you uncomfortable then look and see how you make wonderful people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and just open up to the world around them feel If you disliked this video because I are just uncomfortable seeing this sorry it’s 2018 and this is the world you live in. DEAL. WITH. IT.

George Robins : "There's one person I'm not looking at" My favourite line holy crap so good

Maknae Sanha : *crying in gay* ㅠㅠ

Rylee Rae : my best friend and I have held hands and kissed cheeks since we were 5, even though I'm pan and shes straight. We still get comments saying that we're going to hell and blah blah blah

Yayoi Vixen : Really? Right in front of my salad?

Musical Monster : How do you make a video your computer background And your phone background And your iPad background And your wallpaper Jesus this is amazing

Vini_ : I’m not about to cry you are-

piyush singh : I seriously don't have any words for such things. Hate someone just because of what they're in nature, is God's gift. God's gift with a positive intention but unfortunately, in the midst of all grievances and illusion, we couldn't accept true love and feelings in any other form..... Sadly if this world is not phobic, today I have someone with me to whom I have presented my single heart for rest of the life..... But denial denial and denial wrenches out his valor and made me a restless soul who's guilt was to be in love with a guy in whom he saw his everything.......

MYRandom Origami : As a bisexual poet, I am completely speechless. Just... wow.

The Shorty One : No words needed. He said it all.

peachy yoongi : the cinematography and message is beautiful.

Probing Uranus : This was in my recommended. I don't understand how people can be still so prejudiced. They're taking the wrong things out of religion. Love is not a sin if the two people are both feeling it for each other. Love is beautiful. I really wish the hate against gays would stop. I'm a demisexual myself. I first have to become really close friends with a person whether it's a woman or a man to feel an attraction for them. It's difficult to find someone like that since most people just want to be outright in a relationship whereas I'm not comfortable with being in one when I still haven't established my personal feelings about them and I feel then like I'm misleading them. I've broken a few hearts because of that and I felt terrible about it. :( Anyway, I also had my heart broken by my best friend though she's not aware of it. I was always afraid of confessing to her since we were both women and I feared for our friendship. She has a boyfriend now and she's happier than ever and I'm happy to see her so radiant. Though sometimes I do wonder what would have happened if I gathered up the courage and confessed to her though I do feel like deep down she might have suspected since she was always trying to get a reaction out of me by teasing me with her touches. I would always just shrug it off since it always sent my heart into overdrive and I had no idea how to react. Anyway, we don't see each other as often as we used to so I had more than enough time to get over her. The distance really helped. When we meet up I can see her as a friend and not something more. My feelings for her fortunately have changed. Damn, I didn't mean to write so much about me on this video. I apologise. xD Though it does feel good to write all that down. I should really start a diary.

Side OfInsanity : Is it bad, im gay (i havent come out yet) , when i was in class (our class has horrible behaviour) the teacher told us homophobia would not be tolerated, i squealed and said thank god, as already people call me gay and I'm not comfortable yet to come out so i dug myself into a huge hole

TooGay ForThisLife : How tf does that contain "Adult Themes"?

Just Some Random Person : Love is love, despite the genders #LGBTQ+Pride 🏳️‍🌈

it's lit : Hell hot damn, my pride level just went up by at least 10 Neil Patrick Harrison's

TooGay ForThisLife : I've watched this video so many times and it still hits me just as hard each time. It articulates what it's like and what goes through my mind every time. When some of my friends who are together go out they purposefully try to hide the fact that they are together just to stay safe. This makes me so sad because I have had to do the same in the past and I know I will have to do it again in the future.

Apple_Kohai : Woah... This made me cry

Chandler Hundersmarck : I'm a walking meal.

Plum : "I should be holding a hand, and I'm holding shame instead." Such a powerful line.

Emerald Wolf : I’m bi and this video was amazing. Also can someone give me the guys number *cough*