In My Feelings Keke Challenge Gone Wrong Car Accident - SHE GETS HIT!

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Stephen Myers : Don't Drake and Drive

Netah10381 : Plausible? Yes. Real? Kinda doubt it. Here's why: It's a two lane road with minimal shoulder in a residential or commercial zone. Speed limit should be no more than 45 mph, which is my best guess at impact speed. At 0:08 she clearly checks down the road. If you look at her focal point, she is looking/able to see at least 300 yards down the road. At 0:13 the honking starts along with a "watch out!" Despite the friend's warning and the honking, the victim does not react in any way. It is unlikely that the music in the car 5-10 feet away was playing loud enough to cover the horn. After all, the horn is clearly heard over the music INSIDE the car. Prior to impact at 0:14 the scale of the car vs the girl looks a bit off. If she were standing at the same camera depth as the vehicle, her knee would be at or above the bumper. It's so far off that it looks like the car is going to pass behind her in the first frame. The car driver has time to honk 3 times without the girl noticing and without putting on the brakes until AFTER impact. The car hits her right leg at 0:14. At this point her elbow is touching her hip. Based on the arm being lined up with the hip, the hand looks like it should be in contact with the hood of the car at this point but does not appear to be. When the car passes through the field of view, the wheels are locked up. The car's center of gravity does appear to have shifted somewhat toward the front of the vehicle, which is consistent, but not conclusive. Despite the sound of screeching tires starting before the car leaves the field of view, there are no skid marks on the road. Towards the end of 0:14 the girl's shoulder has impacted the hood and she is parallel with the road. This is a much worse impact than an NFL linebacker, yet her glasses have stayed on just fine. The sound made is more consistent with hitting a filled trash can than a body and there is no sound of the car hood flexing. This should have been more like a dull thud. The smashing sound actually starts just before impact...sure audio doesn't always match up well on youtube, but it's there and impacting a human leg would not have made for the smashing onset of the noise in question, not at the speed in question. The camera stays nice and centered all the way from the start of the video all the way through "watch out" and "oh my god!"...the camera hand is not nearly as concerned/reactive as the person sounds. Assuming that the car impacts the girl at 45 mph (66 feet per second) there are a few things that can be gleaned. A. The driver saw the girl a minimum of 40 feet prior to impact, then honked the horn three times while making no significant effort to swerve OR brake. B. The girl must have either seen the vehicle down the road at :08 and ignored it OR the vehicle turned on to the road and accelerated to at least 45-50 mph or above while likely having the girl in their field of view. In order to accelerate to that speed, the vehicle probably needed at least 7-9 seconds and well over 200 feet to do so...but that seems unlikely given that she checks down the road only 6 seconds prior to impact. If I were a person with the regardless of whether the video is real or not, it's still an important lesson for all the narcissistic, idiotic showboaters out there who care more about their cool factor than common sense. It's still better quality than the Zapruder film. :) Go forth and be naturally selected!

joerauby : Gods Plan

Corolex : We all wish it was real

vargas mercy : All these people from film school here to give there feedback!!

kb TherealFam : If this was real why would you even stand in a busy Street 😑

Brittani Starr : 0:15 at slow speed 0.25 you can clearly see her mouth opening to scream there is no way this is fake at least in my opinion please don’t roast me I’m just sayin.

domingofung : That was awesome!!!!!!! 😆 😆 😆 🤣 🤣 👍 If it is fake, wish it was real. 😂

Mia C. : Why would you post this?

Kamaya Hill : it’s real. and people are saying it’s fake cause she’s smiling when she got hit, she didn’t know the car was coming. Her friend screamed and she was focused on the dance. plus the guy that ran to her already confirmed that it happened. and it’s on the news. so all you people saying it’s fake, you need to get some glasses and actually look closely. the way she landed on the car. the car isn’t photoshopped. the car is real, this is real. plus if it wasn’t real, why would the guy run after the car after it hit the girl? & the fact that you said that i needed to be put to death because i think it’s real and you think it’s fake? like stfu.

jtubiter : The wheels aren't moving because they slammed on their brakes and the tires slid.

jeffy king : I fill bad

Engineerisaac : Ignore all the elements of the video except placement. Genuine panic of the woman "Holding the camera" Would distort the focus of task in the human mind. That camera would not stayed center focus if a event like that happend. there would be a reaction on that camera that would share the audio taken. This video is fake.

Vinny DeVille : real as shit look how her body contort right at 15 secs, her shadow contorts to... those talking bout the wheels now moving slow, u wont see speeding wheels moving in a video.. the pedestrian running to her aid alone says it was real that coulda been staged but they wouldnt of thought about that making a fake clip..

MobilitySquad : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Am sorry but this funny and fake

joerauby : She got finessed down Weston Road

craig thomas : Goddamn do I wish that was real

Fart Prodigy : Dumb everyone is doing this on a busy street, y would a random stranger say call 911 and start running To her.

Blackheartlov : Where did the guy come from ? He appeared after she got “hit by a cart” 🤪

Immortalrice69 Skrtskrt : If you slow it down to 0.25x you could tell it’s real

pwilsonlf3 : Watch in slow motion looks real.

DeadChannel : Also the one filming her camera stays in one spot and doesn't shift her direction at all.

blahxxxx3 : She had earbuds in people she can’t hear anything with the music on loud she couldn’t hear or sense that a car was coming her way

TheRock 2988 : That’s going into my dank collection EDIT: did the Mercedes get scratched? I’d feel bad if it did

CloudyGlamour : It’s literally on her Instagram telling people that it’s fake and she edited.

Caracal Lover12 : Omg that was so sad it scared me so bad

Oscar Storesund : For the record if i was the driver I would have slammed down the gas pedal HARD

V-hope Kookie : The person honked her before she go hit so it her fault

S. M. Pettus : Hope this is not real.


Diego44Xx OMG : Esto es más falso que el amor de ella :'v xdxdxdxddddddd jajajaja

Michael Asgodom : God's plan 👼

TomasHD : Lmao the video is filmed still, the shaking effect is added in post, lol just watch a captain disillusion video you uncultured swine.

Chandler Kohr : Ok if she was actually listening to the song in the car why did she have airpods in?🤔

Zahra TV : #keke *It is the dance of death It was the last dance in her life I advise everyone not to try it on the street*

DeadChannel : Category: Film & Animation LOL

Nafisa Juma : OMG IS THAT REAL

Fart Prodigy : I put it in slo motion and it’s real as can get I saw her body hit the car as if she splattered on it

Miguel Salazar : To bad for that women 😣

Jose Rojo :

SkyLight Gaming : lol dead

Qveen Mizzy : Wowwwwz

Paul weezy420 : Yup she's dead....

Bianca Martinez : Why would the guy run

deandrea.mkfkctot hi ei4u hiiedf hi irif8 smith : 😭😭😧😧

DanaParody❤️ : I think its real cause when i click on the video it says this video might be inappropriet


Crystal Morrison : She died smiling

Michael The Greek Boy : This is real, I saw a second part of the video and she was covered in blood and being loaded into an ambulance

Mauricio Hernandez : Try reading the description on this video before you comment