a cat the size of a medium dog

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DPWRepublic : すっごーい!!

Daniel : i think he/she is a serval rather than a savannah.

useraccount333 : 0:11 LONGCAT IS LONG!

Deecoy : It is savannah or Serval? oO T1?

Malik Shariff : Are savana cats legal to have in U.K.

Miranda Hampton : I want a savannah cat

Michael Pritzl : What's the cost of this cat?

muhammad40000 : That’s a serval

iamthebeatmaster : quebecois? bien curieux de savoir a quel endroit, nice savannah.

otterodderdude : him wants foods

Vomit Queen : That's a Serval, not a Savannah. Still though, it's so cute and precious!

Mario H : Don’t comment iTs A sErVaL , if you don’t even own a savannah.

FreeThinker : It's a Serval

Colleen Chan : Cant believe you're feeding it canned food. That thing needs actual least can is better than processed kibble...