Escaping the 'Camp Fire' in Butte County
Camp Fire Escape like a light switch

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Thousands were forced to evacuate in Butte County as the 'Camp Fire' ravaged the town of Paradise. Courtesy: Brynn Chatwood


James P. : Insane to see the contrast when they escaped the fire. It looked like pitch black night in there.

Ur2ez4me81 : Absolutely terrifying... Literally hell on Earth.

John sarab : ...THROUGH THE VALLEY OF DEATH.. You made it!

rx7dude2006 : Praying is so strange to me.

whatchu noe : I don't care what you believe in if youre in that situation besides doing the obvious which is gtfo im praying to whatever gods up there for help lol

ForeverDreamWithinADream : Good thing you made it out. That must of been terrifying, I can't imagine what that must of been like. It looked like it is literally hell with all those flames surrounding the whole area. The moment you got out, it was a big difference like night and day.

dani dee : I’m so glad you guys made it out safely... we are in Chico, and have met many people who fled paradise last night and this morning.. they described propane tanks exploding all around them. Let’s pray more people make it safely out of those areas.

CMV Fox : OMG! I CAN NOT IMAGINE THE FEAR! God bless both of you and thank God you made it out ok. And Kudos to the Man Driving he was super brave and stayed calm. Seems he lead the path for others that were too scared to keep going.

Jesus Christ : *"Even when I walk in the valley of death, I will fear no evil for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff-they comfort me."*

Starfals : Woa, living nightmare... total hell.. its amazing it can even happen :O No movie can ever be this scary.

Divabella75 : Wow....So glad u made it out. That was terrifying to watch!

Hailey Fine : Urghhh when i saw the paradise sign i almost burst into tears. That was my home and if u live in the butte area u know how unique and precious that sign was...and now it gone

Jason o'keefe : Prayers for you & all your relations. May you all be safe.

Cochise Seals : Thank you for capturing it and i appreciate it being landscape, it captures the moment better and why does Gary Johnson have a Hotmai 'cause most people use Gmail.

Michele Shows-Martinez : :'( ... (i don't have words) ... I am happy you and your family are safe

Clever Bachelor : Glad to see you both got out safely! That must’ve been terrifying. God Bless

Chris .Appel : heart wrenching.

Anni B-R : Prayers! ♥️

Eric B : Butte County we're all thinking and praying for you all.

Nite Fox : So dark from smoke and flame. Cannot recognize is this Clark or Skyway? I drove both thousands of times. May God keep you blessed and safe for the rest of your days.

Mary Sims : About started crying just watching. Can’t believe how well they were holding to together.

Afia Botchway : I'm wondering what those without cars will do.

Katchme Ifyoucan : Great driving!!! I hate driving in normal circumstances these would have been gut-wrenching for me!! Also great praying because I would have been like: "Jesusjesusjesusjesusjesus…" the whole way through!!!

MariNate : God bless these people. Wish I could help

Panty Raid : I burn down your cities how blind you must be I take from you your children and you say how blessed are we You all must be crazy to put your faith in me - GOD

谁家的小丑 : I would have been so scared and would have break down right on the spot. Bless you guys.

tregan77 : I cannot even imagine how terrifying that must have been. Thank God you are safe. I"m praying for all of you!


Raydee27 : That's crazy, Hell is everywhere, and the driver remained CALM and saved his life

Karim Sanchez : Thank GOD I am happy you made it !! Bless you , sending prayers and good vibes

Nameless : It seems far to many have lived sheltered lives.

Depro Nine : The end as they leave the fire almost looks fake with the helicopter perfectly placed. 🤔🤨

Gulliver Lei : It’s good to see you all safe.

dmonarre dmonarre : I live in Santa Cruz and have parents in Chico. The smoke is all the way out here

Chandler Clough : Amazing, she completed a prayer, gave thanks and bam....they were out.

Trinity Cronin : lost the only town i’ve ever lived in..💔we will rise from the ashes!

Lyndell : Look into Directed Energy Weapons

StreetArtillery : Woah!!! God answered

Jerold : bro smoke is already by gilroy california bruhhh

Mason Cowan : Scariest day of my life.

Austin Miller : Help you be safe in the hell that is California.... 😜 Good luck with that. Next up an army of illegal who knows whos will crash down your gates. Satan along with his army of sociopathic leftists and army of who knows whos are making California an official hell


Ocean Waves : that's terrifying, looks like something out of a dystopian horror movie

Rusty Cuyler : "heavenly father" LOL

nickistriquis : Good Bless

Dustin Hansley : The sound of relief once they're out ❤❤❤

Jon Trejo : What started this???!!😢

Greenbettas13 : God bless you both! My mom’s friend lost her house too. Everything is going to be ok.

Urethra Grundle : Amazing!!!