Escaping the 'Camp Fire' in Butte County

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James P. : Insane to see the contrast when they escaped the fire. It looked like pitch black night in there.

Ur2ez4me81 : Absolutely terrifying... Literally hell on Earth.

CMV Fox : OMG! I CAN NOT IMAGINE THE FEAR! God bless both of you and thank God you made it out ok. And Kudos to the Man Driving he was super brave and stayed calm. Seems he lead the path for others that were too scared to keep going.

TOXIC God of Hentai : *"Even when I walk in the valley of death, I will fear no evil for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff-they comfort me."*

whatchu noe : I don't care what you believe in if youre in that situation besides doing the obvious which is gtfo im praying to whatever gods up there for help lol

Pose-E The Clown : Heavenly father watched over you.

John sarab : ...THROUGH THE VALLEY OF DEATH.. You made it!

julio perez : Almost seems like theyre prayers were answered at the end.

ForeverDreamWithinADream : Good thing you made it out. That must of been terrifying, I can't imagine what that must of been like. It looked like it is literally hell with all those flames surrounding the whole area. The moment you got out, it was a big difference like night and day.

dani dee : I’m so glad you guys made it out safely... we are in Chico, and have met many people who fled paradise last night and this morning.. they described propane tanks exploding all around them. Let’s pray more people make it safely out of those areas.

Austin Empower : Amen. God bless you both! He's angels have charge over thee!

Starfals : Woa, living nightmare... total hell.. its amazing it can even happen :O No movie can ever be this scary.

Serenity, Beautiful Serenity : You made it out. He was listening. Blessings to you both. Heal and rebuild.

rx7dude2006 : Praying is so strange to me.

TOXIC God of Hentai : This is just a small visual on what the End will be like, when Nuclear weapons of mass destruction hit everywhere.

Chris .Appel : heart wrenching.

Divabella75 : Wow....So glad u made it out. That was terrifying to watch!

Jason o'keefe : Prayers for you & all your relations. May you all be safe.

Cathy Warren : The trees are standing and its the under brush that on fire .Trump is right

Danielle Ouabo : Amen!! He is the difference.

ja565hr : I'm SO happy you made it! MUCH LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!

Greenbettas13 : God bless you both! My mom’s friend lost her house too. Everything is going to be ok.

Annika Bradley-Robbins : Prayers! ♥️

Michele Shows-Martinez : :'( ... (i don't have words) ... I am happy you and your family are safe

hindi network : Illuminati rituals cause this fire. What is camp fire. Rip

Anony Mouse : When she started praying, all I could think was, hey didn’t God start this fire in the first place? It’s all part of his plan anyway. Right? 

Afia Botchway : I'm wondering what those without cars will do.

Cochise Seals : Thank you for capturing it and i appreciate it being landscape, it captures the moment better and why does Gary Johnson have a Hotmai 'cause most people use Gmail.


Eric B : Butte County we're all thinking and praying for you all.

Mary Sims : About started crying just watching. Can’t believe how well they were holding to together.

andyITA : good car

MariNate : God bless these people. Wish I could help

Adam : If i'm in a car with someone in this situation and they start rambling about Jesus, I will punch them in the face and tell em to look around and accept reality. Aint nobody gunna save us but ourselves.

Clever Bachelor : Glad to see you both got out safely! That must’ve been terrifying. God Bless

Nameless : It seems far to many have lived sheltered lives.

Darius The Hedgehog 180 California Freeways : These Fires should have never happened YouTube 1Pacific Redwood and The HAARP Report.

eyereeyes : looks like hell

Rick Anglada : Prayer is powerful. Thank God you made it out.

Gulliver Lei : It’s good to see you all safe.


The Skull : The one in Gatlinburg looked worse and I remember California liberals mocking them. Karma.

Jason Chiu : Funny how only in times of peril do we pray.. yet when things are going good we dont pray

The Great Danku Tree : Me trying to get through finals at college

Karim Sanchez : Thank GOD I am happy you made it !! Bless you , sending prayers and good vibes

Research and Build : Time to move out of commieforina

Mr Cheesehead : Why are you begging for help from God when he has obviously put you in that situation.. By the looks of it I would say he is trying to kill you

deenman23 : lol ''heavenly father'' pls help us,yeah maybe not starting the fire and ruining thausands of peoples lives would have been better start,how anyone can believe such a monster exists that would do this AND worship it is truly a testament to human madness

Inu no Taisho : Outside of any help God may or may not lend, why the heck would ANYONE not get out of Dodge when the authorities warn you to? Why wait until the "last minute", a concept not based in fact but one's own flawed idea of how fast you can beat cheeks out of there vs a raging inferno that can cover a football field in 1000 degree blistering heat in less than ten minutes! More than 40 dead already, and several horribly immolated in their cars while trying to escape! Instead of entreating God to save you from your mistakes in judgement, why not take the intelligent path and get the heck out with time to spare??? If you're waiting around to prevent looting, bear in mind that those who burned to cinders in their cars aren't too worried about their stuff anymore. Isn't there a saying that says "God helps those who help themselves?" You have to wonder if he gets tired of those who just take too many risks, and just says, "Oh well, too bad for them."

小哥哥 : I would have been so scared and would have break down right on the spot. Bless you guys.