Students call cops on Tarrant College professor after strange behavior

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Kristi Ann : Red flag, red flag, red flag, red flag.

Prospek : What a loony...

MrRepzion : WTF this guy is a nutter. He needs to be fired. It's an astronomy class, not religion 101

TEXASCRPS/RSDSWARRIOR J : He should have lost his job so I’m glad TCC has gotten rid of him and replaced him with a “REAL PROFESSOR”!! Whenever he went through the TCC hiring process he completely hid who he’s acting out to be and HE WAS TEACHING THE COMPLETELY WRONG SUBJECT so if TCC happens to have a Muslim teaching course and it’s open for a professor position than that’s the way this moron needs to be applying for!!🤯

Fleanis Werkhardt : Islam exacerbates mental illness in some - and causes it in others. It's clear the guy is mentally ill but adept enough at answering questions. He's not in the foaming-at-the-mouth manic raving stage - yet.

Quinton McHale : give him a no - return, one way ticket to allah-villle . When in Rome, do what the Romans do, pal !

Eliabeth LaVersa : Wow.....this man doesn't need to be teaching. These kids/their parents don't pay for them to go to college to a listen A nut job that rambles on and doesn't teach kids anything but his own self serving agenda whatever the heck that is.sounds like this guy has either mentally snapped or has been brainwashed.

Amber Smith : I would have left the classroom too, and call the police

glenn utter : put him down like a bad dog

Tom Tilley : Whacko

Melón malone : If he brings a sword Yes then red flag

Cornee : I believe this is called modern education in the US, very common in universities all across the country, it's also known as indoctrination, but usually it's done in a very subtle way as can be seen in the humanities classes that have the word "studies" in them. ;)

Liftheavy85 : This dude is one bad day away from killing a classroom full of people.

doug : Yeah I want to spend thousands of dollars on my child's education and go listen to some Weird Al like this invest in a library card not College get a clue

Cat with moustache : Crack is a hell of a drug.

n1663r : Hes probably not a Trump guy.

FArts : "keep it secret keep it safe " - Micheal Scott

Tempest : He's on drugs or having a psychotic break maybe?? That's definitely NOT normal acceptable rational behavior.

Jack Nasty : Naruto: How do I become hokage? Sasuke: How do I avenge my clan? Shino: How do I reech these keeeds???

Crystal Charity : This is when you. Never get attention.Lunatic smile...Killers start with animals.Those are God's animals.

captainfncreepy : Um can someone put this guy on suicide watch please? he isn't making any sense and is obviously having a serious breakdown. This doesn't appear to be healthy behaviour.

Mister Natural : Is he quoting Gandalf?

MifuneBoBune : This is typical Islamic convert behavior. The kids in that classroom are just lucky he didn't have a bomb or gun. He will next time. If he's not incarcerated, he will commit terrorism sooner or later. Just watch.

Abel Cerrillo : is that John Denvers son....

anna Lopez : OK crazy I would drop his class he sounds nuts.Hope he gets help crazy😨

50 Cal : dude looks like aiden pearce on drugs

TreMuch Brown : Employers need a "lost your mind days" to use like sick days.

Robert Edward Meres : Wow, that's some hard hitting journalism there, Brandon "R. Murrow" Todd. So on your way to do this, you were thinking "well, sounds like this guy may have led a respectable life and worked his way to professor at a university, then foolishly chose to throw it all away just for the sake of acting erratic and preaching a weird improvised version of Islam for a day!". You figured you'd approach it with the pretense that he had made a conscious decision to do this rather than approaching it as if he could be off his medication and/or experiencing schizophrenia and having the most embarrassing moment of his life while you record and hound him with questions. Irresponsible, lazy, unaware, hopefully exhibit a in his lawsuit.

41790Jwp : this guy is definitely just Edward Norton in disguise

Zach Dillard : his mannerisms make him look like an NPC

Manchsterh : his facebook id is danjmash

Media Watch : This guy needs to be released immediately remember Tarrant you have the ultimate legal accountability for this

stacell lopez : Always helped me with my math..

Matthew Whyte : Looks and sounds like a little sodomite to me ,allah doesn't like sphincter poking little germs like this.

Goiters : This guy looks like fat McPoyle

Derek K : Sounds like a virgin

Joey 9 : FALSE FLAG!

Majin Yojimbo : He must have had too many Tide pods

doug : This guy is batshit crazy was he brought in on a lottery Visa or a a my 4th cousin got accepted to be an American citizen so now I get to go too

James Pawson : And if it was a bible he was holding, SWAT would have dropped him.

Jamie Barnett : That is what happens when a far lefty gets spun on meth, probably been awake for 4-5 days! Glad students did the right thing cause he could be dangerous under delusions like this.

Mark Hall : Looks like Trump Derangement Syndrome got the best of someone...

Hopelessand Forlorn : Just about the age when schizophrenia manifests, so all the fearful ignorant Texans are calling him a "lefty" or "liberal." The Right is always so wrong, and always so sure it is right.

corey g : What if he just had like herpes on his lip and was super embarrassed about it....

Grace Bride : This is what happened when the Arabian desert demon "Allah" possesses an American White...

J Briggs : He clearly had psychosis. Why else would you turn Muslim?

Acid Plug : I'm not a Muslim but I know Muslim men don't cover there faces at all... He's just a wacko but he's a smart math and physics tutor

Acid Plug : Lmao watch this make Inside Edition then it will go viral

Mulinaster : Guy's an astronomer. He was looking for another way to exit the stratosphere and he found one.

Kamikaze Gorilla : And now he's on a Federal watchlist.