LIARS Called Out

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CoZm085 : Omg the better on the skateboard killed me 😂😂😂

Cindy WH-Witter : I’m so tired of stolen valor. Every single one of them should be called out for it. It’s illegal but nothing will ever be done to them.

Paulo Felicio : Wait a minute... You didn't disappear? LOL

Cosara : ''This little girl is me... and you told somebody that she's dead.'' ''Wait a minute, you didn't disappear?'' ''I'm right here?...'' I laughed so hard.

greenstreet : Scummy liars lol should all work in the government

Ganymede, Jupiter III : I'm a good child I swear I really do go to school and play soccer

Ganymede, Jupiter III : "And obviously, I'm very much alive." *What if she's a ghost and doesn't know it?*

Mohammed Medhat : "There is a trick in this film" 😂😂😂

Moses Mane : Lying.. we all do it.. Just not this badly lol

Wizard of Ass : A funny list, I think, would be 'Creeps/Perverts Getting Caught'

Online Originals Entertainment : The guy on to catch a predator sounds like ray Romano

sunshinefairy : "wait a minute you didnt dissapear?" 😂😂🤣

Captain Kush : But she plays soccer!

Geoffrey Levine : I used to do that $100 trick at bars all the time, and you'd find out if girls were honest and then buy a round. But too many people were liars and there were some serious situations. So I started writing, "this is Geoffs money honey" on top of the Franklin. So when I'd ask them if it had their name on it, they'd say "no, does it have yours".

Generic Asian : "how old are u?" "35" "but you said 39" "39 yes" *narrator voice* "we found out later he actually 46" im dead

HelterSkelter : Starbucks girl wasn't sorry. She was just scared.

Carolina Ankartoft : Ohhh the cringe..

pthompson108 : The vocalist in the outro music is a pacifist singer.... he doesn't believe in hitting notes.

Dan Hanley : I worked this case 😂

Liberté Egalité Fraternité : "You cloned my card" "I'm sorry ma'am, I play soccer." Ok you're off the hook then 😂😂

nacho business : that psychic fraud was the worst.

kubush : "I can't explain it." Sure you can. Just say, "I'm a lying con artist." There. Explained.

Toro sharp edge : LoL. Muslim liar..... And still angry when busted.

Red Fefferton : Bill O'Reilly is a moron but the black dude is wrong. A poll is not a fact.

Albert Twangle : Lmao the fake navy seal just nods when called out. Not very dedicated to his lies

Demonizer68 : The Shake, or Sheik made the biggest mistake. he should've cried out to SJW's and claimed he was being targeted for criticism, simply because he's Muslim. SJW's would've screamed "ISLAMAPHOBIA!!!!" and "RACISM!!!!!!" then come to the poor old shiek's aid. After all, the left loves verbally fellating Islam.

Curtis Braun : The dude at Ray Romano impersonation ever lol

Paulo Felicio : I loved that barist girl apologizing for stealing hahaha it's just so stupid

Rian Lyons-Copeland : If I'm ever caught in a lie, I only wish to be baller enough to roll away, undaunted, on a skateboard.

Aalok Joshi : Dirty Sheikh should be hung

T Timeler : I LOVE that first one. Look, ALL MSM is messed up. But you cannot deny that Fox News is at the top of the lie kingdom.

Regan Devereaux : .. When the Cringe is too much. Ooph! Yikes. R

braveheartbob : 09:55 every psychic should be trolled like this, discredited as a result and forced to get a legitimate non-magic job

Cleb Felm : I know that you're not a navy seal. "Mhm"

Frank Garrett : Shouldn't this be a video of everything Donald Trump ever said?

Quite Gamer : You didn't disappear No am right here Hahahahahahajahhaa

Flathead : Wait a minute you didn’t disappear well that’s interesting isn’t it

Dr. Facilier : guy: i know that you're not navy seal second guy: hhmmm me:😂😂😂😂😂😂

Unfunny Narcissism : "I didn't want molest a 14 year old boy I just wanted to say hi"

tejsoneji : OMG it's Gay Romano!

Ayesha Cross : There was a trick in the camera.

Al Erazor : "wait you didn't dissapear?" *PISSED MYSELF!!!!!*

ice la honk : Talk about a culture Clash. This dude is more concerned about being seen as gay than he is about being on TV as a child diddler. Ffs.

TheSource : I hate middle easterns

Oxy Moron : Chill, guys, she's 19 and plays soccer, so she should be forgiven.

Zac Crow : I don't dislike Bill OReilly but that first guy was so epic with the camera look 😂

KLanD Tine : Religious leader lying.. lol.. why are you so surprised, that's basically their entire job.

JimmyCaravan : Ray Romano was just fooling around

Charles Carter : Hi buddy waz sup. My excuse to watch this? I was really gonna watch Everybody loves Raymond.

ar15mmdelta : What you didn't disappear?? No I'm right here. The last case was funny