LIARS Called Out

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Wizard of Ass : A funny list, I think, would be 'Creeps/Perverts Getting Caught'

Rian Lyons-Copeland : If I'm ever caught in a lie, I only wish to be baller enough to roll away, undaunted, on a skateboard.

KoKi GAmI : Who knew Ray Romano was a gay pedo?

Scootch Magoo : Good video, quite entertaining. I like how that woman was ready to claim $100 she didn't know existed 2 seconds ago, greasy AF.

Generic Asian : "how old are u?" "35" "but you said 39" "39 yes" *narrator voice* "we found out later he actually 46" im dead

Róisín Grant : *who the actual fuck leaves their security camera rolling while vandalising their own fucking mosque*

Anarcho-Juche Party : I don't know if playing soccer is a legitimate defence in court

david beardy-kam : Whats the song or artist at the end?

Brianna Gordy : My grandfather was a radarman in the Vietnam war. That in itself is something to be proud of. If you actually have served for your country, there's absolutely no need t embellish more to it. You're already a hero, if you served, and served honorably. But I must add, it shouldn't be downplayed either what he did. He wasn't just hiding out in a dark room on a ship. My grandmother begged my grandfather to just write her love letters, instead of sending cassettes or whatever they had back then, because she could hear all the shelling in the background. Both from their ship, other ships, and the enemies firing at them. Its not only just as risky, as no matter what fleet or rank, as the crew stays together, but it's also such a vital job to everyone involved, not even just on their ship.

JEDI MASTER YODA : Am a good child, am 19 I play soccer!!!

Alex Garza : That dude that vandalized his own mosk must be an idiot.

Dylan Butler : That 100 dollar bill shit was funny as hell hahaaaa

John's Fitness and Strength : "You cloned my card" "I'm sorry ma'am, I play soccer." Ok you're off the hook then 😂😂

Jeremy Downes : That reporter should have punched the fuck out of that muslim bitch and then said there's a trick in the film

RyderTil IDyer : Muslims will never admit they are wrong

Marbles McGee : The guy begging in the street deserves something for being able to keep his legs tucked up like that for hours at a time.

ALF CARJACKS THE CLOWN : "You didn't disappear?" "I'm right here" (Insert Thug Life)

Yukmout B : filthy fucking muslims .. ship them the fuck out.

Cannibal713 : 2:56 These fake hate crimes are out of control. The law needs to make an example of them by applying hate crime laws to them, not just for hoaxing. These cases, discovered to be false or not, create more hate and violence. That is what these professional victims and rabble rousers really want. Even if it gets their own people hurt or killed.

Mr Tibbs : Great video..i laughed so hard at some of these..

Trenton Buckley : Great song at the end

kubush : "I can't explain it." Sure you can. Just say, "I'm a lying con artist." There. Explained.

Joshua Bidelspach : 6:40. I can't believe Ray Romano is a pedo

K W : The oreilly one wasn't a lie. Idk what the fact was but if he didn't either then he was just Mia informed

I unbox a "FAMOUS BRAND NAME" box and write reviews for items I do not own and videos I didn't watch : When are we going to have a world where everyone is armed with AK-47? When you're called out and caught, both sides break out in rapid gunfire. BORING TV. Change the channel, Marge. - Homer Simpson

Allegra Figueroa : Somebody count how many "I'm sorry ma'am"s were said.

DaReaperZ : That guy with no legs, but still legs. Why are his legs white but his arms brown? Is the really that sunburnt?

Lee Sakesushihentai : Great flying kick for an old broken down man

Thorn Age : I don't go to star bucks at all but damn. It's that easy

KingJazzaD12 : "You didn't disappear?" "I'm right here" Savage

jalen1973 : Oh no, Raymond is a pedophile.

Jax16.Debate : Love the outro, it should be the new American national anthem.

Chris Lancaster : let him wear them who cares

Philippe Demptos : I did not get the three women and the 100$ "joke". What the f happened there??

slimshead8100 : The fact that the guy who claimed to have Purple Hearts could even ask "what difference does it make", just shows that he has absolutely zero respect for the medal, or those who actually deserve such medals. How sickening.

Hamza Yusuf : 6:45 Damn they brought Ray Romano into this

Sofiya Malkinova : That's my $100 lol

Essex Bird : The bloke at 6:59 sounds like Raymond from everybody loves Raymond hahaha

nacho business : that psychic fraud was the worst.

DarkDutchman : 5:42 Wow.. she promised to God while lying. She will definitely meet the god of darkness.

Cyfic : ''This little girl is me... and you told somebody that she's dead.'' ''Wait a minute, you didn't disappear?'' ''I'm right here?...'' I laughed so hard.

Michael Innis : 10:39 "I think she (her body) can be brought home" 10:55 "30 years ago, his sister disappeared." Sweaty, last time I checked, bodies take, at the least, 12 years to decompose. Honey, they wouldn't even be able to find the body because there wouldn't be one.

Zuzii ICE : and i thought lying about my homework is bad. :>

Kareem Barazi : I'm Muslim and apologize for that disgraceful mans actoins

Ayesha Cross : There was a trick in the camera.

BLUE MARAUDER : i fucking hate that last video because i dont believe shes alive either most likely dead and cloned if you ask me. i bet that woman was right and i bet they immediately did damage control and went to the spot on the map and got rid of the evidence. that news caster looks nothing like that little girl who was probably raped by the pedophile elite during an internship or during some other entertainment job and then dumped somewhere and they used her dna to produce another superficial soulless mk ultra media slave shill.

john smith : 4:44 كذاب! 😂😂😂😂 "It's a trick of the film" tsk, it's 2017 man, you' foolin' no one The faster we sweep "shiekhs" like him out of mosques the better.

Lee Sakesushihentai : Jesus that guy pretending to have no legs.. His arms and face were black AF yet his legs were white

BurnsYsnapZ : What disgusting and stupid people faking blown off arms, legs etc; lying about being in the war. My great gran dad fought in WW2, and saw limbs being blown off, dead bodies laying around him, bullets flying over his head. What disrespectful pieces of pure lying carbage.