LIARS Called Out

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Wizard of Ass : A funny list, I think, would be 'Creeps/Perverts Getting Caught'

KoKi GAmI : Who knew Ray Romano was a gay pedo?

Generic Asian : "how old are u?" "35" "but you said 39" "39 yes" *narrator voice* "we found out later he actually 46" im dead

Scootch Magoo : Good video, quite entertaining. I like how that woman was ready to claim $100 she didn't know existed 2 seconds ago, greasy AF.

Unfunny Narcissism : "I didn't want molest a 14 year old boy I just wanted to say hi"

Róisín Grant : *who the actual fuck leaves their security camera rolling while vandalising their own fucking mosque*

Dylan Butler : That 100 dollar bill shit was funny as hell hahaaaa

Stormtrooper 2323 : he's 46 year old Anthony Palumbo... I'm not gay or anything.... I'm just sayin

John's Fitness and Strength : "You cloned my card" "I'm sorry ma'am, I play soccer." Ok you're off the hook then 😂😂

Brianna Gordy : My grandfather was a radarman in the Vietnam war. That in itself is something to be proud of. If you actually have served for your country, there's absolutely no need t embellish more to it. You're already a hero, if you served, and served honorably. But I must add, it shouldn't be downplayed either what he did. He wasn't just hiding out in a dark room on a ship. My grandmother begged my grandfather to just write her love letters, instead of sending cassettes or whatever they had back then, because she could hear all the shelling in the background. Both from their ship, other ships, and the enemies firing at them. Its not only just as risky, as no matter what fleet or rank, as the crew stays together, but it's also such a vital job to everyone involved, not even just on their ship.

david beardy-kam : Whats the song or artist at the end?

DrTheKay : 9:40 that barrista knew what she was doing after getting caught. Apologise profusely, make a case that she is otherwise a model citizen and make it look like shes suffering unneeded abuse from the person she stole from. The real victim was TRYING to get a negative reaction out of her "Img onna press charges" "Im sorry" "You gonna lose your job" "Im sorry" "Im seriously gonna press chagres" "Im sorry" "No seriously Im gonna press charges" "Im sorry" Professional scam artist

Komdiv King : I don't know if playing soccer is a legitimate defence in court

Marbles McGee : The guy begging in the street deserves something for being able to keep his legs tucked up like that for hours at a time.

Michael : I'm 19 and I play soccer

Slicktop 2jz : Bill O'Reilly...what an absolute piece of shit. Karma finally caught up with the cunt. He is the definition of fake news.

RyderTil IDyer : Muslims will never admit they are wrong

CarJacks The Clown : "You didn't disappear?" "I'm right here" (Insert Thug Life)

Yukmout B : filthy fucking muslims .. ship them the fuck out.

Cannibal713 : 2:56 These fake hate crimes are out of control. The law needs to make an example of them by applying hate crime laws to them, not just for hoaxing. These cases, discovered to be false or not, create more hate and violence. That is what these professional victims and rabble rousers really want. Even if it gets their own people hurt or killed.

cheinei : Im gonna try that $100 trick. FUCKING GOLD.

Jeremy Downes : That reporter should have punched the fuck out of that muslim bitch and then said there's a trick in the film

Thorn Age : I don't go to star bucks at all but damn. It's that easy

Stef T : Bill O'rielly is such a piece of shit

OldSchool : Anthony Palumbo! He's the funniest predator from TCAP.

trevorpitts1 : anal sex with 14yr boys don't make him's night time driving..I'm just saying

Demon50 : @9:30 If I were that bitch and I were really as "sorry" as I said I was then I would hand her $300 cash right there ($100 extra for her inconvenience of the situation or at least $50 extra if she's hard up for money) and hope to god that she doesn't decide to have me charged with a felony. Did she really think that she would just never get caught from that lol, even if she didn't catch her the debit/credit company sure as hell would have it investigated and catch her.

BurnsYsnapZ : What disgusting and stupid people faking blown off arms, legs etc; lying about being in the war. My great gran dad fought in WW2, and saw limbs being blown off, dead bodies laying around him, bullets flying over his head. What disrespectful pieces of pure lying carbage.

slimshead8100 : The fact that the guy who claimed to have Purple Hearts could even ask "what difference does it make", just shows that he has absolutely zero respect for the medal, or those who actually deserve such medals. How sickening.

Connor Adams : The vast majority of people in these videos are likely Christians, yet a fifth of the comment section is devoted to attacking the only Muslim in the video.

Michael Vialpando : U.S.A is built on lies. ......CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, BEING ONE BIG ONE! HA HA HA HA HA HA

Philippe Demptos : I did not get the three women and the 100$ "joke". What the f happened there??

Javiera Iturria : shakeitlightly

sunsonsonsun : I'm an Army Vet and my question is: who is Dan Noyes, a man that didn't serve in the military, to question one that did oner his actions? The ONLY people that should be judging and questioning the guy in the second video are people like myself. I din't know that man did that, it didn't cause any residual negative affects to me nor my VA benefits, it didn't harm the Navy in any way, etc. And Dan trying to shame him on his actually machinations while deployed in Vietnam has no basis; the Vietcong did have mortars and other surface to air / seas armaments that could have still caused that man lose of life = he was still in more danger being on that ship during Vietnam than Dan has ever been in his entire life. How was this important on any higher level that Dan Noyes had to do this expose? But he still is a lying dawg.

Chris Lancaster : let him wear them who cares

00000 00000 : The second one, (The fake valour) is a piece of shit b/c he doesnt actually think that what he did was wrong, and that he should be given MORE praise for serving for 3 years and looking through a periscope. And isnt that illegal to do that, dont you go to jail for that??? You should. People GIVE THEIR FUCKIN LIVES so ppl like him can live. And in his eyes, bask in the glory of all the TRUE heros of war. I hope everyone you know and love saw this video of you being so unamerican. Im not even an american btw. Canadian. And I still think of this as just pathetic.

K W : The oreilly one wasn't a lie. Idk what the fact was but if he didn't either then he was just Mia informed

stonem001 : Terrible liars. Although that Sheik was definitely telling the truth, since Muslims are forbidden from lying, InShaAllah

Aaron Mills : im straight male just horny for 14 yo boys

Sean Watts : Funny thing is Carl Hart is in the DPA not the HIH.

Andrew Stovall : Dear god, that song LOUD ENOUGH?!

Senia Bravo : "I have no clue oh my god!" 😂😂😂😂

Kevin Eontrainer : What I've learned from exposing a scammer/liar videos: If you hear someone says to you ", I'm going to show you something" or "Can I show you something real quick?" or anything similar to that. That means you're screwed

selina justine : "I know that you aren't a Navy Seal" "...Mmm."

M H S : I ain't gay, know'm sain?

Amber P : Wow Ray Romano's had a change in career choice

Red Nova : I loooovvveeeee psychic fails... assholes

TellingThe Truth : A Muslim faking a crime against it? No way! Well I didnt know that muslims are death cult.....

Leandro F : "wait a didnt disappeared?" im done