LIARS Called Out

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Wizard of Ass : A funny list, I think, would be 'Creeps/Perverts Getting Caught'

Generic Asian : "how old are u?" "35" "but you said 39" "39 yes" *narrator voice* "we found out later he actually 46" im dead

CoZm085 : Omg the better on the skateboard killed me 😂😂😂

Rian Lyons-Copeland : If I'm ever caught in a lie, I only wish to be baller enough to roll away, undaunted, on a skateboard.

John's Fitness and Strength : "You cloned my card" "I'm sorry ma'am, I play soccer." Ok you're off the hook then 😂😂

Unfunny Narcissism : "I didn't want molest a 14 year old boy I just wanted to say hi"

LovelyLivingDead : I found this channel through my recommended page. This is some pretty good stuff! Keep it up!

Dougie Haggerty : This whole episode could just be a compilation of Chris Hanson busting paedophiles lol

slimshead8100 : The fact that the guy who claimed to have Purple Hearts could even ask "what difference does it make", just shows that he has absolutely zero respect for the medal, or those who actually deserve such medals. How sickening.

Cleb Felm : I know that you're not a navy seal. "Mhm"

Donald Clark : Are you absolutely sure you didn't go missing? 😂😂😂

Cyfic : ''This little girl is me... and you told somebody that she's dead.'' ''Wait a minute, you didn't disappear?'' ''I'm right here?...'' I laughed so hard.

Scootch Magoo : Good video, quite entertaining. I like how that woman was ready to claim $100 she didn't know existed 2 seconds ago, greasy AF.

Paulo Felicio : Wait a minute... You didn't disappear? LOL

martin : It is my $100 baby..

elise goth : "there's a trick in this film" I fkn died

Justin Lawson : "im a good kid... i go to school and play soccer. " Dang lady... dont press charges.. shes a good kid.

J Gunn : reminds me of the jews drawing swastikas

BezBez : I thought that was Key & Peele on the thumbnail

Myke Swaggins : 7:33 "im not gay or anything" lmao gtfo

Ryan Bailey : I wish I could like this video twice. Love this channel

Thomas Dankara : I don't know if playing soccer is a legitimate defence in court

Marbles McGee : The guy begging in the street deserves something for being able to keep his legs tucked up like that for hours at a time.

Hugh Jass : One of the impossible things about watching O'Reilly was that he was constantly bringing up "facts" from studies that either never existed or were discredited or O'Reilly just misrepresented. For example, O'Reilly once tried to shut down a debate about same sex marriage by citing a Swedish study that found that SS marriage created negative consequences in Sweden. The problem was that at the time O'Reilly used that study to support his argument, same sex marriage had not yet been legalized in Sweden, so obviously such a study could not have existed.

JEDI MASTER YODA : Am a good child, am 19 I play soccer!!!

Mohammed Medhat : "There is a trick in this film" 😂😂😂

cartman : please do part 2

Amaya Malfoy : "I'm 19, I play soccer." Well then, everything is okay. I won't press charges anymore.

Gordon Aitchison : One day, the West will regret inviting muslims into their country but of course, by then it will be too late as they will have taken over and conquered you. Mark my words and remember.

Elliot Webb : 2:05 it's a setup, she actually DID disappear, AND get murdered, they brought her back to life and brainwashed her to pretend nothing happened to her. The psychic was right all along.

Peslac Bill : You know, it's the 21st century. If there are still people who believe in mediums, then they deserve getting ripped off.

Naga Wetsah : From the thumbnail I thought it's Key and Peele.

liz : 9:33 at least she didn't lie

Metal Elitist Douchebag : Guys... she plays soccer. Give this woman a medal.

Demonizer68 : The Shake, or Sheik made the biggest mistake. he should've cried out to SJW's and claimed he was being targeted for criticism, simply because he's Muslim. SJW's would've screamed "ISLAMAPHOBIA!!!!" and "RACISM!!!!!!" then come to the poor old shiek's aid. After all, the left loves verbally fellating Islam.

sunshinefairy : "wait a minute you didnt dissapear?" 😂😂🤣

The Black Circle : Yo Lisa Guerrero is mad Pretty yo!

TheOvechkinG : the woman on the make up chair n the $100 was a bait...... i really don't knee if out belongs in this vid

PYM JBZ : 2:59 All Muslim clerics are liars and criminals.

pthompson108 : The vocalist in the outro music is a pacifist singer.... he doesn't believe in hitting notes.

Navsangeet Singh : I couldn't take that part with the pedo guy seriously. He kept reminding me so much of Jay Chandrasekhar.

leo luther : "I know that you aren't a Navy Seal" "...Mmm."

Mohammad Takeshi : Liar liar pants on fire.

Captain Kush : But she plays soccer!

Jaime Russells : Australian foreigners are sleazy

Online Originals : The guy on to catch a predator sounds like ray Romano

Stormtrooper 2323 : he's 46 year old Anthony Palumbo... I'm not gay or anything.... I'm just sayin

Carolina Ankartoft : Ohhh the cringe..

Aalok Joshi : Dirty Sheikh should be hung

MariSama : im muslim and i laughed so harddd when it got to the sheik damaging his own mosque 😂😂😂