Wrong house homie

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Speedwagon : Ancient Chinese Emperor: get away from my empire Mongols: *Copped*

1Rod1ReelFishing : Strange pornhub intro 🤔🤔

T. S : So they left the door open?... how she got in?????

Ring : Cop: ma’am why are you here? Lady: I copped this house. Cop: She copped the house there’s nothing I can do.

Tupapi Soyyo : She came. She saw. She coppt

Lendog19v2 : That couch is infected.

Shanna M : Her feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!

Grafxgrl : You wasted 5 min negotiating with someone incoherent.

Cassive : Technically if she copped that house, he has no right to tell her to leave, that’s her house now 😕

KING HECTOR : Homeboy got caught with a hooker in the house and told her to act like she was sleeping good stuff

LBNFurious : Legend says she still copping that house to this day

Colonel.Crockett : How the hell do people end up in other people’s houses?

Andrew D : this is why you keep your doors locked

Omar Harris : I was gonna go to my house But then I got high I woke up on someone else’s couch Because I got hiiighhh Now I’m going to jail And I know why (why man?) Cuz I got high Cuz I got high Because I got hiiigghh

XEOX : Why is this on my recommended page. This vid 4 years old

Chelsea Fitzner : I’d kick her off straight away with those feet

Early Man : legend says she’s still there

Dedede163 : If her filthy feet where on my couch i would call the cops instantly

Sudz and budz : Lol, i would've grabbed her and thrown her out myself


it's ya boi FUEGO : Ive copped Copped Copped Copped Copped Copped C O P P E D C O P P E D C O P P E D I copped T H I S house I copped T H I S house I've copped this house Copped copped copped THAT DOSENT PROVE ANYTHING😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

Krista 26 : Am I the only one who wants to see what happens next?? 😂😂

Jessica Renee : She’s very lucky 🍀 !!! Cause if she was caught in my house it wouldn’t been no exchange of words 👊🏽👊🏽

OilyOliver : Nut on her feet then make her Breakfest

Mountain Chief : To this day he's still threatened to call the cops.

AKSebi2 : how did she get IN the house in the first place?

ElRadioDJ913 : I bet almost everybody clicked on this video because it was on their recommendations list..

Slash : If that guy's wife wasn't there this video would have been on pornhub

Cristian Andrade : Poor girl let her sleep off her high .. I know it’s weird but poor girl needs help

josh gallegos : That’s the hooker he ordered from the internet.

pspbrain : THOSE FEET 😱😱😱😱

Kitten Ivy : If this isn’t a reason to keep your doors locked I dunno what is.......

JesusChristVEVO : You picked the wrong house fool!

JackyIsHere : *What's your name?* *I have copped this house.*

Nate Dog : How can you have that much patients????

Tiziallday : Guy: what's your name? Lady: I copped this house

Doug Johnson : ThIs HoUsE iS cOpPeD i CoPpEd ThIs HoUsE. cOpPeD.

Tahir Moutaki : Need to give her a quick shower with happy ending

Ninjah : Holy crap her feet tho

Swamp Life : This could be the beginning of a porno

Cian Coffey : She's in my house now. What do I do?

el diablø : According to scientific research I come to a conclusion that she indeed copped that house.

Dr Sauce : She must be on some good shit

Inoue : Im confused.. are her eyes so small or she talking while sleeping.. I cant make the difference im dead ass serious

tbyjb : He woulda banged her if the wife and kids weren’t there.

Jaspher Navarro : She is drunk or crazy person or drugs

HENRY THE RC CAR : That must be one really comfortable couch 🙃

Ethann Is_Icy : America:stay away from our land Immigrants:Copped

Smith Love : next. time get a pitbull.....

soy inocente : he kinda wanned to smash lowkey 😏