Wrong house homie

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Speedwagon : Ancient Chinese Emperor: get away from my empire Mongols: *Copped*

Krista 26 : Am I the only one who wants to see what happens next?? 😂😂

Its ya girl yami : Damn her feet dirty asf lol

Mike Hawk : I'd smash if she took a shower.

Mohamed Mokrane : The wife kept asking if she was here before 😂 😂 😂 To make sure her husband isn't cheating 😂 😂 😂

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : "You picked the wrong house fool" Cj? *OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH*

Kitten Ivy : If this isn’t a reason to keep your doors locked I dunno what is.......

btonedefable : Come on now... Side chick hall of fame. She ain't rattin on homeboy at all

Car Cinematics : The thing that pisses me off the MOST about this video is that the couch is blocking that door.

Hellish : Cops shows up to get her out. Police officer to the lady: "Is this your house madam?" Lady: Yes, it is. I copped it. Police officer to actual home owners: "Looks like she copped it first, you guys are now trespassing".

Happy Mask Salesman : If he wasn't married this'll probably be on Pornhub.

Early Man : legend says she’s still there

kmckeown84 : How smart are women? Sis asked a slick question “have you been here before?” About to knock her husband out the door

Jacobi Rollins : She sounds like an NPC that only has like 10-15 lines LMAO

Goobersteen Gallop : “I’ve copped this house” “This tells me nothing!” Why is he still arguing with her???🤔

OxyElite : Plot twist: Her name IS "i copped this house"

Janrei Africa : We are back in _Why is this in my recommended?_ Part 47

Puddin : I’d wear a condom for this one

Beardy Ry : The wicked twist of irony in all this is this is the girls house and the people filming have Alzheimers.

SteelandSouls15 : You spent WAAAAAAAY too much time arguing it. Just call the damned cops.

AIONBERSERKER : South Africans: We live here, please go. British & Dutch: COPPED.

Doug Johnson : ThIs HoUsE iS cOpPeD i CoPpEd ThIs HoUsE. cOpPeD.

Mario Lopez : I would have tossed her ass out personally.

haibozo Karem : *Legend has it she's still on that couch, maintaining her position that she Copped the house.*

Rafael Perez : How crazy would that be if she just disappeared out of thin air. Some ghost shit

X-man : Plot twist: The people filming are the intruders and she called the police on them first. Cameraman: Why did you call the cops on us? Woman: I told you. I copped this house.

ElRadioDJ913 : I bet almost everybody clicked on this video because it was on their recommendations list..

Expoxsed : This is actually a footage of me waking up.

E. Nblk117 : I woulda let her stay as long as she showered 👀


Nelson Muntz : This video sucks. She says the same damn thing the whole video and you say the same damn thing the whole video. Plus you never filmed the good part, which would be the cops arresting her. Waste of 6 minutes for reals.

el diablø : According to scientific research I come to a conclusion that she indeed copped that house.

123frostygaming : So we’re all not gonna talk about why this video is blowing up after 4 years and also why does her feet look like there are a bunch of Oreos mashed on her feet Edit: guys English is not my first language sorry if I make some grammatical mistakes but I’ll fix them after you guys tell me so thx

Cashh Washington : I cant lie, i woulda put her in the shower an smashed 😂

Dee Whoa : Honestly, I would have left her there. Keeping my eye on her until she came down and then sort things out when she's sober.

Stay Froszty : She lucky she didnt end up in a dudes house that is alone and is a virgin

Chris Johnson : When you have to look up "copped" in the urban dictionary and you find a transcription of this video in the first definition.

Gracie Alvrz : She's lucky she didn't get shot.

khan konner : Xanax is a hell of a drug

Famous ALK Hendrixx : Never Let You're Side Peace Stay To Long , She Might Start To Think She Copped Your House #Duhh ( Common Sense )

Christian Salas : She can come to my house if she wants

Brian Pace : That must have been one hell of a party she left. Am I the only one who wants to know what happens next?

Ever Moore : This back and forth is mad infuriating 😂

Gordo : you think her feet are nasty you should smell her breath..lol

FOCUSEDONME FOCUSEDONWE : South africa: you need to go now White folks: copped Australia: please leave White folks: copped All of America: you need to leave White folks: copped

Elzeta : Look at her feet

AndrewFerrer3d : What happened to being open and polite? If someone ended up in my house by accident would offer them something to drink or eat and try figure out what was wrong with them so that they can get back on track. This woman seems to be in a deleric state. What a terrible situation to be in and the guy filming didn't do anything to relieve it. Selfish behaviour if you ask me.

PINKYCULTURE : copped = dibs?

Mr Juliarche : This dude is patient, high five to that.

Fluffy : America: *exists* Britain: COPPED