The voice of Halo (Jeff Steitzer)

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The Act Man : Damn can we get some more videos of this guy!?! HE'S AWESOME!!!

Tom McAteer : *SUICIDE!*

707 : *_S U I C I D E_*

Dagger 323 : Oh the memories... "Gained the lead...lost the lead...tied the leader..."

Erik Ahl : As soon as he mentions Halo everybody shuts up! Hahaha!

Ninja Pups : This is incredible. You're awesome Jeff! :D

Keescanadees : This man is UNFRIGGINBELIEVABLE

Josey Drinks Water : All this time I thought it was some young guy with a deep voice

Irisa Anne : He is seriously such a kind human bean.

Joe Parsons : A few years back I found him on fb and thought "eh, why not..." well he added me and turns out we have the same birthday so every year he posts on my wall. Great guy!

Stephen Carroll : Flag taken flag dropped flag taken flag dropped flag taken flag dropped

isaiah nguyen : Screw the robot voice bring Jeff back for Halo 5.

Jake Aschliman : Destiny's commentator guy makes me want to blow my brains out : My life is now complete.

bloo blur : flag taken, flag dropped, flag taken, flag dropped...

Seany Delight : The voice of halo

plainkapp : you mean the voice of my childhood

UnCortadoPorFavor : I feel like he walks around his house yelling killtacular as he gets a beer on any given day.

Noise Marine : Best announcer of all time... Right next to the tf2 administrator.

Ez ra : unfreakinbelievable NEEDS to happen. 

The Didact : This guy is the best videogame announcer ever!!!!

SergeantOfAwesome : At first I was like: -_- but then I was like 0_0

DoctorSiggy : This guy is awesome ^w^

Smitty Werbenjagermanjenson : Jeff Steitzer, Steve Downes, and Jen Taylor are the best video game voices I can think of... and their all in one IP

Chris Kreidler : Just met this guy and he's like the nicest person I've ever met!

MetroVerse : Imagine that voice being your dad's: "Get up. Time for school. Do your friggin' homework."

steVENOM : We need him to replace commander Palmer XP

Xxx__Doritios_xxXzxxButtonwall__Mtndew_xxxZ__cocko : SLAYYERRR!!!

DANGER DOG : The KilliminJARRRRooo one was absolutely hilarious.

djunior874 : Poor guy, I heard him say in this video that's it's sad that THAT is what he'll be known for out of all his life's work.

Hitman47Sniper : if i ever meet this man.... ill buy him a beer :D he made my childhood so epic and has made my Halo expierience so fun :D

Alec Montiel : Red team has the flag, blue team flag returned.


Indigo : I think i had a nerdgasm 😱😍👌

treees : why don't those people shut up in the background!

TaVeRiC : If I was this guy I would walk around all day saying Killimanjaro

Jonah Hogue : "Gained the lead" "Lost the lead" "Gained the lead" "Tied the leader" "Lost the lead" "Gained the lead"


BasildoomHD : love this guy!

SlicRicFlair WOOO : Why is "Chaney Mania" not a thing!!!

Doge Plays : The Man The Myth The Legend

Triathletep : The you suck would have been epic

HarleyMikeJrSWA737 : Cheney mania! Lol

Based af : gavin free brought me here

tommyvercetti6 : Double Chin! Triple Chin! Over Chin!

Teletran : This video was *Unfrigginbelievable*

MaximumRageQuit : the family doesnt get it, nor appreciate it

Makyol98 : killing spree

You Peanut Butter : This guy is so awesome

Jeremiah Preston : RUNNING RIOT