Taylor Swift as a Limp Bizkit Song

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Mighty Raccoon : The edge is so sharp I almost cut myself.

SumSum : The fact that I willingly clicked on an ad...

Dookiemanik : Hahahaha Wtf!

CorpseTongji : if taylor swift released a song like this i would have no choice but to actually like her

Ceej Wars : This made me wanna buy a pair of JNCO's and a wallet chain

Max Zomboni : "I wake up and have all these piles of dead cats all over the floor!" Okay.

E B : get this on trending

Tsega Zelalem : *Society is sick, we're all sick I'm just gonna die*

CLARK WAHLBERG : Look what you made her do.

apples are enjoyable : I love super deluxe, they're like buzzfeed on cocaine

floomdesk : Swift Against The Machine™

JuniorSkeptic : The internet is yours

Trump Is Coming : Its more important to be edgy sexy and cool than anything else

Dudebro13454 Bro : She's actually 27. I can't believe this woman is nearing 30 but still makes music you would expect from a 17 year old pop princess.

RaysilvaEXT9 : Talk to em swift 😂😂😂😂


Electric Grizzley : What the hell

N.N. : honestly, I think I would've loved this song when I was an adolescent.

Josh Saaga : wow still better than those two singles

Ivo Cerwenka : edgy as fuck. and actually better than her real music.

Monk Killedababy : Edgy, sexy and cool are three of God's colors

Andrea Horna : This is genius

Vianca Chavez : Best song Taylor Swift can ever make lol

MeatVision : Besides being a great song, I bet people have no fucking idea the insane amount of work behind this video. Great job.

Pterafunk : The cat roll call

SkaterChick63 : You guys are so incredibly creative and talented. Oh man do I love this channel, binge watching the most random, odd, entertaining and attention capturing content. In my opinion, this channel has won the internet. 👽✌

Jay Allen : mein gott

TheZooropaBaby : I honestly welcome if she does something like this and the whole album will be metal-inspired, angst-drenched sounds

Sideline Scores : Fred Durst is Taylor's dad, idk why people are so surprised

James Deininger : Fred Durst would be so proud 😂😂😂

dude : this is amazing!

pacefka : She's weird where, shes hot, but i find it difficult to look at her.

AlyssaQ420 : If Taylor was truly cool, she'd dig this. XD

John Taylor : Taylor is one of god's colors

Suga Suga : Lol When you actually listen to the song everyday because this shit is fire😂

Charl Albertyn : I'm just here for 2:27 and on.

Yiorgios Vazouras : "The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now, she's been replaced with Fred Durst"

Jonathan Carter : Best Tailor Swift and/or Limp Bizkit song ever.

ipsykd40 : Sounds a bit too heavy metal for a limp bizkit song

Hida Root : pretty much 1st and 2nd limp bizkit album style huehuehue

She Wolf : I am laughing my ass off that's the best thing that happened this week

Mikey Crunk : *_2edgy4me_*

wilko10000 : That outro was incred btw


Hazzard0 : Limp Swift

Shannon Clement : Not bad

Vader G8R323 : I have double jointed elbows soo...

Jasmine Williams : It's more important to be edgy and sexy and cool than anything else.

sean cochran : Fuck yeah limp Bizkit

IGG_ STATIC : Woww idk how I came across this but it's funny as fuck