Taylor Swift as a Limp Bizkit Song

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SumSum : The fact that I willingly clicked on an ad...

Ryan Rentfro : I always forget these people exist. All of them.

Damien Wayne : This bitch is fucked up

SuperKeith 007 : It's 2001 all over again!

Hunter 305 : Lol love this video Taylor you are adorable and funny can't stop watching it

San R : Taylor isn't edgy enough for nu metal.

Silver Bandit : What did I think? I needed this in my life.

Speckz : Now limp bizkit as a Taylor swift song!

chris clarke : Please someone release a guitar tab for this please fucking please

DANNO : Wow she actually said "if you knew my nightmare world, you'd be terrified" ?? Hahaha

kumardev316 : this would be the best taylor swift song eever

Silvester Rojas : no, joust, joust no, shes not like this, tay tay is sweet, funny, fun, preety, cool and really, the best singer ever. who did this is not getting the real taylor, shes really, nothing like this, i know her and i know shes not even close to this. 😔😔😔 shes awesome and really the best ever!!! tay tay's the best!!!😁😁😁

Phatzboy lardo : cool vid by the way!!


Justice For All lol : The more media fictionalises their lives the more famous they tend to become.

ekinoks : please put this on spotify

Turtleproof : Why not a singer that sounds like Swift trying to sound like Durst?

Mike Ullery : The video editing for this vid was freaking genius

Kirsten Anderson : You win the internet for this gift from the gods. LOL A million Scottish Folds to you!

OldSchoolLimp : Damn, she actually said all that in real life?

Bear Bear : What am I watching??? XD

legitpotato : damn, the edge is so slick I almost almost slipped.

Nate2099 : funniest shit I have seen in a while and i love LB

STVODVIL : What the hell did I just find? The End Scene is kind of terrifying, that it's funny.

Taco Johns : This has nothing on Indie Alex Jones

Frosty Coffee : What the fuck is this

Hot Lorence : So you think your cooler than me? Doesn't that mean I'm hotter than you?

Alexander Adrian Vargas : Best ad I've seen on YouTube.

Unkanian : Get the fuck out of my suggestions.

david stevens : This is perfect! I LOVE IT!!!

Alana McIntyre : I have passed this video for so long but I have to say I thought that was katia from rupaul on the thumbnail not Taylor swift

Niko Bellic : the guys that brought you Hillary Clinton the meme queen have made this sick banger.

Jason Atlas666 : I am officially the biggest Swift Bizkit fan I would buy an album of this lmao now I wanna hear a bizkit mix of trouble

john Con : Can anyone else not stand this over dramatic witch I can't stomach her

alright : why is this an advertisement under all videos I watched I thought it was a fucking buzzfeed thing but wow

Uavida Vida : I laughed so hard I dropped my phone in between the wall and the bed

Mr. Game & Watch : Blah blah blah This is better than Taylor's music Blah blah blah Give me likes

Brony korn : Since you're gonna do this, at least make a korn one

ElJAsok : This is actually better than anything swift has ever done.

CadenPlayzRoblox 101 : How is this shit funny

Pavan Poojari : This is a combination of Nookie, Click click boom, breakstuff etc.

Derek Cartman : So much better than "look what you made me do".

_ _ : This is actually funny.

Smokey Jef : Dunno why people hate this song, this shit is fucking amazing.

Jasmine Williams : It's more important to be edgy and sexy and cool than anything else.

Kitsch Puffer Fish : *OMG look at all the dislikes from the fanboys and fangirls of Taylor lol*

NJBoden : Damn, now I have go out to the backyard and dig up my old Limp Bizkit albums

Matt Rucker : I fucking hate her so much