[ AMV ] Numinous「60 fps」

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Otzdarva : Holy shit this was good.

ReDaX™ : Dope

Gungnir29 : DAMN this is incredible, amazing work!

Brain Bleach : Quoting gigguk "Who hurt you?" seriously the insane amount of editing and time that must have went into this must be insane. Congrats to your dedication and well done

Kamryn Rowe Boyle : Praise be to Gigguk, for showing me my two favorite types of AMV can be one and the same!

Albino : that was pretty sick

Natsu Dragneel : Heyo, I'm here from Gigguk's vid but would you mind telling me what editing software you use? You're so inspiring!

Goldgust : The goosebumps when the guardians at the gate plays is real. The intensity is unreal. Fantastic job.

Mental Challenger : K

Adweya Dalvi : Gigguk literally doubled the view count in 2 days. 250k to 500k. Lets take this product of love to a million.

Funimation : This is amazing

VR Anime Geeks : 😱😳

Conscious - Animusic : anyone here from gigguk?

naruto alif : Gigguk send me here :) stepped upon a masterpiece

Loli Pat : my heart is pounding so hard from this good stuff

Windii : I have rewatched this like 10 times already it's so cool. It makes me want to make something cool, too. After Effects is something I never dared bothering with because it's such a daunting beast to fell, but I can see how epic works like these can be made out of it.

Thien Thong Tran : beautiful <3

Atlantean : How did this fly under my radar. THANK YOU GIGGUK! This was amazeballs man. On my 11th replay on my big screen. More More.

Doug_T. : god tier editing

Syaauqi Tsammraa : You deserve more subs

Animator22 : Trippy but the editing so SO WELL done!!

Ricardo Blanco : Amazing!!

Lucky Paola Studios : This is so beautiful... I feel like watching a smooth HD 3D 60 FPS... why doesn't this have millions of views!?! I just found out about this video today thanks to Gigguk!

Xx BlueElectriCity xX : Gigguk brought me here. Great work.

Andrew Zhao : holy f***ing god this was so well animated and synced sooo well This needs more views

Lakanus : Watching a HD video in 60fps in HD in 60 fps. *YES*

YaBoySev Gaming : Where can I watch evangelion in this high of quality and fps

Legojake94 : gigguk sent me here

FreezerMCX : Holy macaroni thats sooo smooth

Jacqueline Okeke : DAMB

XyerDark : Did you use a slow motion tool to simulate 60 frames? Because holy shit this smoothness is out of this world.

Sunflower Prince : the headache that this video gave me was 100% worth it thank you for my life mother

callum Mackinley : Amazing absolutely amazing😲👍

Seb Bailey : anyone here from gigguk??

I'm that 1 Cripple Kid : think I just eyegasemed thanks Gigguk I've been around the AMV community for awhile now and I don't know why I never saw this holy hell

Sloan The Female Otaku : Just saw this at AFO, I voted for it. Fantastic job, and I'm glad you won!

sagar chowdhary : Came back here to say hello to my old friend

MrCarGuy20 : You really need to make these again. Make them regularly.

Rustam Eynaliyev : @MrNosec - this is amazing - please make more! You have a great talent!

Akame-San : After the drop I stopped breathing woah!

Crawmarex : HOLY MOLLY I think I've found my new favourite video, Awesome job! Also mind if I use the music from it?

Ape Trvp Visuals 猿 : omfg awesome men!

Langarang : Other than your fabulous use of frame interpolation it's very obvious you have a great sense of musicality. Every beat (and off-beat) was a great, new moment. Basically, this was the TITS. Major props dude!!

Anime Supreme : This is so good i had to recommend it to all my subscribers

Takeuchi DS : So fkin Powerful , This is GODLIKE... aaaaand you do DS content .... luv u dood <3

atenahena : Congratulation on being mentioned in super eyepatch Wolf’s new video!

Edd Sou : Eyepatch, fellas.

Hamza Zouichi : Thanks to gigguk and ty for ur great work

The Warpten Show : Thank you Gigguk.

Sam Zheng : Gigguk