[ AMV ] Numinous「60 fps」

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MrNosec : Please note that this video was edited and intended to be watched at 60fps, which is only provided in the HD options, as a few scenes don't display correctly and some animations simply don't appear at all in a lower framerate. If you would like to watch it how it's supposed to be watched, download the Alternative version from one of the links below (1080p@60fps 10 bit color depth - 632MB): Direct Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!WQ1GWRZb!-UxSmnNifyowiJBdSVZH9v273PCrFTTtyghtMkDHit0 Video on Akross: http://www.akross.ru/index.cgi?act=video;id=4853;l=e Video on AMVnews: http://amvnews.ru/index.php?go=Files&in=view&id=8250 Video on AMV.org: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=201731

Funimation : This is amazing

Hamza Zouichi : Thanks to gigguk and ty for ur great work

Animator22 : Trippy but the editing so SO WELL done!!

Sloan The Female Otaku : Just saw this at AFO, I voted for it. Fantastic job, and I'm glad you won!

Otzdarva : Holy shit this was good.

Anime Supreme : This is so good i had to recommend it to all my subscribers

[XXXbloodyrists666XXX ] : Gigguk sent me here bois. Now I'm hoping he managed to inspire more people to do AMV's because this is just glorious.

Edd Sou : Eyepatch, fellas.

PC_Principal _PC : This should be used as a pitch to studios to hire you for making trailers. Seriously this is a better pitch for evangellion than the anime itself.

Albino : that was pretty sick

The Warpten Show : Thank you Gigguk.

Galehad : Here from eyepatchwolf and i have to say, this amv really changed my mind on these types of videos. I tend to see a good fair of amvs as meme fuel, and the flood of unedited action scenes over nightcore doesn't really help. This though... this really gets my blood flowin'!


demonman905 : Literally my only critique is that this isn't in 4k so I can just binge watch this on repeat on my 4K TV. I want my eyes to bleed from the sheer glory that is this video.

Windii : I have rewatched this like 10 times already it's so cool. It makes me want to make something cool, too. After Effects is something I never dared bothering with because it's such a daunting beast to fell, but I can see how epic works like these can be made out of it.

Lisa Marie M : Well.. That was impressive. Eyepatch never disappoints.

DrollOrchid : Hands down one of the best AMVs I’ve ever seen

Kaisa Watson : Usually amvs have lower quality than that of the source material. How could this look better than the source material ? How is this possible ? Am I witnessing a miracle ?

intylerwetrusted99 : Absolutely amazing AMV....GIGGUK's video today reminded me why I spent so much of my youth watching these....the quality of this blows my mind!!

XyerDark : Did you use a slow motion tool to simulate 60 frames? Because holy shit this smoothness is out of this world.

murcielago Batman : Such smooth quality. Smoother than a baby ass

menkara gamble : Gigguk probably gonna boost the views into the millions, because it sure as hell deserves it.

Malazan27 : 2:36 - I see you FMA: Brotherhood Clip you can't hide from me

Kamryn Rowe Boyle : Praise be to Gigguk, for showing me my two favorite types of AMV can be one and the same!

Valerian : This shit be trippin BUT ITS SO GOOD Great job man and u have Super Eyepatch Wolf to thx for recommending ur channel

Mithun Mustakine : So I got to See 4.0 already. Noice

GrassEaTER : This was actually good Super Eyepatch wolf sent me here

Pajama Wrestlers : Shout outs to Supereyepatchwolf. This just stroked my AMV memberberries and gave me chills. This editing is incredible. More more more

Meiki Reid : I soo glad Super I patch wolf sent me here

Jordan Barkley : The use of FMA and Animatrix clips was inspired.


Natsu Dragneel : Heyo, I'm here from Gigguk's vid but would you mind telling me what editing software you use? You're so inspiring!

Joseph Gibson // jubjubird : Sent here by Eyepatch Wolf. Didn't regret it one bit.

King Weeb : Almost makes me want to rewatch the rebuilds, almost.

Adweya Dalvi : Gigguk literally doubled the view count in 2 days. 250k to 500k. Lets take this product of love to a million.


Lakanus : Watching a HD video in 60fps in HD in 60 fps. *YES*

FBI : Quoting gigguk "Who hurt you?" seriously the insane amount of editing and time that must have went into this must be insane. Congrats to your dedication and well done

Harsh Panwar : Who's here from Gigguk?

TheJOBeffect : Thank you Super EyePatch Wolf for directing me to this work of art.

AdaraTheShallot : eyepatch wolf brought me here

parsa asgari : I hereby thank Super Eyepatch Wolf to recommend such beautiful thing. Pretty great job MrNosec. just great. i really wondered, how did you make such great slow-mo effects with the footage of the movies? or , mayber you made 3d representations of EVAs or Atsuka or Shinji etc,. is it the case? Please tell me! i'm dying of curiosity! I would like to give this thing a shot. did some videomixes on Metal Gear Solid V, but, was bad. This thing however, adapted the whole stuff into the song. woven into actually.

Patrick Crosby : God tier

Mr Wise Guy : Here from gigguk's video

Abhorrence : Hey man, you changed my opinion about AMV s with a single video. I see a hell of a lot of effort in this and i want to thank you for that

Autumn Hardman : I literally have never seen an AMV like this in my life and I’m so glad I got the chance to see something this well done and put together

Masha Zl : I watched this three times in a row because it's just so good and I got goosebumps every time..you are a god

Dan : Eyepatch sent me here

Kibitzer : bruh my eyes trippin on acid rn