interstellar - years of messages scene

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I'm Batman Man 39 : Just cried again watching this scene. Just so powerful!

MalASMR : It still makes me SO DAMN SALTY that this movie was totally overlooked during awards season. This scene, among about a thousand others in this movie, literally shook me to my core. I have yet to find a movie that affects me as much.

King of the Anals and the Fist Men : I still can't believe how similar both the child and grown-up actors of Cooper's kids look. It's seamless.

Chazwozel1 : He finds out he has a grandchild and that said grandchild died within the span of a few seconds. Let that sink in.

Dwayne De Vera : the oscars were an idiot not nominating this man for best actor in 2014

L Pendergast : For all the memes and jokes people make. This is actually a really powerful scene. Makes me respect Matthew McConaughey as an actor even more then I already do.

CegeRoles : Time waits for no man...but death is waiting for everyone.

Rez : So Adam Savage felt that this movie was cold in story? No emotion?! This is one of the few, if not ONE, movie that's moved me so close to tears.

aDinoSupremacist : TARS, set crying to 100%.

Mad Tad : If you want to break a man, that's how it's done.. definetly.

Masster Gunnz : "I met another girl dad...I really think this is the one" 😄😀😊😌😓😥😢😢😭

Kurt Shadow Caster : He has become a master in the art of acting

John Greed : get this man an award for this scene!

Wobbly : This is one of the those great moments that I think only science fiction can provide.

jonhanderton : i think the saddest thing is that his kids are talking to a ''ghost''. the ghost of their father....This is a terribly sad scene

tom campbell : I remember sinking down into my movie theatre seat and crying uncontrollably at this scene. That has never happened to me in a movie.

Isaac Shrum : Pure movie magic. Nolan makes the kind of films I crave. They'e brilliant, ambitious, visually stunning, but always have a heart and soul. The genius of this film is that love is the weightiest force of all, more than gravity, relativity, or time. 

Márcio Almeida : This scene is one of the most emblematic I have ever seen in my life. The initial facial expression is a smile caused by expectation and curiosity by reviewing their children, but what he sees on the screen turns his face from mere curiosity to joint pain, caused by the prolonged absence and finally burst into tears, which only who lost someone or see not long ago, you are able to feel ... great scene! great performance, Mathew!

Deadlyaztec27 : As an immigrant who cannot go back to where I am from, to the people that cared about me... This scene is too real. I told them I would come back- I'm not going back, it's not possible, it would be throwing away everything I've worked my life to do. How can you tell the people that love you that you are gone forever? That the promises were lies? It is too much.

Micah Snow : Oh my gosh I was not expecting to cry again and I did...

William Wiest : 23 years!!  It's bad enough catching up on work emails after a week or two vacation...

Tuco Ramirez : one day one of my friend told me that it was a shame that a guy like Matthew Mc Conaughey won the Oscar and Leonardo Caprio did not. i answered him to watch this.. now he doesn't say anything.

farizdanialz : .. Birdman Box office = $103M, 4 oscar Interstellar Box Office = $672M, no oscar. wtf?

R3TRO PLAYZ : Is it sad that I cried more than Cooper in this scene?

Vince Millz : i lost it when he saw his grandaughter but when he saw his daughter i was bawling

fraa Astat : Time dilation is so cruel...

traven64 : This is why I love Christopher Nolan don't get that happy get realistic..yet satisfactory loveable sad/happy endings's just amazing

starfcy : Why can't I hold all these tears?

PotterLatina : Matthew deserved another Oscar just for this scene, so touching… 😭😭😭😭😭

Joe Somerville : Tom "letting go" of Cooper after he's been quiet for so long struck me as strongly symbolic of God, and how people can be tempted to let go of hope in him when they don't see his impact on their lives. I thought it was a powerful metaphor in this respect, aside from the theme of time.

Rob Jr. : Watched this movie for the first time ever. I don't think I've ever been so mentally emotional and fucked up by realizing something from this scene specifically.... This movie blew my mind away

Cosmic86x : this movie had a great story line, great actors and acting performances, fantastic special effects, one of the best soundtracks of all time (in my opinion), great directing, great cinematography, etc. Why only 1 Oscar?!

Viq : That Father Daughter relationship is so powerful in this movie.

Anthony Poschet : One of the best movie scènes of the last 20 years. An incredible Matthew and an even more beautiful soundtrack. Wow!

Ben Knight : i don't get how people can completely hate a film that has a scene that's as well edited and well written as this, just put yourself in coopers shoes and imagine missing a good 20 or so years of your familys life in a heartbeat and then watching what is pretty much a 4 minute summary of what you missed on a small monitor, deaths and all. not only doing that but seeing your own family practically declaring you dead right to your face, emotionally this is possibly one of the worst situations someone could end up in. Christopher Nolan may not be a perfect director (heck, find me one that is and i'll post him or her a Ben & Jerrys) but i'd say he's as close as damn it

gtgoskate : People like to make fun of this scene, some of the reaction videos with it are indeed funny, but this is also incredibly brilliant and well done. To imagine having to watch my kids grow up through a screen over the course of 23 years....not being able to respond back and to have it only feel like 3 hours from your perspective.....shit is heartbreaking man. One of the most brilliant scenes from any movie of the 21st century in my opinion

Phoenix Prime : I cried during this scene, and a few others. The relationship between Murph and Cooper kind of reminded me of my relationship with my own dad.... :'(

habibiak : In cinema I tried so hard not to cry, we all did.

Lycan : There's an old movie directed by Makoto Shinkai called voice in the distant stars, it is nearly identical in terms of plot to this scene, it's about a girl leaving earth while her boyfriend stays and keeps sending her messages through years, although each time she gets farther away and the messages take longer to arrive, it's heart breaking.

Marcelo Souza : I was sobbing pretty bad in the movie theatre watching this...but so was a lot of people during this scene

Radheksa Bintang Akbar : I think the whole movie is an emotional roller coaster. It would be really sad to see the earth, our home devastated, our people in such a weakened state, yet we still desperately seeking for solution.

Ben NeJame : I remember first watching this scene and thinking that Cooper was gonna finish watching the tapes and THEN everything would kinda hit him at once and he would breakdown, and all of a sudden it cuts to him and he's just losing it, they chose the perfect time to make that cut too, made the scene have an even bigger impact

Michael Otis : People said McConaughey was miscast?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! This scene alone...not since the "I could have gotten more" from Schindler's there are really heartless viewers and critics out there!!

ashli674 : I saw an interview a while back where they asked Matthew about this scene and he said that he went to that place, the place where he would never have seen Levi, Livingston, and Vida again and that was how he got the emotion out.

Tam Koeberle : Coop born in 2031 Tom born in 2052 Murph born in 2057 Coop leaves earth in 2067 Coop turns 39 because of 3 year journey to the wormhole - 2070 Millers planet - 23 years 2093 - Murph is the same age as coop when he left (36) 2093 Coop is 62 Spends another 62 years by visiting Manns planet and also entering the tesseract as he went over the event horizon of the black hole with TARS. 2155 - He is now 124 - Murph is 98 when she dies at the space station orbiting Saturn. Seem accurate?

Rob Jr. : Time is a valuable thing, watch it fly by as the pendulum swings.

Rage Phil : Never cried so much in my life.

Deadlyaztec27 : As an immigrant who cannot go back to where I am from, to the people that cared about me... This scene is too real. I told them I would come back- I'm not going back, it's not possible, it would be throwing away everything I've worked my life to do. How can you tell the people that love you that you are gone forever? That the promises were lies? It is too much.

Abdullah Mahmood : This scene is actual acted ever...

Commander Shepard : 3:52 "activision after new trailer of BF 1" ^^