When you turn in your suicide note instead of the essay

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LongBeachGriffy : 1 Million views! Wow, thank y'all so much.

Ryan Smith : i’m dead *and so is mr. griffin*

•Itz Shelly Chan• : Mom: oh no! He killed himself! Dad: And there is a note here. It says..Abraham Lincoln was assassinated??

CenTz : That teacher motivated him even more. what a nice teacher

_ Fresh_Geek_ : Imagine his parents finding the essay on the edge of his bed after commiting suicide 😂😂😂

- Shiroyasha - : Welcome back to _"Why is this in my recommended"_ Episode 137

ferna2294 : He was dead inside now he´s deader.

It'sGoowop Time : There was actually a time where a dude jumped off a cliff,drank poison,put a rope around his neck and tried to shoot himself. He Accidentally shot the rope fell in the ocean vomited up the poison and survived then got pneumonia and died.

cal adam : hate when this happens

Undertale Fan : Death note be like, Uh, you forgot to write your name.

Thetruth yousee : My life is a cycle of dizasters.

Aizya : did he go home tho?

Freya Watson : *When your mother finds you're writing a suicide note instead of that eight page essay*

BLU3_ST0NE19 : Legend says he is still out there turning in the wrong papers.

victoria Garcia : Lmao my friends and I were joking around about me being a "grammar Nazi" one day. (which I'm actually not) They said that if one of them were to write a suicide letter I would read it, notice all of the mistakes, then say "how tragic........they died not knowing proper grammar" this video accurately explains what they were saying I would act like 😂😂

Picsque : Sponsored by Grammarly

Morgan Lemons : So EFFIN true...i would know ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)

Hermione Granger : *suicide rate rises by 3000%*

Dropping 2020 in every video : Suicide intensifies..

Hailey xx : Well damn. Didn't expect the from the Teacher. Probably the reason he wrote that suicide note.

Linnie Lane : Bruh, this dude has 666K subscribers lmfao

Kawaki : I'm dying from laughter right now

TheGamingFan : When you accidentally turn in the names of all the BTS members instead of homework

Heavens Priorities : Actually Commits suicide * Professor “He WaS A GoOd KiD AlwAys ParTiCiPaTeD neVer LAtE, I WoUld Of NeVEr GuESsEd He WaNTed To KiLl hIm self”

SamiraXox : That teacher's... nice

TheShadowLord007 : this is so relatable, omg now the teachers think im depressed and im in therapy smh hashtag relatable

Fandom Switchers : This sounds like Middle School and High School teachers.

Alex : Hannah Baker is that you?

Shareece’s World : This is terrible😂😂😂 in a good way and bad way this would be a good rap tho😂

Cabecool10 / Skelemaster767 : *YOU KNOW THIS MR. GRIFFIN*

Nathaniel Russell : This is comedy gold. Glad to see comedy still exists in 2018

D3R3K : "that's a run on sentence." 💀

Molly Brooks : Lol I cut Fruits and vegetables like a good child 😂 And my skin…

Just a dude who likes Dbz : Him in this mind: *Dis teacher dumb or what?*

Monter Moner : This dark lol

Jesus Lugo : 5.7k snowflakes and rising

hotcakes w/butterandsyrup : it be like this sometimes

No Name : I actually accidentally did do this once, my teacher never gave a fuck but threw it away in the trash. However, the SRO saw the note and she came to the classroom and called my name, instead of putting me under arrest for self suicidal thoughts (Yes, that's actually a crime for many reasons.) she gave me a hug and took me out to lunch and discussed what was happening at 2012, I was just 11 by the time that happened when my parents were not caring and I constantly were being mocked and constantly attacked by the teachers just because I'm indifferent. Thank you Officer Betsy for giving me courage and relief, and thank you for giving me the reason to be a Officer, Rest in Peace. :)

Ceann MaGraff : How my parents handle my mental illness

Jonathan Yanesa : The only thing worse than a dead nibba, is an illiterate, dead nibba.

A Drum Tsukumogami : *Ey Lois, remember the time i turned in my suicide note instead of the essay?*

Haxy Go : When you're already Dead and someone Killed you.

Amadi Tsukino : Hey, to anyone reading this, hope all is well Just wanna say you’re wonderful and great I hope you’ve got support systems out there Sorry if this is awkward or anything

Justice Menzock : This popped up in my recommended and I thought this was gonna be a serious video.

Kaley of the Brute Force Federation : Sounds about right.

epic ride 786 : I wanna give him a hug

G_Boy : LMAO!

Will Taylor : I love relatabale content

Breanna Wilkins : No, but seriously...Griffey are you okay?

Rekken and Yu : I really, really hope this video is monetized