When you turn in your suicide note instead of the essay

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LongBeachGriffy : 1 Million views! Wow, thank y'all so much.

ferna2294 : He was dead inside now he´s deader.

FoodIsBae : “That’s a run on sentence!” *Don’t worry sir I won’t be running on for long.*

Ai Kaun : commits suicide and the professor still be like " Oh My God, first an essay with grammatical errors, now he's missing class? What's wrong with this kid? He better be dead or something." lol

killerkeegstar : Mother: o-oh my god!! He killed himself! Father: and there's a paper here... George Washington was the first president of the United states...

Haxy Go : When you're already Dead and someone Killed you.

Gilbey Rubio : Your eyes are huge when you put on glasses xD

Revolution : Teacher: 0:49 Dude •Kills hisself• Teacher:•goes to funeral• But I still give you a C-

dario Chavez : When you accidentally turn in your plan to shoot up the school😂😂😂😂

cuhrissa : When you already knocked down in Fortnite and they keep shooting you

D3R3K : "that's a run on sentence." 💀

joohyun my bae : *guy dies* teacher: “you forgot the full stop”

Thunder Productions : What did you expect? He's an english teacher, not a religion teacher.

Blaze91827 : This actually goes pretty deep. Teacher focus so much on how we are writing something, but not what we are writing about.

R3CYCL3BIN : This shit lowkey deep

road to 500 lbs squat : And then he suicides and leaves the essay on his bedroom

Commie : When you turn in a essay instead of a suicide note

Crowtem : Doki doki griffy club

Cornelius Adams : yooooo this is the unreleased tape from 13 reasons why. 💀

K Tech : *If there was a painless way to die, I would have killed myself a long time ago.*

Ryan Smith : i’m dead *and so is mr. griffin*

I selled my wife for interned connecton : Then kills him self and parents be like "he killed himself and all he left us was this essay?!"

Thetruth yousee : My life is a cycle of dizasters.

Iza Leonie : This is some 13 reasons why vibe right here!

Ms. Victoria : This is what it’s like in private school. They don’t care about your mental health at all and all they want is for everyone to have all A’s

G_Boy : LMAO!

Brianna Lapin : my essay was basically a suicide note. both of my teachers talked to me separately concerned. and i said its just an essay from my deep thoughts. i did writing meditation, never have i had thoughts so uncontrolled. i didnt edit much of it because i felt what is the point if i was told to do writing meditation.

Elise Adjeroh : Mr. Teacher welcome to your tape

Mawtu da warrior : If Baldi was an English teacher

Cabecool10 / Skelemaster767 : *YOU KNOW THIS MR. GRIFFIN*

hotcakes w/butterandsyrup : it be like this sometimes

cal adam : hate when this happens

Genevive E. : That end literally knocked the air out of me.Oml I didn't know what to do, all I could do was sit there frozen XD

TheGamingFan : When you accidentally turn in the names of all the BTS members instead of homework

Vondo Crazy : "Jump off a cliff and shoot yourself in the face" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lmao that sounds like a plan actually. The cliff, just in case the bullet doesn't kill u, and the bullet, just in case the fall doesn't kill u🤣

Fandom Switchers : This sounds like Middle School and High School teachers.

1,000 Subs With Memes : Try not to copy my homework exactly. Me: Video

Dropping 2020 in every video : Suicide intensifies..

Axx93 : Most comments here have 1k plus likes

Adolf Hitler : I don't know how you can get killed even though you're already dead.

Aizya : did he go home tho?

Cody Proctor : Very Relatable. (Cries inside)

It'sGoowop Time : There was actually an time where a dude jumped off a cliff,drank poison,put a rope around his neck and tried to shoot himself. He Accidentally shot the rope fell in the ocean vomited up the poison and survived then got pneumonia and died.

Booty Tree Back Meat : I don’t even think my teachers would care honestly

kyng kxng : Did he say then u kill ur self😂😂.after he was all ready planning on doing that😂

Morgan Lemons : So EFFIN true...i would know ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)

Smoked Kabob : Who writes out their suicide notes anymore lmaooo it’s 2018

FluteDellie : Luckily for me my teacher is the kindest... nothing like this ish

hey it's •ArYn• : Why are those yellow demons in the background 🤔

Alerta Romaniei : Why would "my" have to be capitalized?