When you turn in your suicide note instead of the essay

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LongBeachGriffy : 1 Million views! Wow, thank y'all so much.

G_Boy : LMAO!

Gilbey Rubio : Your eyes are huge when you put on glasses xD

Video Game Drummer Productions : He should have used Grammarly.

I selled my wife for interned connecton : Then kills him self and parents be like "he killed himself and all he left us was this essay?!"

R3CYCL3BIN : This shit lowkey deep

ferna2294 : He was dead inside now he´s deader.

- Shiroyasha - : Welcome back to _"Why is this in my recommended"_ Episode 137

CenTz : That teacher motivated him even more. what a nice teacher

_ Fresh_Geek_ : Imagine his parents finding the essay on the edge of his bed after commiting suicide 😂😂😂

A.G : My teacher would never allow a hat on in class

Fandom Switchers : This sounds like Middle School and High School teachers.

joohyun my bae : *guy dies* teacher: “you forgot the full stop”

It'sGoowop Time : There was actually an time where a dude jumped off a cliff,drank poison,put a rope around his neck and tried to shoot himself. He Accidentally shot the rope fell in the ocean vomited up the poison and survived then got pneumonia and died.

TheGoldenGamer Girl : Mom: oh no! He killed himself! Dad: And their is a note here. It says..Abraham Lincoln was assassinated??

cal adam : hate when this happens

Haxy Go : When you're already Dead and someone Killed you.

K Tech : *If there was a painless way to die, I would have killed myself a long time ago.*

Undertale Fan : Death note be like, Uh, you forgot to write your name.

Thetruth yousee : My life is a cycle of dizasters.

Dropping 2020 in every video : Suicide intensifies..

Ryan Smith : i’m dead *and so is mr. griffin*

1,000 Subs With Memes : Try not to copy my homework exactly. Me: Video

SamiraXox : That teacher's... nice

TheGamingFan : When you accidentally turn in the names of all the BTS members instead of homework

Linnie Lane : Bruh, this dude has 666K subscribers lmfao

road to 500 lbs squat : And then he suicides and leaves the essay on his bedroom

NAYEF-M16 : Sponsored by Grammarly

Shareece’s World : This is terrible😂😂😂 in a good way and bad way this would be a good rap tho😂

Danny Levy : Anybody come back from his new video

Freya Watson : *When your mother finds you're writing a suicide note instead of that eight page essay*

Aizya : did he go home tho?

Mariah Kay : Hey where did you get the big unicorn from despicable me that’s in the closet behind you, asking for a friend 😬

faizal khan : Deepest shit ever seen that was dealt in a comical manner. 😂😂

Hater : finally a good,funny and relatable skit

TheShadowLord007 : this is so relatable, omg now the teachers think im depressed and im in therapy smh hashtag relatable

hotcakes w/butterandsyrup : it be like this sometimes

Hermione Granger : *suicide rate rises by 3000%*

Just a dude who likes Dbz : Him in this mind: *Dis teacher dumb or what?*

Smoked Kabob : Who writes out their suicide notes anymore lmaooo it’s 2018

Charles Brown : Sooooo does he want me to jump off a cliff and then shoot myself in the face before i hit impact?

Kawaki : I'm dying from laughter right now

Jason Voorhees : Suicide rate : OVER 9000!!!

Fifi_Loves_ AutumAesthetic : 😂 Edit: omg i literally cant breathe

Gonzalo : Lmao this is actually one of the funniest videos I've seen in a while. Actually made me laugh. Great video lol.

Jude & Nour : That's a run on sentence!

D3R3K : "that's a run on sentence." 💀

The King of Morons : Don't you hate it when that happens

Alex : Hannah Baker is that you?

LightningXG : Either way he still was gonna kill hisself