Obsessed With Netflix

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Gus Johnson : Oh my gosh, I'm so bad.

Knockrotter : GO LONG, CAROL

Hank Hill : The only thing I'm obsessed with is the sweet lady propane.

Matt Lowne : How many old laptops did you buy for the purposes of destroying them in videos? Great video as usual man :)

Zackamoca : I don't care if I get judged, Carol is a MILF 😍😍😍💦👌💯😩💦💦

Cocaine Aleks : Yes, I am still watching Gus Johnson, YouTube. Stop asking.

Josiah Hawkins : Clearly she hasn't gotten out of bed to shave that mustache

notfruit : I think it's safe to say Gus Johnson is the best thing to come out of the Midwest

Hank 6 : Carol is such a beautiful human

skyhunter156 : Carol is obsessed with... needs to be a series!

Caleb : 1:15 Thats actually pretty impressive.

Murpuhbuh11 : The sequel that everybody wanted, but no one asked for.

c m : Ahh so this is where patreon money goes, nice.


sir_skull : I think this was just an excuse to destroy a laptop

Jack : Please do another 500 videos about basic girls that glorify their self-destruction

Melon Dew : *lEaVe mE AlOne*

Kushal Kumar : I like his outro music. It's so soothing.

CallMe Kirin : Then there's me, without Netflix. No, I don't have friends. Why do you ask?

TGW : I feel like this video is gonna go far, I love your videos man been watching for a long while now, Thanks for doing what you do and making my day better :D

David Song : dang gus, i can't believe you changed your gender to female just for this video. wow!

Surrounded Sita : And this is going to wind up on trending. How do you trend so often and yet aren't bigger? wth Youtube!

QoryMAD : "smells like ass hole" urm...

Isaiah Rangel : I'm obsessed with your obsession videos

Sehnsucht : damn gus you looking THICC in them yoga pants

Burf : This video takes place 6 months after "Obsessed with Wine." I'm a Carol connoisseur.


Daniel Scott : Lmao who else got a Netflix ad?

Uraneum : I love this series.

MelissaRuth96 : "Go long Carol!" 😂 Looks like Carol needs some more wine.

kooschneetski : Oh no I'm in love with you

RestoreSanityFear : We need more Carol.

Qzhuo : Legend says Carroll is still looking for the pass

Jackal Unleashed : soaps and streams >>>>>hopes and dreams

- - : I actually know high school girls like this, they turn guys down on dates so they can watch netflix. Real sad

Jackaloaf : More of Carol!

SV COCONUT : i wish this wasn't me... 😧😂

Osmorosvo : You are a wonderful human being and I love you

Bentley The A10 Thunderbolt : Yes.

Mcswagernuggets 95 : It's Carole

Joshua Boone : Gus Johnson Gus Johnson Gus Johnson Obsessed with Gus Johnson

I'm GingeCastIsCool a̶n̶d̶ ̶i̶'m̶ ̶a̶n̶o̶n̶y̶m̶o̶u̶s̶. R҉i҉s҉e҉ : YOU FORGOT TO FILM IN VERTICAL

m v : More Carol videos please!

Matthew McCaffrey : Can we all just appreciate that hike

CoolMoon : Please help

Queen Bee 2219 : Literally My Life...;-;

ButtWrench : I am still confused as to who Carol is

Jek : Who's the new lady, Gus?

CodCoolerYT : Carol is taking over

JohnRaa : Your neighbours must love Carol. 🍷🍿😆