Iron Giant Secret Ending

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Destiny OGgaming : I was thinking, "where's the secret ending??" Then I saw it and laughed

TinyTV : and the likes slowly start to over take the dislikes.

BiggBadWolf _96 : Nice one Delton. Killing my childhood. xD -Biggs

The life of Young leopard : It’s edited. It’s not the real ending

Christopher Evans and Gothic Gaming and OOTDs : If that happened I would say all ships open fire and luanch the nuke.

Ethan Micallef : How DARE you! *fans hiss* oh jeesus

Conrad Monlezun : Top ten most shocking anime deaths

Janson Gander : Twisted, but most realistic ending. After all, The Iron Giant was a mass-produced thermo-nuclear war machine with Death Star capabilities. But I love The Iron Giant, even if he would've dusted Hogarth.

Lord of weapons : The title picture made me think that more iron giants were sent to earth

Zomberablack : WTF is wrong with you?

john yashima : Thats scare me!!!

Lord Farquaad : wheReS ThE eNDInG maNSLey?

Jason Ramos : Nice editing almost looked realistic if you never seen the actually movje

Bailey Chan : 0:58 the iron giant kills holgath

Conrad Monlezun : WhErE's tHe GIant MaNsLy


Unstoppable624 : He said nope

iiPrandz - Official Youtube Channel : RIP Hogarth

Maxi G. : Fucking clickbait....asshole

Spirit Harmada : Bruh, thats funny XD

mrsbobora : 0:58 rip

loolya3 : Is it ok if i couldn't help but laugh xd

TheRealFred Baer672 : POW 0:56

Punk Pin5 : Savage ×1000

Podzilla : That was hilarious

Ice Dragon : Denied

Vannila Icecream : I died.

Matthew Fresquez : Jeese braw what is your deal with killing peoples child hoods🤔

Bbeaslee : Wow 😮

Ronin : HaHaHa I'm rate stoned and was like what just happened...and had to rewind a few times. Love it! LMFAO 😂

Goblin Butter : All seems right


Good Vibes : 00:58

Biggie Cheese : Dab

unknown user : Childhood ruined

XARCANGEL14X - : Hate you

X031 : Everybody say “clickbait” CLICKBAIT!!!


River Oakes : shit

Hunter Marker-Williams : My childhood..... destroyed like Hogarth.....

Paradox Messenger : Didn't know that was just a giant pistol

Neil Eckart : “My son is out there” because being 100 yards closer to a tactical nuke makes a whole lot of difference

LiT as fuk lit : Lol

ismael hussain : I got clickbated.

jonathan szabo 11 : well ...that shocked me

Majin Ketsu : 0:57 😂😂😂 I'm done

Antasma1 : Why did I laugh?

steveN111333 : Sick !

Sambo Rambo : Ha ha ha ha !!!!!

BA : Wtf xD