Brooklyn's Last Seltzer Men | I Got a Guy | Bon Appétit

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78deathface : I really hope these guys aren't crushed by big seltzer...

Max Maker : Good luck to this guy!

dnitemarez : So this is the bottle Tom & Jerry used, to spray water at each other with!!

Naughtysauce : Hipsters have single handedly save the seltzer industry lol

Ders : Man I hate seltzer water but I want to buy a bottle from these guys just because I like them

kartika cahyani : so, this is the thing that i saw on spongebob.

The Vegetarian Baker : This is so awesome.

GhibliOmatiC : Now I want some seltzer.

sixyears : This product needs to make a come back. Not just on New York, but all over.

Oriaj : This video just now appeared in my sub box. I hope the guys that they interviewed didn’t feel discouraged by the view count in multiple days. It’s YOUTUBES FAULT, this video was great

yezbozz : kudos to the journalist for making these guys' lovable nature shine

Collin Kurzner : My great grandfather ran a seltzer truck in Long Island after immigrating in 1922

Khalood Alll : These guys makes life beautiful

Willy Wilk : i didn't know the seltzer guys dad is robert deniro

Marco Hernandez : Take a bong hit and drink some cold ass lime selzer 👍🏼

Christine Gatehouse : I used to remember the seltzer man bringing my family seltzer . I'm 50 and was raised in Brooklyn NY. My mom would store it in the basement and my younger sister and I used to have seltzer fights . What a era we were raised in , I would not trade it for the world . ❣️

Diego Vera : 3:36 from the looks she's giving to him, it looks like seltzer boy is gonna become seltzer man real soon

Psuffix : New York tap water, so tasty.

Taste the Rambo : Vice President and delivery boy at the same time

Kenny Westone : Now I want to become a seltzer man.

im sal : that cutie that made him a drink is probably the prettiest girl in nyc

Lukas Strautins : What kind of chumps take the effort to "thumbs down" this video??

delius521 : I'm watching this while drinking VINTAGE® seltzer water! Seltzer is the only kind of soda I drink. Satisfying bubbles and no salt or sugar.

alien on acid : This video didn't show up in my subscription

Adam Griss : I hope these guys get a huge boost in business because of this video. Great job for spotlighting small businesses, especially those that are family run.

Ol' Jonesy : i got a guy should def be a series

PaseoDeLaEstrella : It's great that you guys are giving these people this exposure. I hope they get more business and keep doors open for years and years.

Zach Brown : this is amazing, i really would love to support these guys, and since i live on Long Island an hour from NYC, i think i will!

Kevs Stream : Cali in the 80's all we had was "New York Seltzer". Damn i miss that stuff.

umiluv : Oooo! I had no idea that's how you made egg cream! My husband loves that drink! I'll have to try that at home! We live in Los Angeles so we probably don't have access to real seltzer like this but I'm gonna make it work.

thaprototype : They just need some La Croix flavors

No U : Why does this video have like less then 100 views?

Melissa Ugly : I love Seltzer! Plus I originally clicked because he's cute.

Dmichoacan : They’ve bribed and co-opted the morals of Kyle Kulinski

VvXXXvV : God damn hipsters

Steve Ridling : Can you come to New Zealand.. I’m in the waikato.. I would like two bottles a week please. Cheers

Stealthy elf : "Good seltzer should hurt when you drink it". Gee i wonder why your product has pretty much dissapeared.

BeeRich33 : This stuff is dirt easy to make though. I've been making it for over 30 years. Not a solid business plan. It's a service, not a product.

Chris Norman : well crap. now I've got to move back up North.

chris call : That's the part I want from a Coke, I don't crave a soda, I crave the throat burn, the throat hit.

MLKKK : Soda for hipsters.

Wildernessoutside : what a cool little story

Ethan Haas : O.o wtf 90 views in 4 days?

Madalina Stoica : We still have those in romania

Don Che : I dont like when it hurts in my throat.

Jiggly McSugertits : the water gets triple cleaned but the bottles never do

Manny : I wish them the best! Come to Miami Beach where we appreciate seltzer as much as people do in NYC.

Calvin M : I love it. So much love behind something I always thought was just a drink.

YouTube5000 : Why isn’t this way bigger than it is? It makes so much sense.

FlameCranium : i want some goddamn seltzer!! *what is seltzer?*