Jeep Wrangler Catches Fire & Burns - Overland Car Camping Trip Ends in Disaster

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gundog4314 : There would have been a lot of swear bleeps in this vid if that had been me. You're a class act Casey

QUANTRELL BISHOP : Who in the right mind when seeing their vehicle catch fire would have the time to set up cameras So he could get good angles to capture it

Isaak Stagl : The responses on this video are honestly appalling. This is the first time I have ever watched a Coyote Works video, and in no way does this come off to me as anything other than an accident. Let me try to debunk some of the ludicrous theories I am finding below, all relating to how this is an insurance scam. 1. Why did it catch on fire in the first place? Well, how many of you are familiar with the climate of where he was when this happened? Washington and Oregon have been VERY dry places for a while, especially lately with huge drought seasons these last two years. Look at how much of the West coast burned up this summer from wildfires due to droughts. He's been driving around in tall dry grass all day, certainly has been getting caught up in the undercarriage of this vehicle. Let us not forget that the engine has been operating this whole time, whether or not it was shut off a few times still does not mean it would cool down quickly. The exhaust system guaranteed would burn you if you touched it. The catalytic converters are INCREDIBLY hot devices in the exhaust system to burn off excessive fuels before exhausting gasses into the atmosphere (we're talking 400 degrees plus, on the outside of the unit. Terms double inside). Those paired with dry grass is a recipe for a fire, but let's not think about that, eh? 2. Why was he so "over prepared"? Well, he's going camping in an area he's unfamiliar with. By the sounds of it, he's been doing this for a while and knows what sort of things can happen, and especially if you're under prepared. I can only assume most of you keyboard cowboys have never gone camping, and if you did it was at some campsite, not the wilderness of a desert. 3. It's the perfect cover up because he drove to the middle of nowhere. What?! He was using his Jeep for literally what it was built and designed to do. I know it's the new norm for these JK Jeeps to be mall crawlers and soccer mom mobiles for some god-forsaken reason but little do you know this is what these vehicles are designed to do! Go off and drive around in places your Camry can't! 4. It's hard for me to believe that any of you fools actually watched this video, or at least paid attention to what he was saying. He took an image of the smoke. Literally takes 2 seconds. TWO FUCKING SECONDS. Try it for yourself. He also added that he didn't set up any recording until after the fire was too far gone. "Why did he waste all that time setting up cameras"? Considering he was going out to shoot video, there is a great chance the cameras were already on the tripods. If any of you have actually ever used a camera on a tripod you know there is no way to set it on the ground without running the risk of damaging the camera, because unless the legs are extended, the camera is vulnerable to the harsh desert floor (rocks, sand = scratching, packing charging ports/lenses/mics with sand and basically destroying a camera). If you're going to go as far as setting your tripod down in the upright position, WHY WOULD YOU NOT RECORD IT WHEN YOU'RE A "JOURNALIST" (of sorts, vlogger, same difference). 5. A lot of people have been commenting on how calm and collected he was and how that is a surefire explanation that this was planned. Or you know, he edited out the bits where he was running around pulling his hair out, screaming profanity, kicking and throwing rocks like we probably all would be if we're watching our $45,000+ (base MSRP) plus modifications and the equipment he didn't get out not factored into that price. The magic of video editing software, wow!! 6. Why didn't he grab his wallet but had his keys? Well I feel that it is not only common sense to bring your keys with you whenever you're out of your vehicle, despite if there's nobody in a 30+ mile radius to steal it without your knowledge. How about the fact that he could leave the keys in the ignition and the doors lock once he closes the door? Has happened to me a multitude of times and is the exact reason I always roll a window down if I am leaving my keys in the car OR just put them in my pocket. Why would he be carrying his wallet around when he is in the desert, as opposed to leaving it in the center console, cup holder, glove box because he knows (and anyone else with a brain) that there are no ATMs or restaurants in the middle of the desert, plus he would be running the risk of falling or dropping his wallet somewhere in the desert and not realize it until he is back in civilization, then would attempt to backtrack potentially 100s of miles to try to find a wallet? No. Just leave that shit in the car, considering you obviously don't need it. ALSO. Once you see the cabin is on fire, you don't see him go into the front doors for any reason, probably because, well you know the dashboard and front seats are on fire. This brings me to my next point-blank 7. I have seen people comment about if the engine/under carriage caught fire then how did the interior despite the obviously named "firewall" being in the way. Well it is abundantly clear to me that the people saying these things have absolutely no understanding on how a car works, which really isn't a surprise but let me clarify that for you. The firewall is not completely sealed off from the engine bay. It's biggest purpose of course is protecting YOU from a fire in the immediate sense of you will not get burnt if the engine spontaneously combusts so and gives you time to get out. There are holes in the firewall that things go through, like rubber hoses, plastic things bolt to it that will inevitably melt and fall onto the carpet, inside the dashboard and light other things on fire. Educate yourself and watch some car fire videos on YouTube and be in awe of how fast they travel, whether it's from the engine to passenger compartment, or vise versa. 8. There are multiple fire personnel commenting on this video below this comment that surely you must have scrolled past to post your ridiculous opinions. Surely those personnel could be self-proclaimed but I have my doubts. These said personnel are commending him for his efforts to create a fire line to stop the potential to start a range fire, a very realistically and terrifying situation when you're trapped in the brush. When brush is that dry, with a strong wind a fire can travel upwards of 60mph. With no vehicle to drive away from it in (considering it's on fire) you surely cannot outrun that, and he has to stay there and try to live, why would he not try to contain the fire to the best of his abilities? I don't mean attempting to save the Jeep either, that thing was written off the moment he used up the fire extinguisher. Also, he said the fire started behind the engine. Do yourself a favor and look behind the engine in your car and see how much of anything you can see, let alone try to blindly stick a fire extinguisher in there and put out flames you cannot even see. 9. Why didn't he call the firetruck/why did he call a towtruck. This is actually quite simple. he had mentioned he was at least 30 miles from pavement, but did not mention how far he was from any sort of a town. Y'all act like the fire department is right around the corner, and truthfully it's a reach assuming they would even drive 50+ miles there, and then drive the tanker out into the Sandy desert where it has a very realistic possibility of getting stuck. They're also not going to dispatch a helicopter with whatever it is because, same as the fire truck, by the time a crew responded and loaded up into a truck and drove 50+ miles, or some pilots were rounded up, a chopper filled with some sort of fire extinguishing material, the fire would have burned itself out. This of course is assuming a range fire did not start. Why did he call a town truck? Well, do you expect him to just leave a burned up Jeep sitting out in the roughage indefinitely? Do you people actually have brains in your head? I mean even a little common sense goes a long way. I shouldn't even have to type all this out but for some reason I feel morally obligated to say something on behalf of this chap who just lost his adventuring vehicle and the first thing you idiots can say is "insurance fraud" FOH. Yet, somehow you morons will still try to find a way to argue with me after Iiterally spelled it out for you.

Sergeant Zombo : A lot of people claiming it was insurance fraud. I am more inclined to believe it was not. Take this as my opinion and worth a grain of salt. But it looks like he parked the Jeep and got out after a day of driving and the hot exhaust caught the brush beneath the Jeep on fire and it spread up into the engine. I off-road Jeeps and live near a very popular off-road Park and know of several Wranglers that have burnt to the ground. They went from on fire to out of control very quickly. A couple from Florida brought their Jeep up here, sat the back end down on a rock and put a hole in the gasoline tank and it burnt to the ground. It looks like he tried to put it out and wasted his fire extinguisher only for it to flare up again and spread. He didn't start filming until the fire was so out of control that there was no point in trying to stop it. Also, the guy Vlogs for a living(Or partial living) so I don't imagine setting up a camera to film the Jeep for his Vlog would take long once you have all of the important stuff you need out of his Jeep. At some point, like he did, you have to realize the Jeep is not going to stop burning and then focus your efforts on getting everything out of it you need to survive the next few days given how far into the wilderness he was. The video seemed like a legit accident to me. Why didn't he call the Fire Department? Who knows what was going through his head as his Jeep is burning down. Maybe he didn't consider it. He probably should have but that far out, would have taken them forever to get there.

Urban Outdoorsman : I really wanted to believe this wasn't fraudulent... But I'm having trouble after a few facts gathered while watching your video. First of all you had a cell phone signal to get a hold of your friends but you didn't call the fire department. Secondly.. you had time to do filming but not get all of your gear including your wallet out of the jeep? You knew it was a survival situation but you started throwing water on the Jeep knowing it wasn't going to do anything? You found a towing company willing to go out in the middle of the bushes to retrieve your Jeep? Do you know how insanely odd that is in real world situations? No towing company would ever send somebody out there especially in a basic towing truck flatbed. Then I see you conveniently have a GoFundMe even though this was 100% covered by insurance... you say that it was for a few people that were asking about it but why wouldn't you just email them directly the GoFundMe address instead you posted on a video. There are a few slips in your dialogue in the video as well that are pretty suspect. you may be a nice enough guy but this really does not add up at all. Hopefully it's all just coincidentally looking bad and you're not doing something incredibly stupid here. Either way the bad stuff in life has a tendency to float to the surface. Good luck

IBtrollinyoufool : I’m glad you’re safe. Next time, don’t do insurance fraud.

Kevin Osteen : I...don't believe this for a minute. I know I'm going to come off as a keyboard warrior here, but whatever. Random fire starts on a car, presumably around fuel line areas, in the desert, in 2018. Dumps three gallons of drinking water on the fire? In the desert? Enough time to setup a tripod/camera? While your car is on fire? And no footage of "firefighting"? Small gasoline (presumably) fire breaching the firewall, into the passenger compartment? I don't think so. Fuel lines are never ran through the passenger compartment so they never breach the firewall. It's why its called a firewall. Calmly talking into your tripod cam as your car burns in the background? Cutting a firebreak was smart, considering you don't want to get caught torching your car I guess. Cant charge phone, but have plenty of power to run tripod lights while your tripod cam records you. Yeah ok. Brought a weeks worth of food, and 9 gallons of water, 18 days worth. Tossed 6 days worth of water on fire. So 12 days worth of water left. 2-3 day walk out, in the middle of the desert, with a weeks worth of food, 6 gallons of water, rifles, pistols, ammunition, camping gear... Yeah nah. Keeps talking about wallet, cash, license, but says he got out of the car, and put the keys in his pocket, like he always does. And is it just me, but is that one hell of a mic towards the end of the video, I can hear the "coconut water" pouring out of the bottle, into his mouth, and him swallowing it, almost like he's wearing a mic, on his collar... Knows the country, knows the land. Claims to be very familiar with it, so leads me to believe he's been through these trails before, possibly even in the same car. Yet no mention of getting high-centered on rocks or anything that could have possibly damaged the undercarriage (possibly damaging the fuel lines to and from the tank in the process). His car (Jeep Wrangler Rubicon) is one of the most well robust made vehicles for off-roading available in that form from the factory. They come with all kinds of special features, like front/rear axle lockers, skid plates, transfer case skid plates, you name it, these cars have it. While damaging/rupturing a fuel line would be possible, it would be unlikely, as they are tucked away neatly. Judging by the fire underneath the vehicle on his handy tripod cam, after the initial fire under the hood, it would appear to be a damaged/ruptured fuel line near the back of the motor. Anyways, I just think this smells fishy. Enjoy!

M McDarley : The way you talk about and drink that coconut water leads me to conclude, with 99.8% certainty, that this was an act of arson and insurance fraud. Just thinking about the kind of person that drives a Jeep into the middle of the desert with a cooler full of coconut water sends chills up my spine

Surname : Cool insurance fraud

Survival Lilly : damn it you did a really good work containing this fire. really glad you had that shovel on you. also imagine if this happens to you in a shtf situation. that is why it is important to never go alone.

Alex Peach : Hot trans fluid dripping on an even hotter exhaust... Seen it happen before it's a known issue.

Anthony W. : So many morons commenting on this video who dont regularly watch coyoteworks videos. Im glad youre okay casey, sorry about your jeep, you have taken us all on so many great adventures in that jeep its sad to see it go. Please ignore the assholes, every 13 year old now thinks theyre qualified to investigate matters of fraud just because mommy bought them an iphone that has internet access.

SandyDago : 12:02 you see the raw fuel burning on the ground... Yet no engine light was observed... A sudden - spontaneous fuel leak ? Does not pass the smell test... reminds me of the volunteer fireman going around lighting fires to be the "guy" who puts them out. This was fraud and a fraud to the subscribers.

Bitterrootbackroads : Scripted reality TV at it finest.

Sgt G : The way you conducted yourself during and after the fire, is of the highest order.

Yuki the car guy : I don't understand all the keyboard warriors below. There are so many things that do not make sense with what people are saying. The dude's whole channel is about survival, so it kind of makes sense that he knew to be prepared. Not sure how many of the people accusing have ever been in the out doors way away from the city or really any human interaction. He's an older gent so he's probably been around the block as far as knowing how to survive, how to keep a cool head, what to do, when to do it. With insurance, seems no one making comments about insurance scam understand how insurance works. "Who would go out there to grab some scrap heap"? Well the dude that's getting paid obviously. Insurance needs that back, if it is something they can get to without divers/ extenuating circumstances where it is too dangerous for a flat bed to go, then sure. They have to have it checked out for obvious flaws, since this is a somewhat known issue with the Rubicon, or anything else like tampering. Why was he so calm? Well what good does it do to panic? Again this goes back to him being an older gent, and understanding how the world works and how insurance works. Being out in the middle of nowhere, you cannot make stupid panic decisions. If you panic, you risk the chance to do something that could lead to getting hurt, or like he said in the video, spreading the fire. "He forgot his wallet, how convenient." Sorry, what? When my stuff is burning to the ground and I am in the middle of nowhere, the last thing I would think is "Oh, my wallet". Really? Is this a really big thing? Yeah it sucks, you have to re-do all those and get all that stuff back, but at that I would rather get those again, than not have enough water or food. "He has too much water and food". Wat? If you have a big Jeep like this, why would you take the bare minimum? Have you ever gone on a road trip? Need some snacks man. I didn't hear, but if he counts out his food in days, he is most likely stretching his time and how he eats. Same with water. "He is filming vs trying to save his car" He did state he tried to put it out before filming. I've had my car smoke up, I freaked too, I took a photo before too actually. It's a dumb thing, but it is more of a weird "no one will believe me" or something like that. My car didn't burn to the ground, it was just heavily overheating due to a issue with the car being driven really hard on a hot day. It happens. You can see on the hood @13:17 there is white powder residue from the fire extinguisher, so he tried to contain like so. "I've been out to the desert, it's hard, there isn't sand." Wat? Wait, What? What? A desert can only be hard if, it is a rock you are digging into, there was water present recently, or it is a seriously compressed road, or type of earth. There is a thing called a shovel, you can use it to soften up the ground by chopping at the ground. It's really not hard to do. Chop a full area, then throw on fire. Repeat. Where he is getting his earth from, it's close to the pathway, look how much dust comes up from the flat bed just driving at what looks 15-20mph. It's by no means hard earth around there. I say "earth" too because I have no idea what mineral it is. "He had all the time to save the car, but he chose to film." Honestly, he had a lot of time. Look how slow that thing is burning, look at the sky. Ever actually start a fire without lighter fluid? Plus a lot of the things used in the Jeep are plastic, they do not burn fast, also why there is so much black smoke seen. "He took breaks filming instead of trying to put the car out" Have you ever done manual labor? It's not easy to do all what he did as fast as you can without tiring. Not to mention he is doing this all rather close to a fire ground around. The fire ranges anywhere from 1300-2800 degrees Fahrenheit. Please tell me how easy that is to do while trying to keep level headed and not panic. Plus, he had a lot of time. His life was not in danger, the fire was not in danger of spreading as fast as some of you think it would, not sure where that came from as the point it goes dark rather slowly in the video. I'd take a break to not tire out when things are safe for the time being and everything is alright. Camera's don't drain battery stupid quickly by filming, tech has improved. LED light stands can last forever, seriously LED uses so little power. He told his friend that he was at that location, he had gear and chose to stay and make sure it is contained. The fire department most likely could not do jack out there. A copter would cost way way too much money for it. The dude knew and knows what to do, so he might have called and told them what was up. They probably asked him about it in a million questions if he called, and they chose that it was safe and fine. If he didn't call then whatever, he had it handled and everything is fine. He told his friend and told him he was fine, he had his gear and everything. It would most likely be very irresponsible to leave if the fire were to spread while he was there overnight. Honestly, I do understand where some are coming from, but at the same time, just because you would panic and worry about something this way vs the way he did, from the safety of your computer, is entirely different. It is easy to fight using a keyboard, than to actually do. Seriously people, chill. None of you are insurance agents or inspectors. A freaking fire chief congratulated him. He is the professional, didn't see anything wrong with it and actually complemented the dude. Sorry, I think I will side with the dude that knows how to save people's lives and most likely does it everyday. Seriously..... Professional. You are on a keyboard.... Also, No I am not a subscriber, I found this video linked on a Facebook group I follow. Just think it is BS when people are the internet cops and none of it sounds like any of them know what they are talking about. And sorry if it trails on and off in places, should make sense though if you read it all.

Buddy Brickhouse : Hey man hope you get (or got) a nice replacement, I'm sure that was very heartbreaking! :-( Wish you many new happy adventures!!! Have fun out there and stay safe friend!

Sean Haggai : So, moral of the story here is: Even a 2-wheel drive flatbed tow truck can handle the same type of Overland terrain...

BigAlnyc : Its called "Munchausen syndrome". It's a mental illness, in which a person repeatedly acts as if he or she has a physical, emotional or cognitive disorder when, in truth, he or she has caused the symptoms. ..People with factitious disorders act this way because of an inner need to be seen as ill or injured.. Named for Baron von Munchausen, an 18th century German officer who was known for embellishing the stories of his life and experiences—is the most severe type of factitious disorder. -Cleveland Clinic. He's a wannabe survivalist causing his own calamity only to be his own savior. Tune into next week when he shoots himself in the foot to show how to properly bandage a wound. Common sense out!

HappyQuails : So he buys another like the one that burned..... amazing!

Peezy Reid : seems kinda fishy. I'm thinking this is insurance fraud...

Jaime Magana : insurance scam

Armando Sturzenegger : It is hillarious how at 12:16 you put all in line those three water containers and extinguisher... like trying to back up what you say you did so obviously hahahahahahahaha dude....

Butch Cassidy : "It's a JEEP thing"

Zenas Kim : Time to buy a Toyota


Nicolas Zaroyan : This guy is camping while his Jeep is burning behind him 😂

HeroWillRose Nguyen : WOW, THE JEEP IS LOOKING NEW, AND DURABLE OFF ROAD TIRES FOR THOSE LONELY PLACES. How come so many comments indicating about "Insurance Fraud"? The entire Video filmed by Casey and no one else present at the time of the incident. Casey still mentions to get another new JEEP Robicon???

Chris Jennings : As a career Fire Chief that does a lot of rescues... you were one of the 0.000001% of people that ever has any plan for when things go wrong. Outstanding. Nice thinking with the fireline!!!. Talk about a case for having your gear ready to be pulled. Organization makes such a differnce. You were seriously a bad choice away from a desprite survival situation....

Agresivní Řidič : News about bad accident and mistake during extinguishing brought me here...

Elis : People on the internet who give their expert opinions on everything like explaining why this wasn't an accident must have never had any real world experience with anything. Your parents probably still do your washing but you are experts on anything posted on the internet. How many cars have you all lit on fire? How many cars have you seen catch fire? You dumb cunts have no idea about anything.

Surname : Love the *I N S U R A N C E F R A U D*

BajaShine : Just a suggestion & nothing against Coyote Works, For future reference get more familiar with your own catylitic converter so if it does start a fire you'll know where to look & aim your extinguisher.

Crazy Med1c : As a Fire Fighter I can tell you two things , 1 The small extinguisher you had was not going to do much, 2 Amazing job keeping your Jeep Fire From Becoming a 100,000 acre Wild-land Fire , As A JKUR owner my heart breaks for you. Good Job! keeping a Cool Head and setting a good example for your Viewers for a worst case scenario!

dunderflopp : Insurance scam.

Harpo Marx : In the early stages of the fire, you can clearly see brush burning underneath the vehicle. I think this started out as a catalytic converter fire from stopping the vehicle immediately above that brush ... and the flames from the brush started the fire in the lower engine compartment. Perhaps engine grime or brake fluid flashed ... whatever. When you work your vehicle, be conscious of where you park it. There is a video of a cop cruiser that tried to chase down a 4X4 in a field and got stuck. The brush beneath the cop car flashed and that cruiser went up in flames.

olivier bilodeau : at least you have a self made camp fire

Die Katze : Possible reasons why the fire started or cause . One , all of the 4 wheeling through brush and materials can cause a leak or a damaged fuel line . The heat from the exhaust pipe and hot materials can cause this flame up from a small fuel leak . I saw this happen years ago to a friends fathers truck . That truck went up fast . Glad you are safe man . Was a nice jeep . Keep positive .

RadicalRalph Russo : Fantastic,! You did very fine on preventing range fire,Keeping water and staying in control..I wish we could seen recovery.Those lights,No USB? You can modify them with a USB,,,..I subbed,Thank you ,E OR. A place I haven't explored looks like very tough country..The Obsidian I found chips in the Silver Island Mts of Utah,Near Bonneville.Can you Imagine the trade route many years ago to get OR Obsidian to Bonneville...TY73s

A Dad Supreme : I guess he thought "why get upset once/after the fire started and then got out of control", but honestly... if this was a murder the police would have him as the prime suspect. Think about all the videos, care and effort he put into this Jeep over time in his YouTube history and not once some serious words in anger during or after any of this. The after would be the most suspect. Instead of showing any genuine emotion, he's giving tips on survival, lol. If it was a stock Jeep, I could understand it but it wasn't. Usually in cases where the victim doesn't react to losses like "normal" people do, it raises a lot of red flags. Not saying he faked this to get a new Rubicon, but just saying if anyone was inclined to do that... here's a great "How To" for it. Middle of nowhere, no witnesses except multiple and expertly staged tripod camera shots and lighting for an audience. Anyways, it's very fortunate and extremely lucky you weren't sitting or driving it when it happened to smoke, ONLY after you stopped, parked, turned off your car and took your keys out and started filming.

nahmanini sithole : Did you save the weed dude? Tell me you saved the weed.

lashk : Jeeps have been known to auto ignite, I just had a recall done on mine to prevent it. However, this seems a little fishy to me...

Brien Wankel : This kind of disaster would put most people in a hopeless panic. You handled it awesomely with a level head, and even had the forethought to cut a fire line to help preserve the wilderness. Awesome job, if I ever find myself in a similar situation, I hope i can remain as level headed as you did!

Greg Wallace : I don't know guys.....I don't know if they are going to be able to repair it. This guy is trying to pull a fast one. I'm guessing he is late on a payment or 2 and he is looking for more youtube views.

Timothy F : All ways tell someone where you are going, you were lucky. You did have enough equipment to take care of your self

Bill Dean : After it caught on fire you really want to get another Jeep? I'd say go for a Toyota.

Guy Beaulieu : First of all sorry for your loss Casey! And for all those accusers out there saying that you should have done this and that and that you reacted in a too cool way and so on. Let me say that we all react differently when faced with such situations. Some people would have panicked and lost total control. Casey is a professional vlogger and that's what he does. He sets up cameras and records what he does, what happens around him and so on. In this case, he did what he is so used to do. Sets up the cameras after trying to do what he could to extinguish the fire. For him, as a vlogger, it was just another situation to film something that would be interesting (and it was). Remember, he is a Vlogger. That's what he does. So let the one who never sinned before throw the first stone at him. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. If he tried to set all this up in order to commit a fraud, he is better than I thought and instead of doing what he does he should get into acting because he did a super job as an actor. Again, sorry for your loss Casey and I'm glad you were not hurt. I also learn quite a few things while watching your video.

CrimsonEsso : If this was a wranglestar video it would have the same title but instead it would be about how his radiator leaked and the engine overheated. Thanks for not being a clickbaiting cuck Coyote. Love your content bud.

Anthony Laizure : Have you had any work done at Liberty Dodge. lol

Manon Mars : Would it really have been productive to run around in circles, scream, yell and have a temper tantrum? If this thing is going to burn, it's going to burn. Even if you call 911 AND they know your location, the time it takes to get out there would be time the dark. By that time the Jeep will have burned all the way down to the ground. The best thing to do is keep a cool collective mind, remove all of the gear quickly and efficiently. Hell with the Jeep, survival is priority. By the way, did anyone notice the tall scrub brush in the middle of the trail? It can easily break into pieces and lodge itself into the under carriage, including the exhaust system. I'll lay odds that's where the initial smoking came from. Look at the color of the smoke.