Jeep Wrangler Catches Fire & Burns - Overland Car Camping Trip Ends in Disaster

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gundog4314 : There would have been a lot of swear bleeps in this vid if that had been me. You're a class act Casey

Leo : „It’s still a beautiful night* sits casually infront of his actively burning Jeep😂😂 you really kept your cool! Respect!

handicapitation : I used to be a Jeep fanatic...... Until I owned one.

Pieter Hartzer : Respect for working so hard to prevent the fire spreading!

John P : people can be replaced - jeeps and equipment cost money

Jay Flat Out : Buddy I can't believe how inspirational you are. I've never seen someone so calm and collected in the face of a disaster. Well done to you sir.

Lisas PE : Jeep smoke, don't breathe that!

ThisJustin350 : More than likely, and its really common. Hot catalytic converters on dry grass. usually happens on the side of a highway, but its possible here.

Henry Jones : How many people are here just to see a Jeep burn to the ground🤣

Will Flaxington : "Shop for a new Jeep Rubicon", your's just caught fire for no reason. Move on to a Tacoma or something, but not anther huge campfire.

QUANTRELL BISHOP : Who in the right mind when seeing their vehicle catch fire would have the time to set up cameras So he could get good angles to capture it

T West : The U.S. Navy just purchased 5000 Rubicons for the 7th fleet, once they are painted gray they make perfect anchors - plus they are so ugly even barnacles won't attach to them!

T O : You dont have a jacket or a long sleeve shirt but have lights for your video

D.J. KORO : "I Don't Know Guys, I Don't Think There Gonna Be Able To Repair It" !!! LOl Mate That Is The Quote Of The Year !!! Awesome

Reece Martin : when fate is telling you, you bought the wrong car.

Michael Lee : Couldn’t believe my ears when he said he’s buying another Rubicon

Mike R : Time to get a Toyota 4Runner

MeMad Max : I smell insurance fraud. >_>

bashpr0mpt : PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: FIRE NEEDS AIR. Do not open your bonnet, or tailgate, and allow a perfect windflow for your vehicle to incinerate then expect your insurers to pay out. If this guys insurers do, he got lucky. This would be considered negligence by any underwriter. Do so at your own peril, and only if you want to enjoy the world's most expensive camp fire.

tim mcchesney : Fire was started by build up of methane gas from drinking to much coconut juice. Seen happen dozens of times.

Survival Lilly : damn it you did a really good work containing this fire. really glad you had that shovel on you. also imagine if this happens to you in a shtf situation. that is why it is important to never go alone.

KenyonKen : 8:37 That statement got real, real quick. Great video! Way to stay calm.

Anthony Rosa : Good thing he saved the marshmallows and managed to make a big signal fire.

Raymond jones : Was the fire determined were it came from as a electrician I seen some funky after market lighting and fuse protection with no grommet thru the fire wall or was it oil on exhaust manifold

John P : this is one expensive video

Nicholas Sorrentino : Pretty sure I'd switch to a Toyota after this

K Erdo : Doesn't sound genuine to me! does it?

Eaglehaslanded75 : Your exhaust header or converter was possibly touching the brush under your jeep catching it on fire.

dixler mudflap mudflap : This could have been so much worse....imagine NOT having coconut water.

ningis : best line of the video: "i dont know guys, i dont think they're gonna be able to repair it."

Crazy Med1c : As a Fire Fighter I can tell you two things , 1 The small extinguisher you had was not going to do much, 2 Amazing job keeping your Jeep Fire From Becoming a 100,000 acre Wild-land Fire , As A JKUR owner my heart breaks for you. Good Job! keeping a Cool Head and setting a good example for your Viewers for a worst case scenario!

Joe Shmoo : John Marstons house

LukeEliteGamer : You were more calm then some people when they get a scratch on their car.

Peter Venkman : So sad. Buy a 96 Bronco and call it a day

Becat B : I admire this one He is so calm throughout the incidence

TheDriftingStig : FCA quality for you!

Caleb : the homesteads was actually John Marston's

Stephen Gilstrap : How did you get The Last of Us 2 trailer 3 months early???

Richard Dean : man sorry for your loss.

Butch Cassidy : "It's a JEEP thing"

Wongburger : I've got a '03 TJ... zero issues so far... I think that there are lemons in all makes and models. Just luck of the draw.

Curtis Mcquiston : You used your head most people would not have any idea what to do in this situation good job

Jody Lawrence : I've been watching Jeeps burn down since 1997, as a long haul trucker, I literally watched ed 8 of them burn to the ground over the course of these years, you'd being the 9th. Sorry that happened to you CW. All I can offer is this nugget of info to you as evidence that perhaps you should weigh other options in place of a damned Jeep.

Korn Akopia : I saved a lot of money by switching to Geico.......... Then my jeep burned and insurance went up. {^oo^}

Ninja k : Just needed some hersheys and smores and call it a day. 🤔🤔

Dominic's Curiosity : That’s why I have a car that is new always bc that is on of my car fears.

brian2ize : Hard to see this happen man, this is why you dont wheel alone.

hail Davis : God dam bro!!!!

Sgt G : The way you conducted yourself during and after the fire, is of the highest order.

Moto Dipper : Well there's your fire 🔥