Eminem Was Confused About Winning an Award at the MTV EMAs

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Aakash Verma : The kind of music he's had produced till now gives him enough qualification to appear as a nominee for every rap award even if he's not produced anything lately because one, his shit is phenomenal and two, the others don't deserve it.

Jesus Mosqueda : He Won because he agree to go

erkan yunis : He is eminem he doesn't need to do anything

Ntinda Lumiah Mvula : Eminem has reached a point where even if he doesn't release anything and I mean anything...he can still win an award.

Brad Letourneau : 4 years later and his albums still make more sales then other rapper's 2017s albums and that's why he won best hip hop artist. Think about it

himanshu : Revival is the best hip hop music. At least for me.

BLAQK ! : How many people still love EMINEM?

Ms. Lauryn Hill : I love Walk On Water 🙏💯💗

Crystal Sounds : I would do the same, why would I give future and Drake a award.

twenden mbele : Beija is cool but i miss Alex ,Tamara Aand sexy Emily

Zay : He won because he’s Eminem.

Kristy shady : The greatest of all time

chasesonic292 : The only person that still mumbles is playboi carti and lil pump lol, mumble rap isnt really a thing no more

Akash Sah : Em's the best

just my thoughts, enjoy : Kendrick dropped rap album of the year and Eminem wins without even having an album out? Eminem can drop a 15 second song and 10 of those seconds can be of complete silence while the other 5 seconds is him repeating "Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the shit" and win a Grammy for it.

PrettyMoney 97 : He needs to drop another single and push that album into the new year

Ike : Saw alchemist in thumbnail, had to click lmao

Saul morales : eminem is great

Asmit Dcruz : This is called a mark of Respect to an Excellent Artist Eminem !!

MrCheesenipboy : As much as I love Eminem's music, I thought Kendrick should have taken this one

King Kay : This gyal is 🔥🔥🔥

Mino Xo : Yeah, and so were we

Order of Coagula : Will he did say he didn't even know how he got the award not like he took it thinking he deserved it. Em's about fair play and can admit when he doesn't deserve crap.

M S M457 : Kendrick shoulda won I think it was riged

Miss Peafairy : Awards shows are a joke now😂

#BeastMode Ralphy : Yea let get it Em cuz can the real slim shady please stand up! 😎👏👍

Oli Show : EM don’t even have to do an album to win hahaha

Female Doggy : Lmao he wins one automatically for being white and a god of rap

I know Da wae : I feel like ima get hype and cry at the same time while listening to his album

Ken Taylor : It was fan voted

Cristian Marin : So was I And Btw Skylar Grey> Beyonce

gagan khanna : Duh? Don't you people know that there is a way commonly known as 'voting' which was used as a method of choosing the winner

TOMMY.TV : "Eminem's new album doesn't have a release date"... it comes out this Friday November 17th.

KarnageShot : He won because new rap is gay, why do people think trap is good. New rap isnt great

Archer : Beija a snack

Mike Tank Brown ll : I love Em, but you can't tell me he deserves an award for this year over kendrick and Jayz. They both dropped albums this year. Even if you don't think kendrick or jay deserved to win it. Em definitely didn't need to be even in the category. I'm guessing he'll win it next year too.

Outspoken Mike : If it's white privilege... than why didn't Malone win?... he's a newer act.... maybe em got it because of his legacy.... I'm not saying that's right.... I'm just saying this white privilege bullshit is overplayed and I'm a Latino saying this

r_u_stilldown : beija you so fine!!!

Ronnie9P : stop being confused about this, eminem is the artist of the 21st century, period

J Victor : Beija is so hot

govind bajwa : Kendrick Lamar should of won

Izanee Price : Eminem is a 🐐

Sidisbored : 0:55 you can see the green screen through her hair lol

Cocfever Clan : Stop talking i love you already.

Philippe Leeroy : Beija I love you so much baby. .

Carlos Abadie : Dis man so good he won an award without even trying💀

Chiraq Benji : It was staged

Melody Brown : EMA are fan voted and Em has a large and loyal fanbase so of course he's gonna win but he never should've been nominated in first place, he's been inactive for years. That award should've went to Kendrick.

Kristy shady : Legacy continues

apocalipcy1987able : Hell yea Eminem is a legend