Eminem Was Confused About Winning an Award at the MTV EMAs

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Aakash Verma : The kind of music he's had produced till now gives him enough qualification to appear as a nominee for every rap award even if he's not produced anything lately because one, his shit is phenomenal and two, the others don't deserve it.

erkan yunis : He is eminem he doesn't need to do anything

twenden mbele : Beija is cool but i miss Alex ,Tamara Aand sexy Emily

Ms. Lauryn Hill : I love Walk On Water 🙏💯💗

Kris shady : The greatest of all time

PrettyMoney 97 : He needs to drop another single and push that album into the new year

Based Ike : Saw alchemist in thumbnail, had to click lmao

King Kay : This gyal is 🔥🔥🔥

Akash Sah : Em's the best

Saul morales : eminem is great

celebrity vines : Revival is the best hip hop music. At least for me.

DOTTHAKID : Kendrick dropped rap album of the year and Eminem wins without even having an album out? Eminem can drop a 15 second song and 10 of those seconds can be of complete silence while the other 5 seconds is him repeating "Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the shit" and win a Grammy for it.

#BeastMode Ralphy : Yea let get it Em cuz can the real slim shady please stand up! 😎👏👍

Tony G.O.A.T : I feel like ima get hype and cry at the same time while listening to his album

Crystal Sounds : I would do the same, why would I give future and Drake a award.

Archer : Beija a snack

Ken Taylor : It was fan voted

gagan khanna : Duh? Don't you people know that there is a way commonly known as 'voting' which was used as a method of choosing the winner

Jesus Mosqueda : He Won because he agree to go

MrCheesenipboy : As much as I love Eminem's music, I thought Kendrick should have taken this one

Christina Mathers : He's the fucking GOAT how would he NOT win???? All he gotta do is fart on a record and itd still be way better than drakes ghost written music! Tf?!

J Victor : Beija is so hot

r_u_stilldown : beija you so fine!!!

Jr. ae : Lol he white duh

Ntinda Lumiah Mvula : Eminem has reached a point where even if he doesn't release anything and I mean anything...he can still win an award.

Philippe Leeroy : Beija I love you so much baby. .

Cocfever Clan : Stop talking i love you already.

Kris shady : Legacy continues

Oli Show : EM don’t even have to do an album to win hahaha

Carlos Abadie : Dis man so good he won an award without even trying💀

chasesonic292 : The only person that still mumbles is playboi carti and lil pump lol, mumble rap isnt really a thing no more

Ronnie9P : stop being confused about this, eminem is the artist of the 21st century, period

KillinGaming1 0 : what is this chick talkin about or the guy that does the research?!? hes album coming out in 4 days on the 17th

DeAndre White : Sorry y'all, but Skyler is way better on that track than Beyonce. Not hating on either artist, but Bey sounded kind of generic 💯

apocalipcy1987able : Hell yea Eminem is a legend

Eddie Suarez : The industry triying play with his emotions before his album is even out That's some evil shit right there

M S M457 : Kendrick shoulda won I think it was riged

King Kawayne : Eminem - White America

PhiLo : That one walk on water verse was trash and sounded shitty

John Plaza : Eminem = inspiration on alot of celebrities

Matthew Jeffery : Probably the same reason he won a Grammy for relapse. smh

V Shyne : Love em genuinely happy for him but he didn't do much this year which brings me to say imagine if all these black artists were white u know how much awards they'd be winning? Nothing validates "awards" from these award shows

Darealkingrichard : WHITE PRIVILEGE on full display,he was even surprised! Idk why tho,he's admitted to it,enjoyed it & benefitted from day one! #AmerikkkaDoesntWantToChangeFromItsPast

nurudeen akinpelu : Yea. Classic

MexicanCat316 : Isn't November 17th the album date?

Max Biscarr : umm the release date is november 17th folks

Fondzenyuy Anthony : legends remain legends dey never change

zeri zeri : to all the "stan" out there... our king has been rivived....

Gregory Parker : he is Eminem a rap god that's why .pure genius there is no one messing with Eminem ever.don't get it twisted there are alot of great lyricist but none can match Marshall

harun farah : Yo I bump heavy to Eminem. But drake, post malone and others have been working hard.