Eminem Was Confused About Winning an Award at the MTV EMAs

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BLAQK 1/1 : How many people still love EMINEM?

Crystal Sounds : I would do the same, why would I give future and Drake a award.

Xay. As in Zay : He won because he’s Eminem.

Mino Xo : Yeah, and so were we

twenden mbele : Beija is cool but i miss Alex ,Tamara Aand sexy Emily

Izanee Price : Eminem is a 🐐

Tom Skeez : Man i love Eminem but shiiittt, dick riding to the fullest

Jesus Mosqueda : He Won because he agree to go

Melody Brown : EMA are fan voted and Em has a large and loyal fanbase so of course he's gonna win but he never should've been nominated in first place, he's been inactive for years. That award should've went to Kendrick.

Shady908 : he win cuz hes G.O.A.T no disrespect to 2pac,biggie,dre,snoop,eazy,cube and 50 stans got love for all <3 <3 <3 STAN : BITCH HE WROTE STAN..

Miss Peafairy : Awards shows are a joke now😂

TOMMY.TV : "Eminem's new album doesn't have a release date"... it comes out this Friday November 17th.

M S M457 : Kendrick shoulda won I think it was riged

MrCheesenipboy : As much as I love Eminem's music, I thought Kendrick should have taken this one

Aakash Verma : The kind of music he's had produced till now gives him enough qualification to appear as a nominee for every rap award even if he's not produced anything lately because one, his shit is phenomenal and two, the others don't deserve it.

Outspoken Mike : If it's white privilege... than why didn't Malone win?... he's a newer act.... maybe em got it because of his legacy.... I'm not saying that's right.... I'm just saying this white privilege bullshit is overplayed and I'm a Latino saying this


KarnageShot : He won because new rap is gay, why do people think trap is good. New rap isnt great

Cristian Marin : So was I And Btw Skylar Grey> Beyonce

Brad Letourneau : 4 years later and his albums still make more sales then other rapper's 2017s albums and that's why he won best hip hop artist. Think about it

Female Doggy : Lmao he wins one automatically for being white and a god of rap

sharkboi : Saw alchemist in thumbnail, had to click lmao

Sarah : I love Walk On Water 🙏💯💗

Vivansh : *All those saying white privilege , Yall got mumble rap shit in yo mind , yall ugly will never understand real rap music* KEEP LISTENING TO YOUNG M.A

Mike Tank Brown ll : I love Em, but you can't tell me he deserves an award for this year over kendrick and Jayz. They both dropped albums this year. Even if you don't think kendrick or jay deserved to win it. Em definitely didn't need to be even in the category. I'm guessing he'll win it next year too.

King Kay : This gyal is 🔥🔥🔥

black bruce wayne : I like how all the white people im the comments are damage controlling why he won and got nominated for 2017 but yet get mad when people call him overrated 😂

Big_L : What did u guys expect?? There is no fucking competition in the Mainstream. All those wack rappers mumbling , it's yall fault. You re buying their shit, that's destroying Mainstream HipHop. Yall cry about "white Privilege" (i m black btw). Stop supporting them mumble rappers amd listen to real rap from the Underground, so there is competition at least..

Ntinda Lumiah Mvula : Eminem has reached a point where even if he doesn't release anything and I mean anything...he can still win an award.

RavenLover98 : #WhitePrivilege

erkan yunis : He is eminem he doesn't need to do anything

Miguel Cruz : Damn the alchemist up on that bitch

Saul morales : eminem is great

Kris shady : The greatest of all time

#BeastMode Ralphy : Yea let get it Em cuz can the real slim shady please stand up! 😎👏👍

Akash Sah : Em's the best

Chiraq Benji : It was staged

XxCOOKEExxMONSTARxX : confused my ass, he wouldn't have won shit if he didn't do that cypher

TMAC13reloaded : So he won best hip-hop award over: Drake Future KENDRICK FUCKING LAMAR👑 and Post malone and hasnt released must since 2013 and fan base didnt even nominate him😑😑😑😑😑#white privilege

Anthony litt : I love mumble rap

Tony G.O.A.T : I feel like ima get hype and cry at the same time while listening to his album

Archer : Beija a snack

r_u_stilldown : beija you so fine!!!

Rasco : one freestyle from eminem in the 90's put all these new rappers whole legacy to shame, and also his paid his respect to his elders always, thats why Em is where he is, never becoming to cocky and like these lil niggas that are here today gone tmorrow

PhiLo : That one walk on water verse was trash and sounded shitty

J Victor : Beija is so hot

Philippe Leeroy : Beija I love you so much baby. .

See Me : this is bullshit he didn't deserve it

Yes Yes : Fuck Kendrick, God gets all the rewards.

PrettyMoney 97 : He needs to drop another single and push that album into the new year