Frank Emi Defies the Draft of Japanese Americans During WWII - Drunk History

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Wicked Amoeba : Lol, that radio killed me!

Edward Richards : Oh it’s Jim from the office

BudduredToast : The US government had some nerve trying to draft people they stuck in internment camps.

Holographic Narwhals : How was I never taught this in any of the history classes I've ever been in? They never told us the government was trying to draft people who they decided to treat like animals. I really wish more would be taught about people like frank

Siddharth Krishnan : "We all come the same color" I think that's gonna be my senior quote

KKbook : allll these drunk histories coming out with stories about/from people of color, exposing america's dark past in a time when ethnic internment is again becoming a reality.... yall tryin to say something? LOL

SWC : *Hey everyone this is... Errr... The radio*

SpookyRoseV : Dear god the timing of this one

Tech Geeks 007 : Don't worry, don't get offened this is what we called them

123haninhk : "I got plans!" snap snap snap

KillerFlame1945 : You explain history better than my teachers 😂

Oscar Mayer : I want to stick something in the hole of the radio.. 👉😲

Zeacorzeppelin10 : That radio is creepy

DD M14 : Is that Grant Imahara?

RAID3R63 : Grant from mythbusters

BuiltByPiel : Randall Park is the Korean version of James Franco

Quinntus79 : I’m not sure I understand the US’s logic in drafting Japanese-Americans. USA: “let’s take these citizens and put them in internment camps because they might be spies for our enemy.” Also USA: “let’s draft these people we interred for possible espionage and put them into day to day military operations.” If Japanese Americans were spies for Japan wouldn’t putting them in the military allow them to give military secrets to Japan?

JumperWC : The people who work at Comedy Central are literally geniuses. God bless you beautiful people


Henny LeBeau : as a drunk I love this show.

Mistaa Spaakles : It's funny how the Japanese American remain loyal to our country to this day, while a chunk of the German American went on to create the alt-right and the Neo-Nazi along with bunch of other inbred hicks.

Merriey D : 仕方がない(shikata ga nai)(:3_ヽ)_

Chris Clark : GRANT IMAHARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mythbusters for life

JulietRoseCapulet777 : If you got Jeff Foxworthy to be one of the soldiers though XD

wildcatste : #1: the timing on this, eek! #2: Randall Park is charismatic as hell-please have him on again- he did voices!

Tetsu Hatano : I heard 1941 and I immediately realized what was gonna happen

Bboy kombo1 salsamoto : After the war my grandpa's land was taken you're welcome LAX airport

Phish N' Chimps : Canada interned japanese-canadians until 1949. let that Math sync in. yea, canaduh.

Sohan Dsouza : That they wanted to draft from among the very people they decided were too dangerous to have freedom of movement makes no damn sense.

Pradeep Kumar : "We all come the same color" LOLOLOL

j l : Love Randall Park but wouldn't George Takei have been a great choice for this?

Barry Sorento : They are called "concentration camps". I know Viacom corporation doesn't want to give FDR any bad press since he created the FCC

Nat Myers : ya'll should check out the three stooges episode when the japenese get out the internment camps and the stooges gotta fight them off. as an Asian person, and lover of the 3 stooges, it is one of the thee most racist things I've ever seen, and only just realized it watchin reruns on youtube. young me was dumb

Bboy kombo1 salsamoto : Japanese people couldn't even own land back then because they couldn't sign a contract we weren't even thought of as human beings back then

Jason Kraus : This description is almost identical to the book "The Four-Four-Two" about the 442nd Regimental Combat Team (all Americans of Japanese ancestry; most decorated military unit in the history of the United States; seriously, look them up). Either the author plagiarized Frank Emi's life or this show is plagiarizing that book.

That Guy : 2:21 was unexpected and hilarious

partizan forces : Remember the 442 go for broke

stenbak88 : Korean talking about Japanese

Maddieisfalling : *lives in Wyoming* *didn’t know this history*

Samuel Robinson : Was that the mythbusters guy?

Tony Ravioli : 1. Randal Park is Korean. They got him to “portray” and asked questions on pronunciation in Japanese when hes Korean 2.They pulled down Asian masculinity again by the actor they showed playing as Frank Emi, who looks like NOTHING of how Frank Emi looked by the way. They got up a more “nerdy” look for the character and its not only obvious but shows. It also shows on the OTHER volunteers next to the franks. Look at who they chose for the other frank. 3. yes, more Asian referencing and representation is great, and telling this story is great. I also realize its just comedy, and not usually the all left wing hysteria type person. But this is ridiculous. Look at how they portray any other hero in the other videos. Frank Emi is on a whole different level and yet de-masculinized. Why?

Jed Honrado : Myth BUSTED!!!

KillerFlame1945 : I love this series! 😂

chas ames : Huh. Randall wasn't even red.

Stefan Sharak : 4:30 Holy Shit Grant Imahara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

조원빈 : I love this

Rose Ann Selvana : Narator is korean though sooooo

The Forbidden Fruit : I want to hear randall park sing "lets go" from stuck in sound

Garrett Workman : The guy narrating is the guy that got the girl pregnant in black mirror

BudduredToast : Franklin Delano Roosevelt