Frank Emi Defies the Draft of Japanese Americans During WWII - Drunk History

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Wicked Amoeba : Lol, that radio killed me!

BudduredToast : The US government had some nerve trying to draft people they stuck in internment camps.

Siddharth Krishnan : "We all come the same color" I think that's gonna be my senior quote

Edward Richards : Oh it’s Jim from the office

123haninhk : "I got plans!" snap snap snap

SpookyRoseV : Dear god the timing of this one

Oscar Mayer : I want to stick something in the hole of the radio.. 👉😲

Irelandball Poke the ducks : *Hey everyone this is... Errr... The radio*

Sean Sheist : as a drunk I love this show.

RAID3R63 : Grant from mythbusters

KKbook : allll these drunk histories coming out with stories about/from people of color, exposing america's dark past in a time when ethnic internment is again becoming a reality.... yall tryin to say something? LOL

KillerFlame1945 : You explain history better than my teachers 😂

DD M14 : Is that Grant Imahara?

Tech Geeks 007 : Don't worry, don't get offened this is what we called them

Zeacorzeppelin10 : That radio is creepy

BuiltByPiel : Randall Park is the Korean version of James Franco

BudduredToast : Franklin Delano Roosevelt

chas ames : Huh. Randall wasn't even red.

Merriey D : 仕方がない(shikata ga nai)(:3_ヽ)_

j l : Love Randall Park but wouldn't George Takei have been a great choice for this?

JulietRoseCapulet777 : If you got Jeff Foxworthy to be one of the soldiers though XD

Jed Honrado : Myth BUSTED!!!

조원빈 : I love this

KillerFlame1945 : I love this series! 😂

Pradeep Kumar : "We all come the same color" LOLOLOL

Chris Clark : GRANT IMAHARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mythbusters for life


I pulled the pin now what? : Now the US government is putting Hispanic residents in concentration camps.

Tetsu Hatano : I heard 1941 and I immediately realized what was gonna happen

Mistaa Spaakles : It's funny how the Japanese American remain loyal to our country to this day, while a chunk of the German American went on to create the alt-right and the Neo-Nazi along with bunch of other inbred hicks.

Rose Ann Selvana : Narator is korean though sooooo

Barry Sorento : They are called "concentration camps". I know Viacom corporation doesn't want to give FDR any bad press since he created the FCC

Vanessa Howard : "I came twice" *clink*

Samuel Robinson : Was that the mythbusters guy?

SlapNuts Comedy : I want a radio just like that.

BENJAMIN DEWOLFE : Isn't Randall Park korean american? Why is he telling the story of japanese americans?

Bundy Al : woohoo!

wildcatste : #1: the timing on this, eek! #2: Randall Park is charismatic as hell-please have him on again- he did voices!

Ladie Braden : third 😍

Caleb McFarland : If Japanese hadn’t been there that long, and the country obviously plans detailed attacks and doesn’t much care for peace treaties, then it would make complete sense that some Japanese might have been sent over as spies or to sabotage things. The Japanese had defied a peace treaty and enable wiped out our navy in one go. Luckily they missed a lot of our oil reserves and a few of our biggest ships were out when they attacked or we would have had zero navy and little ability to defend ourselves. The fact they we had been devastated and were now in a war with both Japan and Germany probably caused a lot of anger and fear so everyone probably overacted because after a surprise attack like that they were probably expecting another at any moment. I’m not saying the actions they took were right, or that two wrongs make a right, but that we aren’t there going through what they went through, and in that atmosphere, facing an enemy that was willing to ram planes into ships, they were probably not thinking straight. The Japanese were the most extremist enemy you could possibly face. They sent prisoners on death marches, wrecked a huge portion of Asia in incidences like the Rape of Nanking, and had suicide bombers. The Emperor wasn’t a democratic ruler, he was a god to them. Also, there was racist propaganda from every side during the war. American propaganda for China was actually very positive as they were our allies. At the time we actually highly praised the inventions and longevity of China. Odd now as we are a whole lot closer to Japan than China, though we’re more competitors then enemies with China. People could also remember that when Japan attacked we weren’t the superpower we are now. America didn’t become a superpower until after or I guess also during WW2. So feeling like we could be invaded and wiped out was probably much more of a possibility then. It’s part of the reason the War of Worlds broadcast put everyone into panic. They were already afraid of Germany invading, so when they heard aliens invading many think the panic just sort of transferred to that. So people were already on edge at the time. Again, a very unfair practice but it was nothing compared to what the Japanese were doing at the time. Of course, many of the Japanese in America shouldn’t have been lumped in with that just because they were Japanese, particularly if their family had been there a while, but as critically wounded as we had been I think people were panicking. It’s also super ironic that you would question their loyalty after you put them in prison. It shows you obviously don’t think they’re loyal already. And if we didn’t do this to Germans newly arrived in America then that’s weird. We were afraid of the Germans before the Japanese. Germany had been ripping up Europe for a while and was super powerful at the time. They had all but defeated Britain. And they actually did send spies though they didn’t do much and got captured pretty quickly. Oddly infective for the Germans. You’d think German spies could just say they aren’t German and blend in well. (Some of the racism at this point was probably also due to having lost your brother or son during Pearl Harbor. Again, you shouldn’t then hate the whole race or nationality but I bet that was fresh in their minds how their family member drowned on a burning ship.) Good on Truman for trying to make it right afterwards. (Korea is still fighting with Japan over some of the atrocities committed against them.)


Xavier Kubancik : Rip X

AmaraEmme : Lol hamburgers were not considered ‘American’ during wwii bc they were german asf


That Guy : 2:21 was unexpected and hilarious

Nat Myers : ya'll should check out the three stooges episode when the japenese get out the internment camps and the stooges gotta fight them off. as an Asian person, and lover of the 3 stooges, it is one of the thee most racist things I've ever seen, and only just realized it watchin reruns on youtube. young me was dumb

OMFG976! Nda818 : I can't wait for the one with Barron Trump when he talks about about the beginning of the Spaceforce that his daddy started...

Scott Lambert : “Th-they were a bunch of Jeff Foxworthys?”

Hiyako Yukisada : Yooo

Ariella Cindy : I just remember a song from Fort Minor, "Kenji"