Billionaire Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices

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Ellen tested Microsoft mogul Bill Gates' knowledge of grocery store prices with a game of "Bill's Grocery Bills."

Comments from Youtube

Astrid Muirhead-Maiz : I wish I was rich enough to get applauded when I guess the correct price of dental floss

Mary Andrea : I know he’s hella loaded but he comes off as super sweet and honestly kind of humble we stan Bill in this house

Joey Healy : Ellen: “How about this Bottled Water” Bill: “$400,000

Manuel Sanchez : He's a billionaire but no Gucci belt in sight🧐😂

Butt Ball : One mega rich person makes fun of an ultra rich person as if she's supposed to be relatable to us normies

Julie Gal : Floss for $3.78 ... wut?

ruthe : He's a billionaire and no expensive clothes I love his normal regular style

Hal : Aww, how cute... a millionaire and a billionaire making jokes together

Jombo : Ellen: breathes Her fans: 3:55

Captain NF : In that 4 minutes and 20 seconds bill gates made more than I will ever make in my entire life

bad as a noodle : boi claims to be rich no airpod in seen

Goutham K.G : 0:22 "meme review"

Bibek Yonjan : Bill to the super market "How much for the super market"

ace : He's flexing Whithout even trying

Fanourireiros_ : bill gates is not billionare... billionare is bill gates

Maxatal : Only Bill Gates would pay $5 for Rice ‘o Roni.

subscribe if you want to be cool : I love how apple is the sponsor of this video

Mohammad Nadeem : Poor : Never seen a price tag Mid class: Always looking at price tag Rich : There was a price tag?

Alistair K : Can't believe that he is the richest man on this planet, so humble and so earthy... He should definitely elect for the next president !!!

Rajeshwari Sarkey : Goal is not to look rich, it's to be Rich 💕

Just 99 : i love that guy showcasing them + the sound effect

Supvia : Oh wow, America is expensive! I get similar products way cheaper here in Germany and that is with taxes ...

jazz minn : He was so proud saying $22. 😂😂 gotta love him.

MAZIA FLIPS : Me at the grocery store: How much a kg of tomato cost today Jeff? Jeff: 1$ Me: 1:27

Jeff Ho : 3:53 haha Audience screaming because of the giveaway. Look at Bill Gates face, he’s trying very hard to relate to them.

xPhantomPhartx Gameplay : He’s not rich He has no AirPods

BlazEcs : Ellen: When is the last time you have been at a supermarket? Bill: Long time ago Ellen: and what did you buy? Bill: I bought the supermarket

Calum Fong : I got an apple ad

Zeb Media : I bet he still can't afford iPhone XS MAX 512 GB.

NoalFarstrider : Bill looks like Mr. Rogers. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

kailie kat : I can have lunch for $1, but have to floss my teeth for $4. What?

J .M : Can we just appreciate how humble he dresses?

Hail chungus : Bill gates is the level 100 max acc joining a level 10 raid

Jackson Provenzo (Student) : I got to admit, I love the 0:58 jokes😂

I love Basketball. : Current Net worth in the Whole Studio < $10 Million *_Bill gates Walkes in_* Net worth > $90 Billion

Lily Best : *1 gram of Antimatter equals $62.5 trillion* Bill: 0:58

Dominator 1021 : To be perfectly fair I dont know a lot of these either

The CornyCabbage : I don't want to be rich no more.

Nicole Peng : He’s alive?...

Ibrahim Khan : Bill gates has never seen his own Bills & gates

Jupiter MacWillow : He's so out of touch with regular people he should run for President.

Nilam Bhandari : Bill Gates is the most noble man alive on earth. He’s the richest person on earth and not a single expensive jewelry. If you saw him walking down the street you wouldn’t know that he’s the richest man on earth. He doesn’t show off his wealth like these other idiotic teenagers. Salute to Bill Gates🙏🏼❤️

ItchyPilauBoto808 : 3:15 that girl in Front is freaking hot af

Guardian XXS : Billions of dollars on a screen and not a peice of Gucci clothing

Caragh Archer : He is so humble

Ashrune : Noticed that millionaires tend to flex a lot but billionaires tend to be humble.

WHOOPER 12 : $4 for tide pods 😂

Christian Zavala : No SouljaPods this boi ain't rich

Idrc Idrc : I love how Ellen was about to offer him a prize at 0:15 then she just remember he was rich af then *heck let's gift the audience*