Billionaire Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices

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LA Fresh Life : It's one banana, Michael. What could it cost? Ten dollars?

Tide Detergent : Yo thanks for the sponsor

Thrifty Squad : It’s a single grain of rice... I dunno... $10?

Vishwadeep Sonawane : Wait a min, what did the audience get? Madafakas were screaming so loudly I didn't hear what she said..

BlastoiseBoy 1 : I know I needa go to sleep Once I'm watching Ellen at 2am

HuntsHyped : Thank God he dident have to guess how much an apple cost he would of flipped😂

Mintu Baruah : *_supper_*

Kevin Junior Mekulu : Ellen: "Bill let's flip a coin" Bill: "A what?"

JanaLovesWolves : Its a dollar. A dollar! A DOLLAR?! *A DOLLAAAAAR???!!* 😂😱

Elvar Snær Ágústsson : Wow

Sunny shah : Bill Gates is 62 years old in this episode Ellen is 60 years old in this episode

Jasoh123 : Ellen: How much is this gallon of milk? Bill: $250

Saksham Shrestha : "You get a tide pod !, You get a tide pod !, Everyone gets a tide pod !!!" Guess no one will be alive to see another ellen show now!😊👌

Loyalty : Bill is such a sweet old man

Harish Gupta : Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Me: Guessing the prices of grocery stores on The Ellen Show.

adds jo : i hope bill gates gets recipts from whomever goes to the store for him lol

OriginalPai : At least we have a better idea of why Windows is like $200

Dejan Stanic : His assistants can legit rob him when going grocery shopping

Sierra Simone : What type of grocery store does he go to 😂

m7md hadi : 2:45 when i saw that girl far away i thought that she was camila cabello for a sec

Ghost93 planet : He's nice person and humble

Fishead : Tbh whilst in this video he has made about 30,000

Kari2025 : I’ve never paid anywhere near $19.97 for Tide!

hh g : Tide in india is 0.56$(approx)

Rick Sanchez : Bill to the super market "How much for the super market"

J. Borowski : I think he doesnt even look at the prices. He just takes what he needs.

Aquan Doone : Am I the only one who think Ellen is hot for her age 😂?

Im everywhere Every where : A billionaire that wears a simple clothes

BamBamRoo : Bill Gates is worth 92.9 Billion dollars. He could buy 92,900,000,000+ "rice a roni" 's before running out of money. He could buy 4,645,000,000+ "tide pods" 's before running out of money. He could buy 23,225,000,000+ "dental floss" 's before running out of money. He could buy 10,322,222,222+ "totino's pizza rolls" 's before running out of money. And he could buy 23,225,000,000+ "friday's spinach & artichoke" 's before running out of money. And that's if he stopped making money, he's still making thousands of dollars a minute.

Discerning Daniel : 4 bucks for floss. This must be Hawaii prices.

Elreypachuco : Next to Ellen, Bill Gates looks like an elderly lesbian woman.

Top 10 : Little does the audience know, his collared shirt is actually woven from hundred-dollar bills.

XL RV : Bill Gates reminds me of the times the teacher called me up at front to answer an obvious question everyone in the class but me knows.... It was not a great time :')


Cole Field : Lol I got an Apple commercial before the video started

The Good guy : Tide is 20$!! Well i have no idea how much is the value of 20 dollars for an American but tide is really cheap here in india lol, if i convert it to dollar it mayb be 1 or 2 dollars

Rafa YouTube : Bill gates makes $23,148 per minute thats what I make in a year

Rubikari : This just shows how disconnected a billionaire can be from what we peasants can sometimes struggle to have.

Emilia Alvarado : Bill: you think less than $10?? Wow. Ellen: Yes, yes we do. HAHAHAHAH

PIA & FAITH : The end tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Abin Joseph : Whatever he says is inspirational and will be quoted by your teachers .😂😂😂

ComedyClubE SERIES : Bill Gate such a nice man

Stephan D : I need to ask him for money to buy myself some lunch when I’m struggling, he might pay my whole rent 😂

Ittybitty 47 : 4:20 okurrr Ellen i see what you doin😂

Ned Ryerson : Cunt!

ravenwda007 : He probably wipes his ass with gold leaf

Torben Scharling : Thought I was watching Tony Hawk on Ellen for a second

Janet Wood : "We're all ignorant. Just in different subjects."

mrku83 : 3:54 when everyone ist invited to the party except u...

harry witt : ELLEN looks like a rat