Billionaire Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices

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Jupiter MacWillow : He's so out of touch with regular people he should run for President.

I KNEW IT : Lil pump: This is my 300k dollar chains Bill Gates: 0:58

Hal : Aww, how cute... a millionaire and a billionaire making jokes together

BlazΞ CS : Ellen: When is the last time you have been at a supermarket? Bill: Long time ago Ellen: and what did you buy? Bill: I bought the supermarket

Jose Mancia : Can we just appreciate how humble he dresses?

Super Catman : Omg $20 pizza rolls I would die

Mohammad Nadeem : Poor : Never seen a price tag Mid class: Always looking at price tag Rich : There was a price tag?

Christopher Black : To be fair, I'm a normal ass person and still missed all of these...

click my picture : You bring the richest man in the world on the show & ask him how much you think groceries cost 😂

TechrazeR : Bill gates going to a Walmart Bill gates : How much for this Walmart? Sales manager : $19B Bill Gates : 0:58

Epic Tien : Servant: hey bill going to walmart what do u want Bill: i want some pizza rolls Servant: alright gimme $22 Bill: okay whatever i have infinite money

Attiq Khan : 1960:i m sure we will see flying cars in 21st century 2018:billionaire bill gates guesses grocery store prices

BB Ki Vines ✅ : *Wow He is World's Richest man But No showoff.* _Simplicity level_ 💯

Dark Angel : I love how he said “It’s branded” and someone in the background whispered “oh it’s branded”

GameBoysAlert : Good thing microsoft isn't a grocery store...

Andrew Stott : I did the math... He made roughly $30,000 during the course of this video

Brian G : What if Bill Gates came to to a grocery store with coupons😂😂

Sostaine Nibigira : Lil Pump : Esghetiiitttt I just bough a new yacht. Bill Gates : 0:58

Mukesh Rani : 3:55 *When maths teacher is absent!!* 😂💲

kshent letch : He wears such a simple outfit yet he's the richest. What a humble man! Edit : OMG tysm guys for the likes 😍😊☺️

Ashrune : Noticed that millionaires tend to flex a lot but billionaires tend to be humble.

[FuZion] CrazyExploitz : YouTubers: 10,000,000 MANSION TOUR Bill Gates: 0:58 Also did you notice if you spam click the 0:58 button, it sounds like the error sound from windows xp

Football Designer : A billionaire and a millionaire standing togheter but no Gucci belt to see in the picture

Yumi : My mans so smart but so dumb 😂

420 Blaze Master : Me to my coke dealer 1:28

Retraholic : For a super wealthy man I love how humble and simple he is😊

DAVID 143 SHAH : Ellen looks like his little brother.

THE A.W.M : I came to straight to comments I was not disappointed

David G : *$22 for pizza bites... sounds like a bargain*

johnpaul maestre : Want him for president

sidhant shiv : Bill goes to Walmart : Hey you think I can buy this place I only have a billion on me right now.

Beast Playz : Bill gates gets like 100 a second lol let me borrow a minute of you life

Bibek Yonjan : Bill to the super market "How much for the super market"

Floognoodle : Why is this in my recommend?

Clash with Pokéfan : *at least he knows money starts from 1digit number digit numbers?*

Josh Innov8 : I can tell by Bill’s smirk, that he crushed at least 20 cars with is helicopter, when he parked there. He’s like... *”Little does the audience know”*

Angie Chacon : 4:14 *me seeing my grades*

GG : I love how rich and humble he is

200 subscriber without video challenge : Ellen: You are going for shopping ? Bill Gates : No, im going to buy a new supermarket.

smokeslet'sgo : Anyone who buys tide pods is a moron, are we so lazy we can't even measure out detergent or powder anymore?

The Strexil : If Bill Gates bought all grocery stores in America and changed their price tags, half of America would sleep hungry

No hampster here : He will buy those company and change the prices to Win

Jacqueline Leiman : 2:15 how much are they being paid for this?

Ali : Really??? He's the world's most richest man. Wow that simplicity

Emma Jusk : Now all i need in this life is Bill doing a video with Jeffree Star

GoDDamnHosTile : Go home Bill Gates you are too rich

Alex Scher : He's too filthy rich to go grocery shopping

Stef : Bill Gates is a billionaire so you would think "Hey he is a billionaire bet he wears chains and has 80k jewelry stores 0:00 Appears in these clothes

Rob : He may be rich, but it's funny how he doesn't have a clue. Or sad. Depending on how you look at it.

R.D 030305 : He could buy everyone and everything in that studio.