Billionaire Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices

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Jupiter MacWillow : He's so out of touch with regular people he should run for President.

Super Catman : Omg $20 pizza rolls I would die

Jane Arthur : as if ellen isn’t also insanely rich

QUIZ HUGS : I wish I was so rich that I didn't have to look at pricetags

Arga : bill gates earning / second = $114.16 this video is 4mins and 19 secs that means he earns $29567.44 just by standing there and guessing the price for 5 items ha .. ha... haa .ha .. ha... ha... ha... ha.. ha.. haa.. ha...

Christopher Black : To be fair, I'm a normal ass person and still missed all of these...

Subscribe To Me For Ligma : Ellen *How much do you think this penny cost?* Bill *Umm... 22!*

Lungelo Ngema : Super wealthy, super humble

MMHB : 3:55 When you find out your teacher is sick

GameBoysAlert : Good thing microsoft isn't a grocery store...

Please Subscribe To Me : *Bill going to Walmart* Bill: How much for Walmart? Edit: wow thanks for all the likes never got this before...have a good day : )

Mohammad Nadeem : Poor : Never seen a price tag Mid class: Always looking at price tag Rich : There was a price tag?

464 2345 : Lmeo he does not care about price cause he is literally richer than most countries

emir : He probably got his own grocery store. In the basement. Let that sink in.

Me : I love how rich and humble he is

Dark Angel : I love how he said “It’s branded” and someone in the background whispered “oh it’s branded”

Jose Mancia : Can we just appreciate how humble he dresses?

englandsensation : Man, honestly going to the supermarket is the best. I would never give it up, even if I were rich. I probably would go even happier because I could buy freely.

Alex Liu : I don’t see no Gucci belts or Supreme...

Rick Sanchez : Bill to the super market "How much for the super market"

Thanos : Wow stuff in California is so expensive.

jobban chand : In Soviet Russia, groceries buys you.

Wati Ozzy : Not only he can buy the grocery items, but he can buy all of those companies if he wants.😎

Riste dzisev : bill gates goes to the supermarket and buy the supermarket with pocket change

zq1q : By the time the video ended, he earned more than ur salary

CARLTON JONES : Ellen I’ll meet you soon

John Mitchell : The amount of views on this video is how much Bill Gates makes while he's on the toilet...

Epic Tien : Servant: hey bill going to walmart what do u want Bill: i want some pizza rolls Servant: alright gimme $22 Bill: okay whatever i have infinite money

Rider Boyy : He could just buy the shop and decide the prices self...

Josh Innov8 : I can tell by Bill’s smirk, that he crushed at least 20 cars with is helicopter, when he parked there. He’s like... *”Little does the audience know”*

Janelle Larmore : I mean he lives in Seattle so it’s no surprise that he thinks things are so expensive.

Andrew Stott : I did the math... He made roughly $30,000 during the course of this video

Saiku Dahh : At least the richest human in the world honest and friendly.Celebrity must learn from him

BIG FISH : When the audience get excited about the gifts, Bill just looks at them like we look at animals at the zoo.

Shubham Meshram : when bill says he is going super market it means he will buy super market😎😜

Mukesh Rani : 3:55 *When maths teacher is absent!!* 😂💲

Floognoodle : Why is this in my recommend?

Zorena Palmer : I got an apple commercial before this..

Laura Sanchez : "$5" *shows $1* "What a bargain, I'll take 5" LOOOOL

The Strexil : If Bill Gates bought all grocery stores in America and changed their price tags, half of America would sleep hungry

Autumn’s WRLD : 3:31 I thought the girl in the front was that lady off of the head and shoulders commercial then I thought she was camila cabello

Domantas Švažas : Am i the only one who thought he was guessing the prices of the entire shop networks?

Brian G : What if Bill Gates came to to a grocery store with coupons😂😂

Matthew Jelken : He's just realizing that he's paying whoever buys his food way too muvh

Leocot : I feel like there's not a second where he isn't smiling. Understandable.

Ankush Raghuwanshi : 6th question for Bill how much for facebook ?🤘

Sucker Hacker Gaming : I don't even what prices is those things

Twilight Crystal : Duuude pizza rolls are $3 in Ohio lol

Puncho Villa : Damn bill. You suck sometimes lol

Retraholic : For a super wealthy man I love how humble and simple he is😊