10 Hours of Walking in NYC as Kim Jong Un

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QPark : Hiya guys! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE and turn on POST NOTIFICATIONS!! Part 2 is coming soon in TIMES SQUARE!!! 😱😱😂

Jack Wilshere Were : You needed like 6 bodyguards to make it look a bit real

SZYMON Majchrowicz : 5:43 people that escaped from North Korea : 99% level of stress

Gian : 10 hours in NYC as Adolf Hitler, please!

Zack Mahadi : America : We have phone Korea : We have rocket I'm dead !

DuckyDasher : The risk of getting assassinated tho

100 subs without any videos challenge : Now its time for trump in north korea.

Kevin Ferguson : The Koreans laughed because they knew it was a joke:)

PumkinLord : 3 days later “QPark has mysteriously disappeared, North Korea denies involvement”

DrStrangeLove2050 : Try walking in NYC as Vladimir Putin!

Dexter Salvi : All the time i thought that qpark was kim jon un😂😂😂

jtv612 : It's so cool of Psy to just walk around New York with only one bodyguard.

joske vermeulen : Trump in America everybody hates him Kim Yong un in America everybody greets him and are happy

Elizabeth J : He should've gone into the Trump tower and told people they were fired. LMAO

Sayidsenpai : 4:18 let our countries be peacefull

Carmen Del Rosario Segales Rodriguez : Like si hablas español 👇

Van Sem : Imagine him running into trump. Lol

Daka Monk : Unicoo comentario En Español? : vv😂

apps secret : Assume when real kim Jong un see this video 😂😂😂but their dont have youtube 🙃🙃

DeadExploitz : What if somebody is there who escaped from north korea he will run away bruh


Jessica Lee : i cant believe people actually refer to kim Jong un as "rocket man" LMAOOOOO

Knight mare : I'm Pakistani and Americans are really dumb getting excited about seeing their enemies 😂😂😂

Ron way : Imagine someone take out a gun and shoot him.

Kim Jong Un : Wait I don't remember this

supreme leader Moth : 4:09 *"Rocket man!"* I Love the internet

EveryTypeOfVideo : I wouldn’t be surprised if he got shot or stabbed in the making of this video.

Spill that Tae shister : “KIMCHI” I’m dead 😭😭😭

Abandon World : People over there China, Japan, Maysia, Thailand, North and South Korea all look same..

Benjamin Huynh : Your “English” subtitles are in Spanish

TigerClaw! : Kim Jong un is more welcome in Americs than the American President of America ... seems plausible

Jed Teng : No one has shot you yet?...

Trillie E : north korean defectors like 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

SOR Vlogger : He look like so funny

Whitney Skiles : w h e e z i n g

Mahesh Babu : *Thats Rocket man bro ! 😂*

Goldaze SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW CHANNEL : Plot Twist: people were nice to him because they was scared getting nuked or being killed lol EDIT: THANKS FOR 1K LIKES LOL

Bob : They are just acting great to him so they cannot get hurt STOP THE COMMENTS!

Junior Montoya : Walk in through Chinatown

Ryan Romano : So people praise this guy in NY, though when someone puts on a Trump mask they abuse them. Don’t get me wrong I hate Trump but he isn’t nearly as bad as Kim Jon Un

Jonathan Alfaro : Most people think that people in America are really bad but there was not a single person going to hit him soo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dat : He *T H I C C*

Kawaii Love & Episode Lover : Omg the lady at 4:44 😂😂😂

Celso Gudiel García : 2:53 amo esta canción 🎶

Tyler Vo : Someone can shoot you

MaxiRusse _ : 6:09 *WHERE IS THE THOT PATROL*

Tae Kookieee : What if he got assassinated?????? Lmao

MidnightWalker '03 : 🔥 Who’s watching November 2018?

The Majestic Parrot : 6:10 hoe wants that D

อัครเรศ ชูจิตต์ : I Very Love This Moment 😍