10 Hours of Walking in NYC as Kim Jong Un

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QPark : Hiya guys! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE and turn on POST NOTIFICATIONS!! Part 2 is coming soon in TIMES SQUARE!!! 😱😱😂

PMDownUp : I'm Dennis Rodman and I approve this video.

Scentaur : I'm sure they had shots were people either attack them or pretty much insulted them but didn't include them But I really give them props for doing this Good job guys

Aj Gucci : Wtf ws dat one lady so damn happy saying she ws blessed... like she met jesus

Kim Jong Un : I love Trump and America, CNN is lying, all fake news.

Angel of Darkness : How can people think it is actually him? People are so stupid or...they must be actors.

rileybbyrne Gaming : I feel like some believe it

NevadaFederalBites : Lady said “ I feel so blesse...God I feel so blessed” lmao 😂

Anthony Pepevnik : Everybody in NY must have an IQ of 20. Cause this is stupid. If I saw that guy around I'd punch him dead in the face. He's our enemy and y'all wanna take pictures and talk to him like he's special. He's a terrorist😂 who's trying to attack america

slay sayna : Why these ppl happy to see him. Like he is literally about to set off nuclear weapons

TheGuess2D : Some of these morons respect this guy more than their own President.

FRUSTATED ITS ME_____DHEERAJ KUMAR : what if he got seen by trumph😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 see you again oh oh oooooo

Heinz : You should do one walking as Peña nieto in Mexico streets.... But one warning, he's extremely hated on the country so, expect people throwing things at you and mybe someone on a black car with rifles pointing at you...well you know what?, Better no hehe..... Yeah... e.e that would be dangerous.

MysticSone♡ : Next: Walking as Trump around North Korea

Aissam Sissokho : This just proves that nobody gives a fuck about politics. 😂

ᄏᄏKimTae IsBaeᄏᄏ : *OMG THIS IS SO COOL 😂😂😂 I LOVE YOU SM!!! WOOOW ❤️*

Candice Velasco : I love u sm!!!!💖💖💖

DZ #Force : THE Most bad ass président Ho don't Give a fuck about Eny body and Eny Fucking Contry KIM JONG UN All so Known as Rocket Men

Tushar Jain : I was afraid that CIA was going to murder him.

Kayy Nation : I feel bad for that lady cause she was like “oh my god I feel blessssssed” and it wasn’t event the real King Jon Un

DZ #Force : The bottem ligne Of this Video is that Every Body luck's happiyer Seen Kim jong UN A.K.A Rocket Men Then seen Donal Trump the Ass Holl LMAO now that is helarious ass fck yo Hahaha

Kim Jong Un : :)

Hop Sing : I feel so blessed? WTF IS wrong with this people.

Ree Lang : People from North Korea was looking like..we thought we had escaped this nut. They knew they were about to be sent back to North Korea 😂😂😂

Mustang Reincarnated : I feel so blessed to meet the guy threatening to destroy my country lol

Michael Montoya : These mo foes are brave to pull a stunt like this , I wouldn't be surprised if the secret service was surveiling these guys the whole time while they were filming

DragonMaster 001 : Everyone in that Korean restaurant was like “Oh shit, we’re fucked.” 😂

El KHALIFA : Why the video is 6 minutes long??? Should've been 10 hours

표진수 : 한민족 역사상 제일 널리 퍼진 이름이다.

Christopher Jorge : North Korean occupation of Harlem, New York colorized 2017

Annie 애니 : OMG! THIS SO DANGER, LOL 😅🍃

JÆRRY Øfficial : watch out! the God is passing by! hahaha

Shaun Sim : He has mastered the walk, looks like he is walking with a rocket up his arse? 100% kim walk

DerpySquid 04 : Why did people ack happy if he might nuke the U.S.A

Afro Khan : I thought he'd be stabbed to death with a chopstick in koreatown.

Brandon Brandon : Would have been funnier in DC


Moya xd : Rockets man!

James C : BLAH HAHAHAHA .. he went to trump tower

Everything I love : just signed in because I wanted to say "how the fuck you feel blessed" 2:17 that women is over-reacting!!

Thor Tiger : Genial, vem pro Brasil !!!

Stein : Wow people in the comments actually want to get political. Just stop it and watch the video holy hell

A J : that 's cool

Isaque Martins : Mkkkkkkkkkkkkl que massa kkkkkk

Jon Garcia : Fuckn rolln😂😂

Romulo Repolona jr : Im sure Kim Jong Un came in America Illegally.

How To Make Sushi : "thats rocket man bro" LMAO!!!!

SBP Gamer : If I saw him I would have shooters ready to gun him down then free the people in North Korea and they can have a better life.

Genaro Flores : ✌😆 Lil' Kim! ✌😆

nick bryant : Come to the south and pull that shit lol I'm in Alabama