10 Hours of Walking in NYC as Kim Jong Un

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QPark : Hiya guys! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE and turn on POST NOTIFICATIONS!! Part 2 is coming soon in TIMES SQUARE!!! 😱😱😂

Jason Vorhees : Imma like to rock Rock Rock rocket

Gnomeczuniu : Kim Nuke On

Ma Chatte : Nice video...lets go for peace...kim jong_un seems to be a nice guy...lol

Ricardo Tobias : Imagine in Chinatown

Its yo Boy dre : They’re more friendly with him than our own president

Tony Ismail : Rocketmaannnnnnnn!!!

SeekNDstroy : "Kim Jung Il" Lol LMAO

2TM18 : Racism

Mania Mobile : Nice video

Mania Mobile : Nice video funny

Daniel Thangsing : hahaha that's cool man love it

Mania Mobile : Hahaha

Angelo Pal : i do all days this dressed as Johnny Depp. people always stop me for take a picture.

ultimatewarriorz1 : Should've had at least 3 guards to make it more believable

Tushar D : Never ever go to north korea he would kill you as he doesn't want resemblance!

Christiane Amare : Wait last I checked he had a horrible reputation and people hated him?

Scorpio Snake : When the real one actually comes , we'll think he's just another prankster .

mick smit : think about it... the making of this video could have been extremely dangerous

AjiMat : *Думал что ему лицо сломают...*

Flyin G : 😂😂😂😂 would be funny if trump passes by

LEJINDARY jin : Is this your real belly....😂😂😂😂 this cracked me up

Ohso Arrogant : Dam imagine doing this in N Korea as president trump .

Google User : he is lucky they didn't kill his ass

whyh8.j : I am so weak 😂😂 it's so surprising that no one ran .


HOMEMADE GAMING : They act like hes a good guy wtf

The Pepe Effect : I cant tell if people actually believe this or not.

Striker Wolf : The Koreans are even laughing at him

Victor Reznov : Just Walking on the Road Then of on a sudden i heard ROCKET MAN!

Stefan ST : 4:05 *"Rocket man!"* I'M CRYIN' 😂 😂 😂

jabraxxus : I don't think older Korean people thought this was funny.

Anthony Jarman : Kind of sad people treat that asshoke scum better than our own president

Trevor Williams : Good way to get shot and killed!


Raffaele : Supreme victory!

Kimberly Paulino : daammn this guy really looks like him how can people be so cool like if u know wat I mean...

Arnas Rakauskas : Komment Deleted By The North Korean Government.

Kinetic Pixel : He should've danced gangnam style at 2:06

Leo Maxwell : and thats how you fight fear, with mockery and comedy. love it.

Alexis Texas : I approve of this being in my recommended videos

Ipaid too_much 1 : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Harry Hernandez : Fock men, no matter wath people say about america i can just say GOD BLEEESSS AMERICA!.

Richky Sung Entertaiment. : 凸(`⌒´メ)凸

Kaysar XD : Look how much people love him and he hates us.

V1ncent Draven : Hahahahaha awesome work!!

Shawnie Playz : 10 hrs? But it's only 6:49 mins long

Noobix : 3:34 Have you seen Donald Trump 😂

Mitsuki San : Solo entiendo el ingles pero no lo se se hablar y escribir pero me encata tu canal

Javier De La Rosa : why is everyone greeting him like a friend?