kevin Mitnick shares his FBI bust story
Kevin Mitnick shares his FBI bust story

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One of the worlds Top-Best most famous number one hacker Kevin Mitnick shares his FBI bust story on an interviewed


SP4NK H4RD : Hmmm... There's another version of the donuts he tells. Where he wasn't there and doesn't know if they saw the donuts...

hens0w : "My security manager gave me his personal password" It's not hard is it?

nisserot : For those that haven't read it, I highly recommend his book "Ghost in the wires". It contains a highly detailed account of his past life as a hacker. The hacks that he was able to pull off and the ways he did it are incredibly ballsy. One of best non-fiction books I've ever read. It's also available as an audiobook.

Ahmed H : I wander what Alisha & the security manager are doing nowadays.......

redstone god : This guy is extremely smart and talented,there only a few hackers who dont snitch..proud of yu bud

Bennett Hastings : There's the real reason that Mitnick spent so much time for his "crimes". He antagonized and pissed off the FBI time and time again.

YZ Wink : Truly a Legend!

antony Pizarro : He can whistle and launch an icbm missile hahha... he can also shut lightning out his ass lolz

Seth Blakley : "worlds Top-Best most famous number one hacker" lol wtf

Tirtha Das : He is the best ❤❤ Godfather❤❤

Maria Lucia Abreu : Obrigado beijos.☕🍞🧀💖⚘

Hellraiser : We love you Kevin Mitnick! :-D

Maria Lucia Abreu : E eu e o milton tambem.

Maria Lucia Abreu : Te agradeco por tudo beijos.🍨

stan broniszewski : If anyone wants to see a great documentary regarding Kevin Mitnick and the pursuit of who actually turned him in (a modern day Judas Iscariot) I suggest watching the movie Freedom Downtime.

Bjorn Torske : The interviewer at the end sounds an awful lot like Werner Herzog.

saruman thewhite : Respect Kevin. He is feared for witstle launching missile

Yassin Games : Wait 400 years or 40 years

KlapAl0ng : The legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick

Maria Lucia Abreu : Vou dormir beijos te adoro muito e te agradeco demais por tudo.✉🌷😎😉

Agent Smith : held without bail is illegal and without being charged with a crime.. how come you didnt sue..... being held in solitary for a year another illgal thing by the cops.... you must be let out for a min of 1 hour a day ....

HalfOgre : have any of you read "the hackers manifesto" or "the guide to mostly harmless hacking"?

Maria Lucia Abreu : E amigo e dificil nao poder comer um mamao e mais frutas.

Kazimo : Hahaha the end... NOO... TROPHY!!!

Pen Tester : looks like pam dodged a bullet there

Steve Wyche : I've heard that story 100 times and still don't understand why he thinks thats so funny

Joaquin Gonzalo : Hero !!

Maria Lucia Abreu : Te adoro muito e obrigado por tudo amigo do meu coracao.

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ZandarKoad : Dude still does what he did before that got him arrested, but now he tells the companies in advance, and they pay him sick cash. Kevin didn't change a bit. The world changed.

Andrew H : ....maybe at one point in his heyday worlds most famous...nooo more

Maria Lucia Abreu : Pois ele tem varios quartinho de reza.

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Boaz Kimtai : Social engineer

Google Assistant : "FBI Open up"