I Signed Up For MILLIONAIRE'S ONLY Tinder.. (Ft Memeulous)

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Brucey : *Cheese = Melted😂👌*

Poka Bear : *when you're American and don't know half the UK language*

- - : Will: rich Cheese: melted *Hotel: trivago*

Beth the Dark Mage : This is the snobbiest, most entitled shit I've ever seen. Rich people really do be crazy. I should probably point out I'm talking about the site, not the video.

JUXTAPOSE : The fact I couldnt even understand half of the british words just made it all the more entertaining

Shake Dat : 11:21 "What do u actually drive then will mate" "Girls wild" That was actually quite smooth

Chevy Rupleix : This video gave me mild culture shock.

Georgia HemmoPenguin : I honestly can’t believe a dating app like that actually exists lmfao smh

Thomas Gibbs : holy fuck, so even though you blurred the faces of the people on the app. I genuinely know at least four of them. I'm never going to let them forget they were featured in a WillNE video for being a tosser, it feels bad to be in the apps demographic tbh.

Stevio Gaming : Why does memeulous look like a member of the IRA?

Em - Ukuletea : did u give george a rly low chair or is he actually that small

RegularDude : lmao millionaires only tinder the rich people are finally leaving us filthy mortals for good

Rana Mahal : I think the worst part is that Moet is pronounced Mow-ett not Mo-ay. It's Dutch not French lol. She's literally fake-cultured.

moop. : 8:14 *well then chap this is most certainly not the right dating site for you. I'm more partial to a good Caciocavallo Podolico cheese myself personally*

Yoga Shobe : I played lacrosse in sixth form against some of these schools. We were the only public school that played in the league so it was crazy seeing how some of these girls lived and acted. When we played away they literally served us dinner after the match. When they played us at home they got a shed with no working toilets and a bag of tesco donuts.


elfoxy : I legit would love to see Tommy Robinson and KSI at a dinner party

Tacky Plant : And this is how I met your mother..

pamphagos : I think "how is this not a parody?" sums it up.

TrueCrimeRIP : i'm a young not-rich woman working as a freelance videoproducer and have or had some young rich clients. in some workplaces, there only worked rich daughters who had to fill their cv's with good company names and acutally didnt do much, but all had their cover photo on some magazines (on mags like glamour etc for "entrepreneur" stuff their daddies set up). they all were really nice and friendly to people in their group but got nasty and snappy as soon as they smelled that i wasnt one of them and actually worked to earn money 😂 the young rich men were also a horror and they all were "entrepreneurs" running on dads money.... also lot of them played polo 🤔 many had very bad work morals and no idea of their business, but no one ever dared to tell them. i worked for some rich kids (dad owns one of the biggest german real estate companies in the world) on one video for a few months and after receiving the bill they refused to pay because "they thought i only would want money for one day of work" and threatened me with their dads lawyers. they have a youtube channel here with their crap car mod videos... i really have to say, that i now look down on rich kids, because they never learn what real life is but act as if they do so.

Cleggy : lads LAds LADS

Taiga Aisaka : i actually wasnt prepared for how much i laughed lol

Guardian Of The Duat : Finally a dating app to keep the smelly poor away

nolife : GB Gloria borger

mad x : Memulous is related to imallexx I think cause they sound simaler

Sachindra Bhattacharya : memeulous will best you up on August 25th

-GamerGirl05- : Why do I feel like George is secretly Alex? Their voice is sooo similar!

Will Groves : 5:46 wasn’t that jj and Simons private school??

Chipettes eat Chips : Finally something WORTH THE CLICKBAIT

Chloe Meadowcroft : Ok, first thing I’m not that posh... but I’m a private schooled Brit. And I kinda understand some of these people, cause they are exactly like some of my best friends from school...

Mr Chang 2 : The fuck is moet

Dexknaks : My main would be pineapple pizza I wouldn’t get any matches

Kiddy : Tbh there is nothing wrong with a rich people dating app, im being serious. Hell im waiting for that lolicon dating app.........imeanwhat 👀

LAURA MARIA MOTTA RODRIGUEZ : 10:50 I'm Colombian and I was voted the most probable in my school to secretly own a meth lab. I think I have some buissness with you.

A. : Got kinda click-baited, but has a good laugh anyway

Lucien : your eyes are looking like somebody just sticked eye stickers on two tomatoes

Isabel Sanchez : GB is Gucci Boy duhhh 😂😂😂👌🏼

A Voice : I need proof of that I need proof of that I need proof of that I need proof of that

Sebastian GOMEZ RAMIREZ : 7:10 Did someone get the joke Pls explain

crazeygopher 22 : "LADS LADS LADS" -WillNE 2018

YumillOu : Ash goat cheese is the real deal though 😂👏

Buff Caviera : 0:45 I go to tonbridge school at whitworth house

Fichael Massbender : when you live literally next door to tonbridge

Big Chungus : 0:08 u keep using slav song damnit Soviets are the best

Sxrahh : “Dating app for people who were privately educated” I bet miniminter is in the depths of this app somewhere.

Danny Stead : Close your eyes and he sounds like Michael McIntyre

Itz Reaper_ : 1:31 if u pause at that right moment then BOOM!!! You have a new background

Can I Get 500 Subscribers No Videos? : *_WTF? This is actually a thing?_*

Rocco Grano : Lol I have a family crest and I go to a posh school In Hertfordshire

batUuU : cheese? melted hotel? trivago