I Signed Up For MILLIONAIRE'S ONLY Tinder.. (Ft Memeulous)

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Shake Dat : 11:21 "What do u actually drive then will mate" "Girls wild" That was actually quite smooth

JUXTAPOSE : The fact I couldnt even understand half of the british words just made it all the more entertaining

420 subscribers with no videos challenge : ''what got you riped'' ''punched a poor kid'' omg i died hahahahahha

Chevy Rupleix : This video gave me mild culture shock.

Stevio Gaming : Why does memeulous look like a member of the IRA?

Brucey : *Cheese = Melted😂👌*

TheDevilsDuckzz Is awesome : ‘My favourite cheese is actually cheese string’ 😂😂😂😂😂

RegularDude : lmao millionaires only tinder the rich people are finally leaving us filthy mortals for good

The Flying Sloth : 7:36 Moët is pronounced with the T... that girl is quite mistaken. The winery's founder, Claude Moët, was of Dutch heritage, and pronounced the name 'mo-wett', not 'mo-way' so take that posh dumb girl.

Rana Mahal : I think the worst part is that Moet is pronounced Mow-ett not Mo-ay. It's Dutch not French lol. She's literally fake-cultured.

Sxrahh : “Dating app for people who were privately educated” I bet miniminter is in the depths of this app somewhere.

Dogg : your eyes are looking like somebody just sticked eye stickers on two tomatoes

infinitusfinitus : I think "how is this not a parody?" sums it up.

Tacky Plant : And this is how I met your mother..

elfoxy : I legit would love to see Tommy Robinson and KSI at a dinner party

Eve Cummins : Starter? Guinness. Main? Stella. Dessert? Batty. Cheese? Melted. Hotel? Trivago.

Georgia HemmoPenguin : I honestly can’t believe a dating app like that actually exists lmfao smh

Super Flute : 8:14 *well then chap this is most certainly not the right dating site for you. I'm more partial to a good Caciocavallo Podolico cheese myself personally*

Taiga Aisaka : i actually wasnt prepared for how much i laughed lol

Kiddy : Tbh there is nothing wrong with a rich people dating app, im being serious. Hell im waiting for that lolicon dating app.........imeanwhat 👀


Lobster : Alasdair is the Gaelic version of Alexander :P It's not 'posh' or anything. I know a lot of people called Alasdair but maybe that's because I live in Scotland

William Groves : 5:46 wasn’t that jj and Simons private school??

Madeha : was on club penguin rewritten a few hours ago for fun and someone said subscribe to willne just thought i'd let you know

A. : Got kinda click-baited, but has a good laugh anyway

Em - Ukuletea : did u give george a rly low chair or is he actually that small

Ash Greninja : I bet craig is on this

Sports Highlight Central : America>British class system

Chipettes eat Chips : Finally something WORTH THE CLICKBAIT

Rebecca Kelly : GB = George Bush

Conor Malone : Since when has Memeulous NOT been a part of a Tinder video?

Beth the Dark Mage : This is the snobbiest, most entitled shit I've ever seen. Rich people really do be crazy. I should probably point out I'm talking about the site, not the video.

Mk : Stop hating on Tommy Robinson

Sir Annaig : shout out to West Ham

Grzegorz Olszewski : *Cheese* *=* *melted* 😂👌

crazeygopher 22 : "LADS LADS LADS" -WillNE 2018

Ben Atkinson : My girl Charlie coming from my home town

Online Commentator : Bourgeoise bastards. Down with these bellends

RaidForFun EDITS : 3:26 why the blur?

DednerxD : Tommy Robinson and KSI sound like an unstoppable combination...

Avanda The Screaming Llama : willy knee is out here exposing gold diggers

Spartan Guy Gambit : My ideal dinner party guest would be.... No one because I’m an introvert. 🇳🇿

Boris Cvetkovski : 0:08 u keep using slav song damnit Soviets are the best

Jasserito /the Chomper cow : Some tell me what 0:09 song is please

AreYouSerious? : Mans looks like Lorde

moneybuyspower : LOL I went to private school, sign me up!

Pac Man : My main would be pineapple pizza I wouldn’t get any matches

NWentz : I went to a public school and voted UKIP, and laughed harder than I should have...

The Arbiter : I need proof of that I need proof of that I need proof of that I need proof of that

Jack L : Unblock Jimmy loves willne on Instagram