0118 999 881 999 119 7253 | The IT Crowd

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The Technoclast : This phone number is the epitome of overnumerousness.

Ollie Burton : I can't remember my PIN number but have this permanently in my brain.

Ramuk : 9 years on, I still remember this number

Corey Moncure : The 3 is the british humor.

BPNave : The irony is the IT crowd tried to parody such a ridiculous number, yet people can remember their ridiculous number off the top of their head now. 01189998819991197253

TheHilikus89 : That 3 always gets me

Ben Willock : The worst thing about this is that we've all memorized this. Kind of ruins the point of the joke.

elucidate : I'd happily vote for any political leader who pledges to make this the new emergency number.

Ipoop7colors : Years after seeing this episode and I still remember the number. I don't even know my own number.

Lotfi Adam : oh won won ayt nyn nyn nyn ayt ayt won nyn nyn nyn won won nyn sevn tu foyv... three

南宮天識 : i was playing an online game, randomly type "0118 999" in world chat, and few ppl reply "881999119725 ...... THREE!" i was laughing so hard!!!!

Edward Nigma : That awkward moment when you realize you know this number but not your own!

Puzzlecat : I can't remember my wife's birthday but this will be stuck in my brain on my death bed.

Kat Thomas : And that's Numberwang!

Lee R : Channel 4 predicted NHS privatisation.

Kirsty Wilkins : WELL WHICH COUNTRY AM I SPEAKING TO? does anyone get thatttt I hope so.

Marcelo Colin : "I have fallen, and I cant get up."

Jonathon Cowley-Thom : The funny part is that it actually is really easy to remember it.

JoeTheWiltshire : To date this is the only 20 digit number I can always remember

Tiffany Tan : 3 always has me laughing to the point of crying! One of the best shows ever!

TaliesinMyrddin : Every time I want to watch this video I just Google the number.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Can't remember my phone number,Can't remember my PIN number,But for some reason, I can remember this.0118 999 881 999 119 725...3.

ArriCAT5e : Don't worry guys David Cameron will make this a reality.

Grise Blacolar : I just memorized the entire number because the jingle is catchy.

Stringed Evil : This pops into my head every few months for a day or two. It's been 4 years since I first saw it. The best thing is, people around me join at the end...... 3

theonlinegamer296 : what happens if you phone the number?

Jack March : I actually remembered this number

Noah B00m : I called this number, there was no response

Mustafa Hammood : I've had this song stuck in my head for days...

MissPooslie : 1:06 through 1:17 i want as a ringtone

David Harrison : I can't believe that Reynholm industries website actually exists!! xDDD

subscribe to UCVJwCx4tVIHBLiGHXZl3YKw : Am I the only one who noticed that the ambulance with the drivers is located right outside the Reynholm Industries HQ?

Dean Saunderson : Yep learnt that most useless number ever, I know my mobile but not home phone hahaha

Idle Crooks & Englishmen : what episode is this guys?

Matilde : Better looking drivers

Korkrag Steelblood : Anything happen if you phone this number? I've been tempted.

John Lee : The video is 01:18 minutes long! Coincidence?

Michael Soldwisch : 0118-999-881-999-119-725...3

mzrebel : This is the only time I have ever been glad to come from the shitty British town that got 0118 9 as an area code. I can sing my home phone number to this!

☀️ Sunny Days ☀️ : No longer a free call either.. darn those 118 numbers!

Dash Pam : 0:35 best face ever

Jimmy Ohl : anyone here cuz of the barcode on soldier 76's new skin?

CutesyWOOT : I had to listen to it 118,999,881,999,119,725.3 times to remember this. Please tell me I'm original.

Totallytman : I'm an American and I laughed at this! I love this show (we have it on Netflix here), great job Channel 4!

Finest Nightcore : the female ambulance driver looks like a giraffe

Nathan Georgiou : wonder what would happen if you actually phoned that number lol

The Biggie Cheez : is that the dude from The Watch? Sorry if it's not and I come across as racist in advance

PXL.tastic : Who is because of overwatch here?

John Hart : I'm from Melbourne Australia, and that reminds me of our own similar jingle for the roof seal, and to this day i've never forgotten that number either... "1300 36 70 70... Roof Roof!!"

Liam Anderson : Just watched John Oliver's 911 bit hahaha