0118 999 881 999 119 7253 | The IT Crowd

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Melody Cutie Cupcakes : I don't even watch IT Crowd and I still remember the number from my friend! 😂

Diliges Weng : I SAY NOW

Christina Hasan : The poor lady how is she going to remember all those numbers when she's fallen down the stairs. 😁😂😂😂😂😂😂

Angus MacGyver : 0118 999 881 999 119 725.......3

Zach & Electro : 1:08 apple and onion??? 🤣 wow

南宮天識 : i was playing an online game, randomly type "0118 999" in world chat, and few ppl reply "881999119725 ...... THREE!" i was laughing so hard!!!!

Diliges Weng : Do alphablocks one plz

Diliges Weng : 9088884352535463554

Phantom Gaming PG : Lol

Amei Ara : This was 10 years ago?! Woah. I just found out about the series 😂

Crackerjack Films : Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : At least the grandma still gets up

Nicholas Hughes : My iPhone password.

qwerty3.14 : It's been almost 10 years and I still have this number memorised.

Sim One : r/AskOuija/ anyone??

Savannah It’s 4:20 : I made this my password

Stephen Fish : My fave song

AirTails : Immediately recognised Peter Serafinowicz as the advert voice :P

Kamil Klusak : Nejlepší britský seriál.

The Technoclast : This phone number is the epitome of overnumerousness.

CodeAndGin : That's numberwang!

Moshiguy : Is the male ambulance guy the bloke from dragons den, piers I think?

Abfalleimer : ich bin der spur gefolgt #legalizeit

Zachary Wilson : I’ve genuinely remembered this off by heart.

반짝 반짝 : 바베큐장인 :76

Houston Xue : Patrice from the inbetweeners is looking good

Zack Fair : If you dial this number on an Android Stock phone it will start doing siren lights effect

Daedae Ward : 2018 anyone?

ohnoitschris : This just popped up in my recommended videos and now I'm gonna have to marathon the entire series for I think the fourth time

Carba : overwatch brought me here

CaptainQuirkz vlogs : hang on a second, this video is 01:18 minutes long

Edwin Cheesecake : A profusion of numbers xD

theFizzyGaming : This is a good password to set your router to, when you're sharing a WiFi access point with your friends. It's secure and those who know IT Crowd will like you more.

Carnival Hicks : 725. 3

Jimmy Ohl : anyone here cuz of the barcode on soldier 76's new skin?

Prima Manu : I called this number and I’m pretty sure Richmond answered.

ordi du 6/9 : j'ai appelé le numéro il est pas attribué

Niko V : 3

joman522 : That's Numberwang

dedebug1 : GENJI, GET UP!!

barbodpoli : I can remember this but not my own phone number.

Checken Betch : Pretty sure this was a stolen joke from the Simpsons. Even the old lady dialling up the number was copied.

Bob Loblaw : 3

WindowsEXE : 3

PXL.tastic : Who is because of overwatch here?

Andy-Roo B : 1:05 You might wanna write that down...just in case.

ROBLOX Sonic_Gaming : I used to sing this over my sister

being indifference : exactly wot episode?

findlestick : Legend has it that upon-a-time people had to remember phone numbers.

☀️ Sunny Days ☀️ : No longer a free call either.. darn those 118 numbers!