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Saarah B : hands down one of the most iconic videos on youtube

Erica T : Wow, 8 years later and it's still better than 90% of what's on YouTube now

Areel : He Had A Strong Accent...

Aditya Shrestha : How many of y'all back because of the nostalgic rush that came after he referenced this in his nintendoe video?

purplebanana25 : 9 years later and this video still has me dead

Legal Wallhacks 707 : HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU???????

KingVega_ : Doctor: You have 47 seconds to live Me:...

Nebula Explorer : Omg this is such a throwback... Good days Ryan... Good days

Erin Lee : That felt a lot longer than 47 seconds.

First Name Last Name : I’m from the future (2018) He referenced the SHAM *WHOOHOO*

Imma Edit Dat Out : Who else came here from CoryxHenshin??

Rahat : Who else came to watch this after seeing the reference in the Nintendoe Paper video?

Air Wrecked : Stop whipping the table with a Nintendoe Paper

jayden mcdonald : ahh the golden days of YouTube. When the cameras were shit and the videos were great

Ozzie comedian : Knowing this was 10 years ago makes me feel old.

xMendozaSaur : Who else came back from Nintendo Paper to watch this? :’)

Gianna Russo : Anyone else watch this after Ryan’s Nintendo(e) video? Nope? Just me? Erm ok...bye

Rajdeep : 2018 bro but still feels good

Tristan Czerwinski : This video hasn't gotten any worse since 2009. Still gold.

Julia Budziejewska : This was uploaded on my birthday!


lara's makeup tutourial : every time you WOOHOO i will say (bleep)

Rachel S : Anyone else come here after watching Nintendoe Paper 😂

SA64 : I spilled table all over my liquids

Lyle Castillo : Damn I only saw this till I accidentally pressed it...this is so ICONIC🤩

NerdyGirl 45 : My grandmother actually thought this was real and wanted to buy it. Lol

SteveGamesFTW : Anyone else coming back after the Nintendoe Paper's reference?

Celine Ha : Is anybody still watching in 2019? Or is it just me?

William : Who also just came back from the reference mentioned in the nintendoe paper?

Vincent Thao : Anyone came back to watch this because of the Nintendo video? 😂😂

Xervoid : Ryan: (has myspace link in desc) Me: DAMN THIS OLDER THAN MY GRANDMA

Ckehvin Madelo : still remember using this in our highschool product advertisement project... good times.. good times...

Essey Next : This was created at a time when people put their myspace link in their video description.

Ella Stewart : 2018 .. I'm here again after watching Nintendoe with an "e" 😅 ShamWOOHOO❤

Shadow Blaze Doge : "A 5 DOLLAR VALUE FOR 19.99!" Get me my wallet.

Bobby BIlls : Anyone else come here after watching The Nintendoe Paper

VBLUER CRUZ : Damn I love Magic Wipes. Wait this isn't smosh

Ryenn Angeles : Who else came from Nintendoe Paper😂😂

Penguin King : He said WOOHOO!! 9 times.

Callum Harvey-Slager : The WOOHOO! Is only said 8 times...

David Prifti : Now I can get the reference in his new Nintendoe Paper video

Aditi Yadav : After watching sims, WOOHOOing won't be same ever again...

Raymond Chin : Joke's on you, Ryan! I DO remember that reference!

Julia Budziejewska : This was uploaded on my birthday! 😄😄😄

Meme Mashup X : I am a kid who thinks that Disney bought this WOOHOO for its new show called duck tales....

Jules Kelly : Here after Nintendoe Paper. How could you forget this reference?

MangoTube : Wow, this fills up the whole screen

*•* :P : I remember that *WOOHOO* sound is from your Draw My Life video when you said ‘At least I wasn’t getting bullied anymore!’ And then it went *WOOHOO!*

Blanca_plier rawr : XD omg ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I spelt liquids