Duck Dodgers intro 1080p

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Harrison Mellard : Frozen in a time and space divide, but how would the universe SURVIVVVVE?! Duck Dodgers of the 24th in 1/2 centuryyyy! Protecting the powerless and the weak. Duck Dodgers he’s fighting tyranny!!! In the 24th & 1/2, CENTURYYYYYYYY!

Mister Piqueno : Tem Br vendo essa obra prima ?

PKKINGCRIMSON REQUIEM Ω : Top 10 anime openings

Kampfgnom78 Rickert : I miss that Show

Dtt159 : I love this cartoon show

roxyfirst1 : Donde conseguiste el intro en tan buena calidad?

Jorvanius : The intro >>> The actual series

Pablo Leroy Jerez : Perfect song.

Maxim Sanchez : Que intro más sensual