The Hindenburg Disaster Reconstructed and Stabilised with Stereo Sound

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Jp S : Oh that poor man commentating through his tears...very sad

Dexterity : I always thought the "Oh the humanity!" line was kind of funny, in the way iconic lines in history are so often portrayed. But it's different watching the clip in full: hearing him gasp as he struggles to find words to depict the terror he is witnessing, and seeing those tiny figures run from under the shadow of that great giant mass of flames & wreckage.

DrejStinger1986 : I named a character after Herb Morrison. This character is the transporter chief aboard the Starship Hindenburg. The ship has a very dark backstory; I was arrested for the first time when I designed her. Even before I got arrested, I had an idea for a space liner that would be a mile and a half long. I chose the name Hindenburg, primarily after the airship, but the name also took on a symbolic meaning, representing my life crashing down in flames around me.

20alphabet : "Oh the humanity!"

Kelli Tamor : So sad