5 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters That Somehow Still Exist

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freakyflow : Canada we have 4 Drive-in's in the major area of where i live...5 Drive-in being my fav.... So picture this Warm summer dusk with a light breeze You drive you Chevy blazer with the back that drops down like a pick up truck You reverse into the parking spot at the back so your rear end is facing the wide screen You set out 2 or 3 heavy blankets on the truck and put the hatch down You break out Your pop and chipcs and goodies (chocolate drizzled popcorn) and you and the girlfriend and your Yorkie lay out under the stars Firefly's buzzing around Nights so clear you can see satellites moving 1 min walk from the bathroom and snackbar Your movie comes on and not only do you hear it on your radio but the whole park I think the flip side would be watching a movie in a southern USA state

SiD TheClown : You need a commentator on your videos

ROBERT ROMERO : Great place to take KFC, & small can margaritas.

Al Foster : HollywoodDrive Inn Hamilton Ohio🕺🏼💃🏼

Xerus : they have it in minnesota