VR Animation | Alex’s Sci-Fi World | Phase 1

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M. Christian : Please please please please make this into a game!

Mr. Clifford Johnson : Man.......that's some really nice scifi stuff you have done, Very nice stuff, Love the lying motorcycle and flying car's

jammadamma : Stylistically amazing. Makes me think of Valerian (the comic book, not the movie). Great work!

K H : Fantastic.

Jakub Mularski : Great thing, it's one of those few things that shouting to my face that VR can be a thing in future , even that right now my helemt is in the corner of my room. How long it took for you guys to create this ?

Opal : Awesome work! This concept could easily be adapted into something with a longer story. Like a living graphic novel, perhaps.

Jellybit : Saw your latest version on Facebook. This is incredible. I was happy that this one got into more areas, and got close up to spots I really wanted to see better in the final video. I love it!

carsormyr : Wow! That is incredible.

VRium : I can't believe what i've just watched... You'v done something totally unique ! The static scene brings so much, letting our imagination goes freely and creating its own action / story of the scene. Next level storyboarding haha, I want to see a film of this now !

Simon Cottee : This is the sickest shit I've ever seen.

tuinhekdeurtje : 0:49 What is mr Crabs doing in your cockpit?

Andrey Bibartsev : OMG! That's awesome!

Christian Robinson : This is absolutely amazing. 10/10 would buy $10-$20 VR Quill comic books each month.

Laurence Earnshaw : Incredible!

StereoTypo : Gorgeous work, what an awesome collaboration! Does Quill take a lot of getting used to when it comes to animation?

adam crockett : Super inspirational. Take all my money.