Rat Clenches Fist of Rage

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Kimberly Kitty : The rats like *gawwwd*

Karen Brown : "Why I oughta..."

Jo Castillo : He's about to transform into Master Splinter.

Chuck Keough : Put up your dukes

Ellemjay : "Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage"

Stella Kalivas : That was so cute. She has such sweet fingers.

kayla gutierrez : when ur sibling is being high key annoying and u wanna kick them in the face but ur parents are in the room

Bruna Martins : "you're gonna pay for that" the rat says

tasha 111 : Everytime I get mad I'm gonna think of his cute little clinched fist and all the explicit words he looks like he's dieing to say to the other rat lol cutest rat video!!👏👌🐀💕

TheLesExit : This is some much funnier than it should be

Jennifer Coleman : Oh dear he's really mad lol

doc105 : All ya making jokes about him in the comments better start asking for his mercy. His hands don’t play ya that was the look he gave mayweather the next day may weather announced his retirement.

AShineeStarlitInSomniac : His hand even shakes a little 😂😂😂 the things brain put up with

desi1790 : Gee Brain! What are going to do tomorrow? Same thing we do everyday,Pinky. "Try and take over the WORLD!!!

Emily Barclay : My degu always has his fist clenched to his chest like an old lady at church

Matthew Hart : The self-control of this rat is admirable.

Vaniillabean : "I swear, if she sticks her hand in there again, well I oughta...

Mama Bear : *BOI IF YOU DONT-*

Layla Amador : Omai wa mou shinderu

Lilith Blue : When Peter Pettigrew has had enough

Collins Ongaya : 0:06 she looks like she's REALLY about swing. Her fist is even shaking a little. Lmao.

Zeek Street : "Wait until the camera turns off"

dancepiglover : Squeee! I LOVE rat paw fists!

autumnleaves : I love rats :”). They’re so loyal! I had 3 of them and I miss them every day :(

Rosie R : "Not today Maple, Not today... "

Bruna Neptune : The Brain is angry at Pinky again....

Juwairiyah : I can just imagine the rat mumbling cuss words in a low voice 😂

TinyReptile : ᶠᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵐᵉ

Martha G. : "You won't get away with this..." What a sweet rat, though 😊

Watergirl Blue : When you actually do your homework before it's due, but it wasn't actually due

Abigail Réau : Plotting his revenge

NinjaMaster909 : That looks like a super villain in the making right there

Bruno Rivas : If you could make this a real experiment and get conclusions on an objective base this could be a great discover!!!!!!!!!

Just a goddamn weeb : One Punch Rat


natalia j : i would die for Maple


Rubee_thedutchiewicker TFF : That's cute! But did he/ she hurt their paw? I havent been on this channel long

Check Wolfe : that was so adorable

Check Wolfe : Hey! What do you think of a rat becoming a support animal? They are brilliant and lovely creatures

CatsAreCool : im dyingggg

JadeStrawberry : FISTS OF RAGE! lol

nellz72 : I just kept waiting for her to sock her sister with that little fist! They're just too cute.

Mr. Mess of Georgia : hey noah fence but I would die for her

Potato God : At least Maple knows how to deal with anger, if she didint there would be a whole fight xD

Artsy Scrub : When you have a lot of rage but youre super passive agressive

Gene Ellens : Poor Maple so irritated by her sister Navi. Maple is like keep it up and I will give you a fist sandwich.

Orion6699 : Dammit! Those cheerios were MINE!!!

Johanna Duran : Man. The rat is like "Dont touch me". " Stop invading my privacy; its bad enough I have a roommate ".

Femckhan3984 459505 : Me Everytime I encounter another member of my same species