Mike Jones Late Model Crash and Fire (South Boston Speedway 6/16/18)

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A big crash and fire in the Late Model race at South Boston Speedway on June 16, 2018, involving Mike Jones and Matt Bowling. Another angle, thanks to Memory Lane Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TszyW5iKPkc

Comments from Youtube

Steven Welch : The man in the shorts was in such state of shock that he didnt even realize that he already had saved the driver, thats why he went in for another dive into the burning car to erase the drivers web history on his cellphone.

Rupank Pahuja : The father's reaction is impressive. I cannot relate to it as I am not a father yet but I think it takes courage to do thing like this.

Tyler Owen : Now NASCAR is punishing Dean Jones (man in shorts) because he rescued his son

CincyPhotography.com : how pathetic is it his father got there before any rescue people did? no wonder people have to do it themselves

Лисопилка Лисопилкович : МУЖИК!!!

Gabe Cooper : Dad went back in the car a second time because his favorite Molly Hatchet cassette was somewhere in the glovebox

Mario Rodriguez : When you hold your boy for the first time you know instantly you would die for him without a thought. It doesn't change when they get older.

adoracle1 : this was so touching...witnessing a father's fearlessness in the face of his child being in mortal danger is an awesome thing to experience. beautiful, and if he is being punished, I am certain he believes with all his heart it is absolutely worth it. <3

D. J. : Shouldn't there be a firetruck nearby? Heck those guys had to come out of the pit with handheld extinguishers. Someone needs an emergency plan.

Autópályánláttam : Happy father's day!

Mikey Mike : Hope his brass balls didn't get melted.

Адекватное Мнение : Вот это видос мурзач подогнал!

Maniac742 : "Dad, I left your coffee mug in there!" "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" *dives back in*

Константин Бутаков : Таким отцам при жизни памятники ставить надо!

Олег Милованов : Молодец, мужик настоящий отец, не то что у меня.

Curious Cat : *Dad takes his son out of the unsafe burning car *Dad proceeds to stick his head in the unsafe burning car

Дмитрий Фомин : Герой.

tz : this cars dont look very safe, just a little push and they go in flames

UnleashTheBlob : Hell yeah brother go left a little better

Mitic Zorko : Respect from Hungary!

Jeff Araujo : I really hope the father doesn't get suspended all year for this...it's in a fathers DNA to jump and save his son no matter what

Alex P : gotta love how noone cared they just continued racing

Fernanddi S : Most under-appreciated species

Евгений К : true father

CM702 : who?

ThemThems : back then they didn't want me now I'm hot they all on me

Keith : No greater love than a papa grizzley's.

Lars B : In Europe we can learn alot from USA motorsport rescue! In every art of motorsport. Well done USA.

Stanley Lavallee : Anyone else notice one of his sponsors is an insurence company?

Diego : 0:47 - Guy comes in with a real extinguisher: "Let me show you how it's done kid"

Jeff May : When you own your own insurance company, but can’t afford to get a new race car.. I’m glad I switched to Geico, saves me hundreds so I could afford a new car.

Bob Karcher : Il a eu raison, il sait très bien que toutes les séries tv à la gloire des pompiers yankees, c'est du bidon!!

Nancy Ellen Schwade Bobiwsky : Thank God his Dad was there!!!

Heikki Kortelainen : Terrible! Wearing shorts on the track!

glenn garcia : this dad is a real hero he saved his son saved from certain death way to go DAD

Alessio S : Well done dad :')

flowlineproductions : now I'm hot hoes all on me

Michelle Howard : This would be any parents reaction is to save your child forget the rules.

Yojimbo : Why do we need 3 tow trucks?

welllsaiddddd : lmfao.. get job blowing the fire back at them and no one even dressed to fight a fire.. good job nascrap

Master Longdong : It takes balls to live in this world...it takes even more balls to do it right...it takes even more balls to take risks....it takes all the balls you can get to risk your life for someone else. Balls don't "talk", balls "act". Men, women children...doesn't matter....balls don't care about age, gender, color, religion, size... So grow a pair. And remember that you won't know if you have balls until you need them.

Jbpadawan66 Gaming : He got into trouble again tonight. He smashed someone to a wall.

John Thriemer : "His crime? Being on the racetrack with shorts on." wow this is fking bs, who makes these dumb rules ???

manish arora : Father will be placed on probation.  "We have sat down with Mr. Jones and discussed what transpired on Saturday, and he fully understands our position on non-safety personnel entering the track surface during an event,"

Shawn Mcgnnity : Thank god he’s ok

Cooper Hoover : I would have did the same thing.

Bait Click : Damn, the news real spread this one around.

Cee Cee : Dad had that attitude like "F that!!! A Father is not suppose to bury their son and im not having that sh** today!!!" The dad was in great shape and found the strength to run out there getting over that barrier. I commend this Father and he clearly demonstrated you got to risk it all for your kids.

Larry Wells : I was there when that happened Dad saves kid life