Primus - Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
The Primus video that used the Putterman family from those creepy Duracell commercials to great effect

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Music video by Primus performing Wynona's Big Brown Beaver. (C) 1995 Interscope Records #Primus #WynonasBigBrownBeaver #Vevo #Rock #OfficialMusicVideo


Senior Ugly : If white people have no culture then how do you explain this?

Evil Gary : 0:28 The way these fella's strutted across the grass made me feel confident that they will get shit done.. I approve of this.

Elmo The Lady Killer : The only one who can defeat Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry

Seth Randall : 0:28 me and the boys on our way to tell the teacher we shit ourselves

JStarStar00 : Screw Maroon 5, the Super Bowl halftime should be Primus marching up and down the field in their cowboy suits.

Ms ShellyAnne : MTV used to play this! how times have changed and not for the better!

JStarStar00 : I had a colonoscopy today. I wish I had a Primus Cowboy suit to march into the hospital.

joseph hopeless : Dog, this is the best commercial for Taco Bell's 7 layer burritos that I've ever seen.

Chetan Mundu : The longer i watch this video, the more everyone starts looking like Jim Carrey.

kingedwin poop : Is this what Texans look like in Lazy Town?

Aaron Link : Step 1 Take acid Step 2 Watch video Step 3 Enjoy your trip

Adam Crandall : 7.6K people with a questionable grip on reality.

The BackPack : Can I simultaneously hate and love a music video?

James Mac Coisteala : MTV* - Real-life cartoon music videos will never work.. Primus* - Hold our beers..

Hoogen : 0:27 Me and the boys high af at 3am looking for cows to tip.

Sauce Boss : "Do you think God stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he has created, down hear on earth?" Steve Buscemi Spy Kids 2: Island of the Lost Dreams

zeb doz : well, i dont need that 2nd hit of acid after all now

Chase Jones : I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life

Mr. Airflakes : Imagine robbing a bank in those outfits

Jon Mandelbaum : Shortly before fallout 76 was released someone on tumblr posted a gif of these guys marching forth holding a Bethesda banner. If only the game was like thst

Bongo Boy : 2:07 The way he aggressively winks at me just makes this all the more weird

Becco Life : And here I am in 2019 finding this and wondering if I'm having an acid flashback.

runner316 : This whole video is a trippy dream that's fixin to become a terrible nightmare at any second.

Christopher Oehrli : This is probably what the inside of Ted Cruz's head looks like.

Fredrik Svärd : Les cowboy is creeping me out with his facial expressions

captain chef : ahh the good old days... when nappa drummed for primus

Sabre 888 : 0:28 me and the boys when we find a village in Minecraft

Alexander Voog : Even in 2019 the AWESOMENESS of this video CANNOT be overstated.

Random Dude : The intro is the Hillbilly version of *BRBR deng*

stonedgandalf : Someone needs to make a mod for RDR2 that makes the characters look like this. I need it because reasons.

CM Rockledge : 0:28 🤣🤣 This never gets old.

NoTalkpleaseOk : If internet had memes back in 1995, i feel like this would be the times equivelent of being rick rolled

Joseph Ancion : How to make a Primus song : - Make a weird bassline - Add to that an uncoventional guitar part. - The weirdest lyrics you can imagine - A very weird music video Let's go !

Jon B Baca : One of my most profound and terrifying drug experiences was taking acid and watching the Primus music video DVD. I wouldn't recommend it, but I do cherish the memory. I saw shadow people in the corners. It was real scary, but real

Inferno : 7.8 Thousand people didn't like this cause they cant tell what true art is.

Clara Singleton : I typed in Plastic Cowboy Music Video and YouTube brought me here, knew exactly what I was looking for

Joao Rocha : A masterpiece. And you can't miss the comment section. i'm cracking

SR Brant : Red Dead Redemption II: Nyquil Overdose Edition.

Allen Mueth : Les is so fucking good at Bass. It's crazy too see him play.

Klaus Haussmann : one of the happiest most rewarding moments of my life was when i could finally sing along to this whole tune without twisting my tongue. my native language is spanish btw

Elias Lowe : That smexy thumbnail brought me here, lol

Iamn00bish /SHOdan2 : This is the best music video in existence.

Samuel Hardy : I was having a bad acid trip one night and watching mtv. This video came didn't help.

Seth Reinders : See kids what dope does to you... it makes you a legend

Eric Lessard : This is the freakin' best music video clip EVER!!! We need it to be remaster in HD!!!!!!!!

fenderstratguy : I like goofy videos. This one and the ones by TOOL and CAKE are awesome

jason smarr : I can't image how hot those costumes are...

Daryl Schoneberg : Primus was the only rock band my dad liked. He hated every other band I listened to back in my teen years, but he was really impressed with Primus. RIP (1929-2002)

JStarStar00 : This should be the theme music for the new "Deadwood" movie